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Searching For Audrey And Jordan In Hello Neighbor Abandoned Tunnels! / That YouTub3 Family

August 9, 2019

– [Dad] Previously on That YouTub3 Family. – [Jordan] Come on Audrey. – [Dad] Good luck girls. – [Mom] Be safe. – See, it’s a new tunnel. – [Audrey] Where does this tunnel lead? – I don’t even know. I’m confused. This is not back home. (screaming) Oh no. Oh no. (screaming) – [Jordan] Audrey, it’s overflowing. (screaming) – [Audrey] Ew. – Audrey, I’m getting caught in the web. Audrey. – [Audrey] Do you see a spider? – Ah, there’s a spider. Mom, oh my goodness. Okay. The craziest thing happened. – Did you? You got away from the smoke, the fog? – No, we found dad a huge shaft. Dad. Dad. Somebody, besides the neighbor. – Hi guys. Welcome back to ThatYouTub3Family. So today, I am gonna go down
and try to find the girls ’cause mom told me that
the girls were stuck down in the tunnels underneath our house that were built by the Hello Neighbor. Here, follow me. So, I came out here to
go get in the tunnel. as you guys know that the
Hello Neighbor has built some tunnels but his entrance is here on the side of our house. So, I came out here this morning to come in and get in
there ’cause I figure this will be real easy
to go get the girls, but check this out. We got a problem. We got a big problem. Right there. Look at that. You can see that there’s his entrance, but on top of it there is welded ’cause I tried to lift it. It won’t lift. He’s welded metal bars on top, so you can’t go down
in the tunnels anymore. This is gonna be a problem
because that’s the only entrance and exit that we know of
to be able to get down in to the neighbor’s tunnels. I’m gonna try calling the girls and see if they can help me out because mom was saying
that the girls found a map, but she didn’t see it. So, I’m gonna see if there
is a second entrance, or if there’s another way
to get into those tunnels to go help the girls. Okay. I’m gonna try Face Timing the girls. I can use Audrey’s phone ’cause mom said that Jordan left hers up on the counter. So, I’m gonna see if I can find them and get them to answer. Audrey, can you hear me? – Dad.
– Dad. – [Dad] Are you guys there? – Yeah. Where are you guys? – [Dad] I’m outside trying to get into– – There’s a map. – [Dad] I’m outside trying
to get into the tunnels. Look at this. We got a problem guys. I can’t get in. (gasping) I can’t get in. – Wait. Do you think the neighbor did that? – [Dad] The neighbor, somebody
has got it all barred up to where you can’t get
in the tunnels anymore. – [Jordan] What? – [Dad] Which also mean we can’t get out of the tunnels anymore. – No, we’re stuck. – Wait. We can’t be trapped in here forever. No. – [Dad] So, you guys gotta help me out. You got a map mom said. Is there ane exit or another entrance that we can use? – Um, let me see. – I sure hope there’s another entrance ’cause if not we’re in trouble. – [Audrey] By Jordan’s room. – [Dad] By Jordan’s– (mumbles) – [Aubrey] And that’s where
there’s a secret tunnel. – [Jordan] I think the exit
where we just came from though you can get in. That’s where you guys. – [Dad] But I think that’s the
one I’m trying to get into. – [Girl] There’s also a
neighbor’s house exit. – [Dad] What? – [Girl] I don’t want to
go by the neighbors house. – [Girl] There’s so many rooms. I don’t know where to begin. There’s a secret tunnel. – [Girl] I don’t know where that would be. – [Dad] Oh, a secret tunnel. – [Girl] Yeah, by Jake and Ty’s room. – [Dad] Let me go see if
I can try to find that one because I’m over here by your guys side, and this one’s no longer– – [Girl] Yeah, that’s how
probably it right here. That’s probably what’s trapped up. It’s right here because it’s by our rooms. – All right. – [Girl] Careful dad. – Okay. I’ll try to check in with you soon. All right. Here we go. Bye. Stay safe. – [Girl] Good luck. Bye. – I don’t see anything
down there or in that area. I wonder if there’s anything down here that we could use. I can’t see down into there. Do you guys see anything? I don’t think there’s a way
to get in over here either. So, as I continue to look. Wait. What’s this over here? I’ve never seen this before. Check this out. What is this? This is on the back side,
so this would be kind of where Audrey and Jordan
would be saying that that map was at. What’s that say? Stay out! It looks like, oh my goodness. This looks like that other entrance. Let’s see. Ah, it is. It’s way too small. There’s no way I can get
in that little small area. Let me see if I can. Ah, it looks like there’s
