School Meeting Meant To Highlight Racism Ends In Outrage | NBC Nightly News
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School Meeting Meant To Highlight Racism Ends In Outrage | NBC Nightly News

February 14, 2020

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  1. ??? Mexicans choose their race as white generally on Job applications in the U.S and are proud Roman Catholics mainly! Am I missing something..I don't understand the uproar from either side! So many Mexicans and whites have been bosom buddies and racist towards Blacks! Does common sense matter?.

  2. This is funny. Cause we all know how Americans get treated in other countries.
    Specially if your a white American traveling abroad. 😂
    People stereo type white Americans as uneducated , lazy fat , trump supporters. No matter what you think, do or look like.

    Do believe me?
    Go travel the world and see how people treat you.

  3. OMG speaking english in AMERICA is not racist. This is just more proof that immigration needs to suspend, illegals have to be removed. Time and help is needed for legal immigrants to assimilate. The reason immigration used to be good for America is because immigrants came here to BE american. And, it was 50,000 a year not millions.

  4. the school district should put out a notice saying "illegal aliens have no place in our schools".
    The issue isn't hate, prejudice and racism …it's illegal immigration. I found it interesting that when the white American male made his comment people reacted with hate, prejudice and racism!!! The video stopped when someone said the man should leave because some of them didn't like is opinion. Pretending illegal aliens are not a problem clearly does not work in Salina CA. Instead of irrationally attacking a man you do not agree with, it was a GREAT opportunity for real dialog on the real problem. BTW I am not a republican, I am a taxpayer who does not want to support the world's poverty. Mexico has schools, it's not a 3rd world country.

  5. The anchors’ tone inciting racial fights is sickening. What was the point of the Mexican guy’s presence in that meeting? His point was obviously to “tell the Americans how bad they are”. I am Hispanic (not from Mexico, that’s why I said Hispanic) and I think this Mexican father is a resentful person who doesn’t appreciate the US, doesn’t understand personal responsibility and consequences, and he should have stayed in Mexico…

  6. I think that was a valid question. I'm a Democrat but I don't agree that a single query like "Then why didn't you stay in Mexico" should automatically elicit the whole truckload of hateful response that the man got. Even superior reason cannot partake of the same arrogance of the very supremacist culture that it is fighting. The answer could simply have been "Because I'm seeking a better life for my family and by my child's recent experience at school I'm not so sure we have found it yet." But PLEASE let us NOT admire the lady who said "you need to leave!" because if there's something we shouldn't tolerate it is INTOLERANCE by anyone, victim or victimizer alike. We simply cannot fall for the dogma that the only two positions the oppressed know is somebody's foot on their neck or THEIR foot on somebody's neck. It's the arrogance of refusing to find common ground that gives rise to the Donald Trumps of this world. If we don't learn that lesson as Democrats we WILL keep losing. Don't fight hate with hate–bring it down with REASONED dialogue, which requires that you must train your ear to survive fairly mild assault like that. Only the insecure runs away from moral challenge.

  7. Eventually, white men will finally be pushed to the breaking point. If hillary was president she would have put all white men in political reeducation camps. White men created western civilization. Minorities need to stop blaming white men for their failures.

  8. The liberal, socialist, communist, globalist, democratic pukes have succeeded in destroying everything that was great in this nation. Minorities come here to exploit America. White men embrace America. That is the difference. Minorities are failures because of their culture and heritage. It is not the fault of white men. The only group that experiences racism is white men and some asians. Affirmative action is nothing more than legalized racism. Think about that before you go spouting off your stupid mouth.

  9. Racist White Caused Me Not To Say About 911Attack 10months earlier.I was Adm.Thomas Moorer's youngest Cadet.US Navy PT.Mugu 1968. Hope Yiu Racists R Happy.

  10. Is that really any different than constantly hearing , ‘’ Native American Indians are the only Americans ‘’ that is repeated on a daily basis

  11. Ion see the racism. Like it’s not helpful in that meeting but if you don’t like a place then why you there? For example the way I see it is if you don’t like a restaurant then why tf you there?

  12. Yup. Keep justifying you racism. Wonder what his kid could be ridiculed about? Maybe then he would understand. I was 4 when my parents came to the America. I remember being teased in elementary school. That guy is an a**h***, and I feel his kids are as well. Take a look at your self and imagine your child being made fun of, not fun is it.

  13. TOM BARTELL IS AMERICA! No one should be shocked. He said what 90% of Whites are Thinking. My question is: "Where do these Whites want to send the Blacks whose ancestors were kidnapped and brought here?" It is also funny when Whites say "If you don't like it here then go back to where you came from." This really means that America is not going to change so live with it.

  14. The person who said then “why don’t you stay in Mexico?” He actually has a privilege for being white.Why doesn’t that person try to see there perspective of being a person of color and step into there shoes to know how it feels to be called racist names.

  15. I also don’t understand why the parents are acting so shocked when their children are clearly saying the same things at school and online.

  16. I dont think it's a racist comment.i think dude was trying to say"why complain just go back and maybe u won't complaining about anything.somewhat like having a job and telling the boss you don't like to work "boss going to say well stay home then stop complaining .

