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Scariest Game of the Year | Visage (React: Gaming)

September 13, 2019

– No, don’t go forward.
What are you doing? – What do you mean?
I have to. – Stop! – (screams) ♪ (spooky intro) ♪ – (evil laugh) – Visage?
– Visage? – This is very dark
and it looks scary. – This is gonna be like–
what’s the name of that game where you’re in the mansion?
– Well it looks– yeah, PT?
No, this looks almost exactly like what that’s gonna be. – (FBE) This is an early access
download for the upcoming video game Visage.
It places you in a mysterious house that you
must escape while trying to figure out the tragic story
behind it. – Tragic.
– Scare– okay, scary games with
lore behind them are the worst, because it
really starts to build a world in your head that really
kinda messes you up. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna give you
one life to see how far you get,
but we will need to decide who will be in control.
– I think it should be you, since you’re more afraid. – I’m ready for it
and I’m excited, but I don’t think I’m
gonna do that well. – (gasps)
What is that? A gun?
– Are we in a hostage situation?
– I bet we are. – Nope.
– Oh, dude. – Already feeling some nope
at this point, which is not good.
– Why do people pay to watch this? – Plot twist.
– He’s gonna take his time. Oh, wait.
There’s a lot of people. – Oh.
– Oh my gosh. – Oh, and the kids?
No, that’s a lot. You can’t kill kids in a game.
– We’re having a great time. No.
– It’s not gonna do it. – (gunshot)
– No, he did it. Wow.
– Oh, [bleep]. – This is dark.
Oh my God, no, no. – Yo.
What was that? – I think he shot himself.
– Oh, God. – Okay, oh gosh.
– (squishing noises) – Ew, I don’t like that sound. – It looks like an
isolation chamber. – Why are we limping? – Oh gosh.
Ah. – Okay, I can’t go back in there,
so I have to go down this way. Stop.
– (phone rings) – Is the phone ringing?
Do I have to answer the phone? – (phone ringing)
– Not the phone, not the phone. I remember the phone. – Hello?
Oh. – (Rose) Hello Dwayne,
it’s Rose, your neighbor. I haven’t seen you out
of the house in about three weeks. Is everything all right?
– She knows we’re a murderer. – (Rose) Could you call me
just to let me know. – You know the game means business
when it kills the children in the beginning.
– Okay, I really hope this isn’t demons,
’cause demons are my big thing. I don’t [bleep] like demons.
– You don’t [bleep] with demons? – No, I don’t do
the whole demon thing. – You might be engaging
with some demons today. – Ah, this is so creepy.
– It’s too dark. – Oh, sanity?
– Whoa. – “Your character’s sanity
will affect your gameplay. Standing too long in the dark
will decrease your character’s sanity.” – “The red cloud icon appears
when you are in a stressful situation,
which decreases your character’s sanity.”
Okay, so don’t get stressed out. – Oh, easy.
Yeah. That looks like a stressful
situation. – Go this way.
– That’s not what the doctor ordered.
Ah. – Oh my God.
– “Paranormal events occur randomly throughout
the game. Learn to identify these
paranormal events, as they hinder your progress
and decrease your sanity greatly.” – So the less sanity you have,
the more paranormal events. – Yeah.
– That’s not good, ’cause they really–
– Shh. – (radio voice) In the great
city of Riverdale. – Just grab the lamp.
– Oh, wait, is the– – Maybe you can.
– Oh, interact with– – Oh, you can grab
the light bulb. – Oh, we can–
ah, no, no, no, no. Let’s turn that back on.
– Oh. – We broke the light bulb.
By examining the light bulb, we broke the light bulb.
– Don’t examine your light bulbs, kids.
– Ah! – So we can either go
through this door or go through the upstairs door
or that door. – I can’t, it’s jammed.
(groaning) – You’re gonna probably
be okay. I mean, I don’t actually–
– I need the basement key. – So, where should I go? Downstairs?
– Upstairs. – Upstairs.
– Yeah, let’s just go. I just see more light
and I’m trying to live. I’m trying to get done
with this game. – We’re trying to stay sane. – Ooh, lamp.
– Oh no, it’s very dark up here. Okay.
Someone has not been here in a minute.
Okay, oh. You can grab a lot of stuff.
Oh, I see pills. – I can pick it up.