another door here. Ooh. And that goes down deep inside. Okay. I think I’ve found another
entrance to get into the tunnels. This is gonna be tough though. I don’t know how I’m gonna get in here because it looks like it
just shoots straight down once it gets in there. I’ll tell ya the neighbor
does not make this easy to try to get into these tunnels. That’s for sure. But here I go. I’m gonna try. Wish me luck. Oh, you know what? I did bring a flashlight. I couldn’t bring the other ones
because the girls have them. All right, here we go. Wish me luck. Hopefully I can find the girls. Oh, I don’t think I’ll be able to get in. Oh no. Ready. One, two, three. All right. This is a small tunnel. Oh my goodness. I don’t know how I’m gonna
make it through here. I am not small enough to be in these. Why did they have me come down? We should’ve had Jake and Ty. Oh, I’m gonna have to do like the inchworm where I just barely make it. (grunting) Here we go. I can barely sit up. All right, let’s see if I
can make it through here. I don’t know how the girls did this. They are smaller than me so. Oh goodness, this turns
off to the right or left. Um, I think I’ll go this way. Ah, oh my goodness. What is this place? I cannot get through some of these areas. They go on forever. They are so long. I’m gonna do the army crawl
through some of these tunnels ’cause they’re so small. Whoa, what is that? Oh my goodness. What is this thing? Oh my goodness. I don’t know if I’ve
ever seen this before. Skeletons are now down inside the tunnels. Ah. Ah man. That fan feels good. I’m glad the neighbor thought
about putting ventilation in here because it keeps
it from getting so hot. But this little dude keeps staring at me. I gotta move him ’cause
I gotta go passed him. Sorry bud. We’ll have to come and meet you later. I gotta go get the girls. (grunting) I think I remember the girls talking about these ball, pit balls. I thought there were a lot more though. I don’t know why there’s only. They made a big deal out of three. All right. Whoa, what is that? That looks like one of
those secret video cameras, security cameras. Oh no. All right, I’m gonna disable this. I don’t need the neighbor
knowing where we’re at. There’s the disconnect switch right there. There it’s done. It’s not working anymore. He won’t know where we’re at now. The problem is though it was on, so he probably saw me come in here, but now he can’t, he’s blind. Now he can’t see me. All right. I’m gonna keep moving forward. I found a room here. I’m gonna try calling Audrey again ’cause I don’t recognize this room at all. This is weird there’s like
eyeballs staring at me. I wonder if those are other ways that the neighbor’s watching us. Look, right here there’s even more. What’s going on here? Okay. Let’s FaceTime Audrey. Audrey. – [Audrey] Hey dad.
– [Jordan] Dad. – Okay. You guys gotta help me. I’ve gone through some
really small tunnels, and I am trying to
figure out where I’m at. I’m back in this room, but look on the walls
there’s like these eyeballs. There’s like dudes staring at me. (mumbles) Is this a trap from the neighbor? – No, I know where that is. – You know where it’s at. – Yeah, that’s where the prison. – Oh, is that what this other room is? – Yeah, (mumbles). – There’s like a big dark room in there. That’s the Hello Neighbors prison. – The neighbor can hear us. – Oh, sorry. What do I do? I got a question for you. I found these bottles of slime. What are they? – (mumbles) since you touched them. I don’t know. They smelled really bad
’cause when we were there we saw those too, and
they smelled really bad, so we didn’t touch them. So, I wouldn’t risk it. – Don’t open them. Okay. I’m gonna go into the prison to see. Stay here with me. Let me see if I can see
what’s going on in there. What happened in the prison
when you guys went in? – [Girls] There was a bath
bomb that we found in there and we put it in water, and we
thought we’d find a key there just like the slime, but when we put it in
the water, it exploded, and a bunch of fog filled the room. – Okay, so I’ll be careful. I’m not doing anything with the bath bomb if I find one then. Okay. So, I’m getting close
to what you’re saying. – Yeah. You have to go to the squishy room. – [Dad] The squishy room. Is that the squishy room? Here, let me show you on the camera. Is that the squishy room? – [Audrey] That is the squishy room. – [Dad] That’s where I gotta go. – Yeah. You gotta take that hole. – [Dad] I don’t know
if I can fit in there. – Well, that’s the only way. – Okay. So, the girls are telling
me I’ve gotta go down inside that tiny little hole right there. The problem is I don’t
