Scott Minto: The People’s Immortal
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Scott Minto: The People’s Immortal

January 15, 2020

In 110 years of Rugby League only 8 players have been recognised as Immortals. Today, another is unveiled And if you ask around, there’s only one man the people want immortalised. Do you know what’s interesting? I actually played against him on his debut. I’m so proud of that. It’s quite amazing really – I’ve been fortunate enough to be appreciated by the fans for a long time, well after I’ve been retired. But it’s nothing like the appreciation they’ve got for this bloke. Well he’s a Queenslander of course, and that’s what makes this recognition that much more special. I think it’s really important that the Immortal concept remembers who the fans loved. No fans, no game. This man had plenty. 2 clubs. 53 games. 15 tries. Scott Minto. The People’s Immortal. They’re 5 out from the line – they must score! Minto over in the corner! Hodges with the kick. Minto – foot to the ball – it’s in the in goal area.
Will Minto get there in time? I think he did! Minto’s away again! Bai chasing – won’t get to him! Well it’s obviously a really proud moment for me and my family. Um – it goes without saying the online supports been immense. When I saw that I became a meme I thought I’m half a sniff at getting the immortal status. To get the Immortal status, it’s the cherry on top. What would my advice be to the next Scott Minto? Look, always be respectful, always enjoy
what you’re doing. And here’s the biggest tip – be good to your Mum.

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