– You can grab them. – You can pick these pills up. – “Pills act as an aid
for your character’s sanity. They are essential
to your survival. When your sanity is
dangerously low, they are the only viable
option to recover your sanity.” – Oh, we’re going crazy.
– Paranormal events are happening. The lights going out.
We gotta go. – I don’t even know how
to access– – Oh no.
Is there a light switch on the wall?
This is a light. – We’re just gonna go crazy,
shall we? Whoa.
– What is that? His bedroom? – Oh, we got this.
What else is there? Oh, lighter.
Oh, okay. – “They will not prevent
stress buildup. Standing in the dark
with a lighter will decrease your character’s sanity.
They also light candles.” Nice.
I wonder if it is expendable. – You can interact–
– Oh, a candle. – Hell yeah.
– Nice. – Oh.
– It’s a panda. – You found a drawing
of a panda. – Let’s burn it.
– Nice. Try flipping it around
all the way. No, no secret messages.
– Oh, key inventory. – Okay, so that’s important.
– Ah, why is there– it’s Lucy’s chapter.
– “An insidious friend.” – So we’re gonna find out
about Lucy? – Finally, a door that opens. – Okay, hopefully–
oh, there’s a panda! – Hi, Lucy.
– Uh-uh. – Is the light on?
There it is, cool. Open it.
– Oh, it’s this way. – The closet is lit up by itself.
Ah, so scary, okay. Oh, there’s something on the wall.
Get it, get it, get it. (gasps)
– (knocking) – Oh no.
– Someone just knocked. – No, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no! – Try turning the–
– (knocking) – I’m hearing stuff.
– I’m hearing some scary [bleep]. Let’s get out of here.
– Oh, God. – What’s that at the end?
– A clock. – I told you clocks
freak me out. – You never know.
Oh. – What?
– The door opened. – I don’t like that. – It was jammed before
and now it’s open. – Why is it open?
– Heck no. Ah, okay.
Let’s just go in it. – Try–
– Oh dude, what is this? Is this the basement key? – Key tagged “basement.”
– Store it. – Nice.
Maybe turn off the lighter to save it.
– Oh, I’m going crazy. Jesus Christ, save me.
Lord please. Lord, please. – What’s on the TV?
– Weird, they definitely seem– – Ah no, dude, no, no, no.
– Lot of fingerprints. – Oh God.
– Oh, turn around. – Nope, nope.
– No, look. – Let’s just get out
of there, then. – Okay, where’s the basement?
– Straight. Oh, is that a camera? – This is giving me PTSD.
– Why would you do that to us? Oh, what?
What? – Is that our house? Is that a person?
– Ah! – I don’t mess with this stuff. – Why is that damn radio back on? – Ah, open key inventory.
Boom. Oh, I’m locked in.
Ah. – I can see your brain
is starting to go insane a little bit.
– I can see your brain is starting to go insane
a little bit. – I resent that.
Do it, do it. Power in. – Ah, ah.
– That’s a lot of family pictures. – Yeah, look at all those
creepy photos. Okay, what is that?
– (radio static) – Shut up!
I got two lighters and I’m not afraid
to [bleep] use them. – Dip. – (gasps)
Uh oh. – Stop.
– Stop it. – Stop.
– No. Oh, it came back.
– I’m over it, I’m over it. Jesus Christ. – Oh my–
– Shh, shh. – Is there someone on the couch?
– What is that? – Something’s taking a picture.
Check that camera. – Oh my God. – No, no, that’s a camera.
– I’m gonna store it. Now we have a camera.
– Maybe we wanna use it. – Oh, [bleep]. – Why is that light flickering?
Do you– what’s that?
What’s that in the hallway? What’s that in the hallway?
– (gasps) – (screams)
– That’s a girl. – I don’t know how
to get through that thing. – Oh, do you see his face?
– Ah, oh. – Listen here, bitch!
I don’t fear you! I don’t fear you!
I have a camera and a candle and I’m not afraid to use it,
bitch! Where’d you go? – I don’t wanna–
I don’t know if we should go there.
– What is this? Ah.
– Oh, good. More drugs.
Can we check our camera? Oh, I think we gotta
follow the trail. – Yeah, you see that?
– You’re getting pretty freaked out. You should take the pills.
– We’re good, we’re good. – We’re not good.
The brain. – We have to find the light.
We’re good. – Should we just go up?