  17. why does everyone want us whites to celebrate our own demise? To stand up for the continuation of our culture and people and to live freely without other cultures knocking on our door I guess is a crime? If we dont want to live in multi culturism than Let me guess??? We can leave the country we started right? If all cultures and people are the same than what is the attraction TO LIVE IN WHIT COUNTRIES? We re trying to culturally uplift you to our standards of wealth and civility but I guess we get dragged down. Im wasting my time right now. WHAT A DRAG. We dont get to reach our highest potential and peace because of this politically correct tip toeing and multi cultural breeding and greying of culture. Im glad Im not a mixed race. There is a loss of identity and cultural heritage. I grew up here and I know first hand all the problems that go along with it. Imagine if Germany today were half Jewish. That would be sad to see. Its means the people dont care about their own original culture. I hate working with other cultures as well. The world is going backwards. We re actually getting stupider. Thanks Political Correctness. I cant even fly a Germany flag in my own house without someone being offended. I heard the other day that a school banned the flying of the American flag by students in their cars because I guess because of multi cultural-ness ofcourse somebody was offended. Welcome to the new Fresh! Un-United feminine States of America! Enjoy the multi culturalism bickering

  18. that dude looks like he's stuck in the 90's anyway..some people seriously need to grow up, and keep negative comments to themselves.

  19. His son and daughters look beautiful and innocent, I can't believe they're being bullied.
    They'd be welcomed with opened arms at my school.

  20. Suggesting he should have stayed in Mexico is not racist, since he is from Mexico.
    Demanding that her students speak English is not racist; the teacher teaches in English. It wasn't a foreign language class.
    NBC hates straight, white, U.S. citizens. NBC is high on intersectionality, which networks people based on superficial commonalities. It's IGNORANT.

  21. I agree with speak english in a public setting. We speak a foreign language at home but are taught its extremely rude to speak your native language in an english speaking country in a public setting.

  22. Omg These comment are ridiculous and sad 1.Who th would vote for trump 2. What that man said was racist he disnt know he'd have to go through that he shouldn't even have too
    3. Yall are the most disrespectful people for dismissing what that man said

  23. This is what is wrong with the world!!! I love my country I don't love the people who make it a hateful place!!! Its not hard to just show kindness to others ❤

  24. Let's put it clear here; this world belongs to God. God created us all. God love us all. We are different so we should respect that, we should respect each other, we should respect God. This enormous world fits us all. God created the world with no boundaries or borders. God created us all to coexist with each other and help each other.
    We are all bleed out red blood. We are all the ancestors of Adam and Eve.

  25. Just as valid a series of questions: if you are not welcome in someone else's community, why would you enter it and insist on staying? And…isn't it the people of a nation who shape its culture? Was there something wrong with Mexican life in Mexico? Is it possible that we are importing that wrongness? "Cool and comfortable about speaking freely"…perhaps that is exactly one reason why the U.S. is better than Mexico…or at least it was meant to be. So what are all these other people instead advocating? Silence? So…Mexico is still a country if they'd like to live there (and not just visit with their U.S.-made wealth). But can the same be said of the U.S. in another 250 years as we advance the steps toward everywhere becoming equally substandard. (No, seriously.)

  26. Only in numbers do men like this feel the strongest and loudest 😅. I can tell by that bald head, glasses, and fat face that he is naturally a coward 🤓😂.

  27. I love how NBC leaves out the "but you're complaining about being here" and the girl at the end who's Hispanic is like "what's necessary is the conversation that follows"

  28. Should I like this video to show how pleased I am with the reaction the racist got or should I dislike the video to show my disgust at the man's racism?

  29. People should know there's racism in America, so don't be surprised when you encounter it. Bigotry is never going away. It's here in America and it's healthy.

  30. A white man standing up for himself literally is a news story in this country. We will not accept this migrant invasion or anti-white rhetoric from the media, don't be surprised when heavy artillery starts firing from the front lawn of the White House. This government needs to go.

  31. Now, imagine the racist at work. What if he is a manager of people of color? Imagine the difference in salaries if an employee is a person of color. What if there are not people of color employees because he has input to hiring? Those racist attitudes are not limited to that room.

  32. Racism is in every race but is only recognized criticized and condemned if it can be connected or associated with the white race

  33. scene reedited as george from a Seinfeld episode on youtube MUST WATCH!

  34. Tbf You should only speak english in class. You cant just all be speaking different languages. It's not fair on the teachers.

  35. 1:10 is this really racist? Doesn't this just mean that going back to school is so miserable that students would rather hang themselves? How is that racist? It's a joke about kids hating school. I really doubt it has anything to do with KKK style lynchings.

  36. He did nothing wrong other than made a completely rational statement ,if anyone doesn’t like it here in America , they can simply leave

  37. The public should have involvement as to who comes into their neighborhoods ,instead housing is going up and being filled with people we know nothing about , and forced upon society to adapt and accommodate them , as well as adapt to their culture and beliefs while disregarding our own . Michigan is filling any empty spaces with these people that we know nothing about , and the handouts are so tremendous that it has become a lure , eventually when the handouts stop , the crime will start because the urge to continue getting free stuff will overwhelm the civility , only then will we open our eyes and see what a mistake we have allowed those in charge to bestow upon our society

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