Schlossfischerei Fuschl – Spurensucher im SalzburgerLand
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Schlossfischerei Fuschl – Spurensucher im SalzburgerLand

November 17, 2019

My name is Gerhard Langmaier, I am the Master Fisher here at Fuschlsee. Yesterday I laid out a net in the hope of catching a lot of fish. Here I’ve already got a whitefish or reinanke, which is the main fish in the Salzkammergut lakes, a very tasty top-quality fish. Let’s see what’s in our nets today. At Fuschlsee we’re very mindful of sustainability, therefore we specifically select a mesh size that allows the fish to continue spawning. This ensures that there is a continuous fish population. The high quality of our fish is a result of the fact that the lake is pristine, yet full of nutrients. The fish grow slowly and therefore the quality is excellent. And, their habitat is in water which is good enough to drink!

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  1. Ach Österreich! Warum können wir nicht auch schon so weit sein… Ihr seid uns in so vielem voraus…

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