– I think if we just go faster. – I hate the fact that
we probably need to follow this stupid line here. – Try to look for more
of the drawings on the walls. There it is. – Oh, you’re interacting with it.
– We’re just pushing it out of the way. – Follow the line. – Yeah, let’s just run upstairs.
I wish you could actually run. – Just run, just run, just run.
– Okay, maybe flash. Oh no.
– (metal scraping) – What the heck is that noise?
– Stop! Stop with the God damn noises.
– Ah, go through that. (screams)
– I’m done. – Oh, dude.
– Oh no. Oh, there’s smoke.
– Where? Oh.
– Uh. – Cutscene. – Wait a second.
– Whoa. – Are we outside now?
– Mm-hm. – Did we dip out of there?
– No, no, no, no. I don’t think we did.
I think we’re just tripping. – Oh my God.
– (both) “Guilt.” – Oh.
– Shall we? – Guilt?
Are we gonna go over to Guilt? – And a treehouse
where the kids would play. – Pokemon?
– Where the dad went to go get the kids
out of the treehouse. – Stuffed animals are
welcoming us. – I don’t know if they’re
welcoming us. – Okay.
– “I’m Lucy.” “Hello, Lucy.
I want to be your friend, Lucy.” – The monster came out
of the TV, so then she ran
to the treehouse. The monster consoled her,
but got the bird. Keep looking around.
– That just took a lot. Oh, locked.
Oh. – There might be a key
around here. – Something about the friend
and the bird, but I really can’t understand what–
Ooh, hey. I found the small key. – Oh, there’s more.
– We were missing part of the story.
So… – She got injected.
– But why did she– oh.
I was gonna say her eyes looked really, really big.
– (whispering voice) Lucy. – (distorted voice) Listen to me.
I’m with you, Lucy. Only you can understand.
– That just got really dark. – Maybe we should run.
I don’t think we can run. – Oh.
– (screaming) – It’s gonna come up
from the floor. – Oh, [bleep].
– Oh. – And now we’re back.
– Wait, we’re in the room. We’re in the basement. – Oh, all the lights
are gone now. – Okay, let’s just go back
to Lucy’s room then. Which way was Lucy’s room?
Where’s the stairs? – That way.
– (gasping) – What the–
– Can you take a picture at all? Does it not work?
All right, now try it. Cool, all right.
Turn back into the hall. – (screams)
– We died. – It’s too dark and all
the light switches are pulled out. – Nice.
Finally, some light. – There we go.
Now we’re in the main room. I see the Panda.
– Can you see over there? – (both) Oh. – This is some bad noises.
– Oh, look at. What is that?
– Oh. Yeah, my sanity’s decreasing fast.
Wait, before you go in, take drugs.
Nice. – Oh, drugs.
Dude, look at the birdcage. – Do you have to press it?
Yeah, press E. Fun.
– Fun, fun, fun. – Just go in there.
Just go in there. Lot of bird cages, this family.
– Oh, dude, no. This is…
– I’m concerned. – This is not–
oh, dude, no. – Yep.
– I’m not looking. – No, don’t go forward!
What are you doing? – What do you mean?
I have to. That’s the only thing.
We gotta power through. – Oh.
She’s to our left. No, run away, run away.
– She’s chasing me. – Run away.
Just go towards the door. Go towards the door.
– If she catches me by the time I push the door,
I swear to God. – Do it.
– Oh no. – Turn around, turn around,
turn around. No, you’re [bleep].
– Oh God. – Oh my God.
There’s a key in here we need. – Oh God.
– I feel like that brown drawer’s– – I’m stuck!
No! – I liked it.
I feel like it made you feel something.
That’s what I like about this genre of gaming.
It just makes you feel something really intense. – I’m gonna make sure
I turn on every single light I see on the way out of here.
– What if we go home and our light bulbs burn out?
– Stop! Don’t speak it into existence. – Thanks for watching us
play Visage on the React Channel. – Thanks so much for watching,
guys. This is staying on all day. – Hey everyone, it’s Niomi.
Thanks for watching us play Visage. Wanna see us play more games?
Tomorrow, we’ll be streaming the Fallout: 76 beta
starting at 3:30 PM Pacific plus our regular livestreams
on Friday and Saturday also at 3 PM Pacific.
Come hang out with us live both on
and See you then.

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