think I’m gonna fit. How did you guys get through that? How did you guys get in there? – [Girl] We squeezed. – [Girl] It was very hard. – I can’t get my head through. Wait. There’s a little bit more room. There we go. I’m coming girls. I’m trying. (laughing) I can’t go. I gotta talk to the neighbor. He’s gotta build bigger
tunnels if he’s gonna do this. These small tunnels are for kids. I wonder how tall the neighbor is. He must be pretty short. All right. Where’s this go now? Whoa. This is getting warm. Phew. All right. I’ve never been in this tunnel or heard anybody talk
about this tunnel before. Girls, can you guys here me? Audrey. Jordan. – [Jordan] Dad. – Jordan. – [Jordan] Dad. – I hear you. – [Jordan] Where are you? – I don’t know. I’m in another tunnel. – [Jordan] I think you’re close by. Just keep coming. – Okay. I’m trying. It’s so hot. I can’t. Let me just take a little nap. – [Girl] No, dad! – I’m so worn out. Just a minute. – [Girl] Dad! – [Girl] Don’t leave us down here. – What? – [Girl] Come get us. – Oh, sorry. Oh oh. Nope. Sorry girls. There’s spiderwebs, and
I’m afraid of spiders. – [Girl] Come on. – I may have to go get your mother. – [Girl] No, you can’t. – I can’t do spiders. – [Girl] You already came this far. Mom’s afraid of heights. She would never go down the slide. (whimpering) – I don’t want to go through spiderwebs. No. Ah, are there spiders in this web? – [Girl] Um. – Um. Tell me yes or no. – [Girl] Maybe. – Pfft, pfft. Ah, I can’t do it. I can’t. – [Girl] Go dad, go. Hurry, you’re almost there. – Where am I? Get off of me. I think I found the girls. – [Girl] You found us. – [Girl] Come save us. – [Dad] What are you doing? Wait. Why did you go down there? – [Girl] Because that’s
the where the map led us, but it’s so steep we can’t get back up. – [Dad] Well, if I go down
there I’m gonna get stuck. – [Girl] Well, do you have any other plan? – [Dad] What is this? What does this do? Does this reach you? – [Girl] Yeah. – [Dad] Let me see if I can pull you up. – [Girl] Pull us up. – [Dad] Well, what’s down there? – [Girl] A dead end. – [Dad] A dead end. – [Girl] Yeah. – [Dad] Okay. Well, then I think the only way is up. – [Girl] Don’t forget the map. – [Dad] Okay. Get ready on the harness. I’ll get ready up here. I’ll see if I can pull you up. All right? – [Girl] Okay. – [Dad] Let’s start with Jordan. (mumbles) Are you ready, Jo? – [Jordan] Yeah, I think so. – [Dad] Okay, here we go. (screaming) – [Jordan] Audrey. – [Audrey] Go. – [Jordan] Oh, it’s so small. It’s too steep. – [Dad] You can do it. – Help me up, dad. – [Dad] I’m pulling you as hard as I can. – Oh no. – [Dad] Oh, you’re almost there. (screaming) Oh, I got you. I got you. – [Jordan] Hold On. – [Dad] I’m trying. Don’t bring me down. – I’m gonna fall. The rope! – [Dad] You can do it. Almost there. (screaming) – I’m gonna fall. – [Audrey] The neighbor’s gonna hear us. – [Dad] Yeah, not too loud. We don’t want the neighbor to hear us. – Shh. – [Dad] Oh, you made it Jo. Audrey, you ready? – [Audrey] I’m ready. – [Dad] Oh man, here it comes. Did it get to you? – [Audrey] Yeah. – [Dad] Okay, here we go. – [Jordan] Don’t forget my socks, Audrey. – [Audrey] I can’t grab them. – [Dad] Oh, you’re gonna
leave the socks behind. – [Audrey] The neighbor
will just have to find them. – [Dad] Oh come on Aud, you can to it. (mumbles) You can do it. – [Jordan] Don’t crush it. – Here, take the map, so
I can get a better hand. – The map. Okay. (grunting) You can do it Aud. – I’m sliding. – [Dad] No, I got you. – I’m sliding. – [Dad] I got you. (laughing) Come on Audrey. (grunting) Yeah. Look at that. That is crazy. – [Girl] We did it. – [Dad] I’m glad I didn’t go down there. – You got us. – [Dad] You girls ready? – Yeah, let’s go. – [Dad] Okay, let’s go back. Oh, don’t forget the map. – Come on guys. This is the way. I think I see another tunnel up ahead. – Okay. Let’s go. Come on dad. We’re almost there. – Wait for me. I got to take another nap. – [Girl] Dad, come on. We don’t have time to spare. The neighbor’s probably downstairs. – Sorry, sorry. I’m just old and tired. – [Audrey] Okay guys, keep
going down this tunnel. (grunting) – [Jordan] Go Audrey. – [Audrey] We’re gonna
get to the squishy part. Are you guys coming. I can’t see. – [Dad] I’m right here behind you. – Okay. – Keep going. – Keep coming. – Dad, you are coming? – [Dad] I’m right behind you. – [Audrey] Okay, there’s the squishy part. Careful. Here we go. Okay, here we go guys. – [Jordan] Oh no. – [Audrey] Jordan, get down here. Oh, we’re in the prison room again. Come on guys.
