Scotland v England (FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019) | Marley’s Crystal Ball
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Scotland v England (FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019) | Marley’s Crystal Ball

November 6, 2019

Hi there I’m Marley and this is Marley’s Crystal
Ball for the FIFA Women’s World Cup opening group stage fixture between England and Scotland.
Now, if this is your first “Marley’s Crystal Ball” video let me fill you in on how things
work. Basically, we take the two teams from a real life fixture, fire them into the game,
and let the computer simulate the match and see what it predicts. It’s all very scientific
and calculated and also, it may look like we’re playing in a World Cup final in the
game, of course we aren’t in real life. But when you’re playing the Auld Enemy there may
as well be a trophy on the line! But without any further ado England get us
kicked off I’m going to do my best to remain as unbiased as possible. Ah shii…. England
are on the attack already ten minutes in they’ve made a strong start to this game. The ball
goes into the box and it’s a great save by Alexander the Scotland goalkeeper early on. Early pressure from England still on they’re
playing some good stuff it’s Paris with the shot! And she hits the, actual city of Paris.
C’mon Scotland hang in there! England are just playing through Scotland right now. Is
that a shot or a cross? It doesn’t matter but Docherty decides anywhere will do. When
in doubt boot it out and I agree. England just continue to play through Scotland
at will right now we cannot get close to this England team and it’s Scott with the shot!
She hits the crossbar wow! And then England fail to capitalise with the rebound that was
too close for comfort. C’mon Scotland get yer…. oh there’s a Scotland flag has just
appeared from another dimension folks! That is something else to be worried about. Thankfully it looks like Scotland weathered
the storm in the first half and they’ll be delighted to get to half time at 0-0. I’m
worried what the stats’ll look like after that half… Yeah that does make for some pretty grim reading!
England with six shots to Scotland’s zero, we did absolutely nothing in that half but,
the only good stat there is that the score remains 0-0. Hopefully the virtual Shelly Kerr has given
a team talk that will inspire the Scotland team tae victory. “C’mon England” chants the
virtual crowd as they slice their way through the Scottish defence again… Defenders catching
up and forces the England player into booting that out the pitch. Finally this is a little better from Scotland.
Starting to put some passes together it’s Ross intae Cuthbert, can Cuthbert find Ross
again? She does! She’s got a chance to shoot she does! And it’s Little with the volley!
Aww, and she’s just a little bit offside but, much better from Scotland there as some substitutions
are made. Scotland really starting to pile the pressure on now this game has flipped
on it’s head. It’s Cuthbert to Ross, that linkup play is amazing but the shot just…
well it isn’t amazing. It wis poor. Just look at how much better this Scotland
press has been in the second half, not allowing England to play at all. It was Emslie with
the tackle and she’s been sent through here over the top Emslie’s gonnae get on the end
of the cross and it’s a goal! Scotland have scored! I can’t believe it! Hahahaha My voice is breaking! The ball took
so long to eventually creep into the net but it made it and it’s 1-0 to Scotland after
all that England pressure in the first half. It’s Scotland who make the breakthrough thanks
to some hard work and some great play. Look at that header where is the keeper going?
I don’t know. I don’t care. It is 1-0 to Scotland with five minutes to play. Come on! Aww naw cannae switch off just after Scotland
have scored come on. Ye need to defend this well, it’s took a deflection, it’s gonnae
fall to the England player who strikes it! And it shaves the side netting. Very unlucky there
from Paris but will England have enough time to get another chance? I don’t know that could
be it. Folks I sincerely hope I haven’t cursed it. England looking like they’re gonnae get
another chance here it’s a good shot but it’s also a good save from Alexander. And that
should be it just hold on to the ball HOLD ON TO THE BALL! Come on referee blow that whistle that would
be an amazing start for Scotland at the Women’s World Cup. It is the perfect start!
Scotland – 1. England – 0. The goal from Emslie who made the goal herself
really with her hard work and hopefully Scotland can get just as good a result in real life.
Folks there are your final match stats. All that matters is that 1-0 scoreline and I hope
the Scotland team can get the job done in real life. Like I say let me know in the comments
your predictions for the match on Sunday. And all the best to the Scotland team in the
tournament. Have a nice day and I’ll see ye in the next
video. Bye!

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  1. Looked like an almost exact emulation of the England v New Zealand friendly match last weekend, only with Scotland replacing NZ. Honestly if England play in similar fashion on Sunday, Scotland might gub them by more than one. That is as long as Scotland have their suspect defense sorted out.

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