School Children Addicted to Online Game PUBG
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School Children Addicted to Online Game PUBG

October 8, 2019

Many schools in Bengaluru, have warned parents about an online game called Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG). The schools observed that many children are addicted to this game. The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Science, has had many cases of children addicted to this game. This is why the schools decided to warn the parents. Primary and Secondary Private Schools Karnataka (KAMS) will also advice the parents to keep a watch on the number of hours the children play online games. In this game, the players fight each other with weapons and the last person to survive wins the game. The game is supposed to last only 30 mins but a lot of people are getting addicted and playing for hours. Dr. Manoj Kumar from SHUT Clinic in Nimhans, said that most of people who are addicted to game played for 10-12 hours. They are between the ages of 16-20. This has a bad influence on their morning schedule, eating habits, their studies are also affected. The doctor has advised the parents to make sure their children don’t play the games for too long. They should encourage them to choose other types of games too.

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