– Are you ready? – [Jordan] Help me out. It’s so squishy. Come on dad. – Oh, I don’t like this part. You guys may have to go on without me. – [Girl] No. – [Dad] I can’t make it
through, it’s too narrow. – [Girl] It’s not as narrow. Come on. – I can’t speak anymore. – [Girl] Grab my hand. – By the way, your guys’ feet stink. You guys need to wash your feet. (laughing) – [Girl] Well, we were just
stuck into the box for a while. (grunting) – My hand is stuck on the side. I can’t get it out. Call mom. Tell her I can tell her
where the new entrance is. – [Girl] Okay. – Get mom on the phone. – [Girl] Mom. – What? Where have you been? – [Girl] Trapped. – I got ’em. – Did dad hunt you? – I found the girls. – Oh good. Dad’s there. Okay. Well, where are you? Come back. – The problem is I’m stuck. – Oh my goodness. I’m not coming down. Really, all three of you stuck? – No, the girls are good. I’m just stuck. – What? – So, I gotta tell you
where the new entrance is. The old entrance the
neighbor barred it up. You gotta go in the backyard. You’ll see there’s a
box that says keep out. That’s the new entrance. – There is more entrances. – He made a new entrance to get in here. According to the map,
there’s like three places. There’s one at the neighbors house. There’s a secret tunnel, which I think that’s the one I found. And then there was an exit
by where the girls room, which is now fallen in and covered. Oh no, where’s the map? – Okay, so. – [Girl] I got the map. – I’m supposed to go to
the back of the house and find an entrance that
looks kind of like the last one and it says keep out. – It doesn’t look like the last one. It sticks up out of the ground. It looks like an air vent. – What? – Yeah. – But it says keep out. So, will I know what it is when I find it. – Oh, you’ll see it. Yeah, you’ll know what it is. – Okay. I’ll go back and see if I can find it. – Okay. – Let’s go girls.
– All right bye. – Let’s go. I’m getting tired again. – Okay guys. Whoa, this tunnel is like
feels like it’s gonna collapse. – [Dad] This one I think moves. On the back it said moving tunnel. – Well, it feels like it’s gonna collapse. – [Dad] Careful Audrey. – Come on, guys. – [Dad] You’re the first there. Don’t let it collapse or we’ll be trapped. – Well, come on. – [Dad] Go Jo. – [Girl] Go Audrey. – [Dad] Okay, it’s
Audrey feet that stinks. – [Audrey] Hey. – [Dad] I smell stinky feet. – [Jordan] Hurry. – [Audrey] Oh, I’ve been stuck here. – [Jordan] Audrey, you (mumbles). – [Dad] We should’ve let Jordan go first. – [Audrey] Yeah. – I, don’t complain. I was the one that studied the map. – [Audrey] Okay. I’m (mumbles) with you. – Hi sister. – Hi. – [Audrey] Come on guys. Let’s go. Oh, we made it. – [Mom] Audrey. – Mom. – [Mom] I’ve been waiting for you guys. – How do I get out of this? – [Mom] You’ve been down there forever. Are you okay? Here. – No. – [Jordan] I’m coming. – [Mom] Oh my goodness. – Help me. I’m stuck. – Hey Jordan. – Mom, here take the map. – Oh my goodness. (mumbles) – Help me up. (screaming) – Hi. – Oh my goodness, I’m so
glad you guys are okay. – Oh my goodness. Logan, you made it too. – [Jordan] Logan. – It wasn’t you in the box fort. That’s so good. All right. Okay. Move. Let me get out. – Guys, I can’t believe we
actually got out of that tunnel. Like I thought I was
gonna be trapped forever. – And you guys got a map. – Ah. – That is crazy. – This map shows a whole bunch of different tunnels and rooms. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – There’s a lot that we haven’t
been to yet it looks like. – So, should we go back in these tunnels? Should we send somebody
else in the tunnels? Where should we go? – Yeah, I don’t know. – I don’t know. Are you guys brave enough to venture back down in the tunnels. – I mean, I got stuck there twice. (laughing) – Yeah. – So comment down below who you would like to see go back into the neighbors tunnels. – Oh man, not me. – Mom. – Vote. Jake says hi. – Mom. – Mom, hasn’t been in
the neighbors tunnels. – All right. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share and– – Hit the bell.
– Hit the bell. – And make today an adventure. We’ll see you all next time. – Bye. (upbeat music)

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