Saying “Hi” To Random People
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Saying “Hi” To Random People

August 10, 2019

– Hi, my name is Jake Watson. I’m a co-creative director
of Corridor Digital. We’re a digital entertainment
studio that specializes in narrative video game-inspired content, tech experiments, and vlogging. – [Carmichael] Are you
practicing while you’re going? – Yeah, I have to do an
intro, and I have to show a bunch of these old-timey
guys that I’m actually kind of legit. And I’m also a licensed
entertainment lawyer in the state of California. I could really button up that ending, it’s a little too long. (soulful music) – We’re here in Salt Lake City. We’re gonna go get the car, but we gotta make it all
the way up Park City, it’s gonna take two hours
or so, and I don’t know. I’ve never been up there, and
I don’t know the conditions. (upbeat music) I’ve never been to a place where so many people don’t have cars. There’s probably less
than 1,000 cars in here, and we are going to get one. So, you’re like “Oh cool, hey
that’s pretty cool, it’s got a nice backplate and face and everything.” But wait, check out this. Oh! The new Dodge Durango
2015, all-wheel drive. Park City? – [Attendant] We get a lot of snow there. – Yeah. – [Attendant] Call me if you
guys need anything, okay? – [Jake] Cheers. – [Attendant] Have a good day, guys. – [Carmichael] Thanks. – Do you see how nice everyone is here? Did you see that guy? If more people were like that in L.A., it’d be a lot nicer place to live. I just got in this car, and I’ve never been in
one of these cars before, so I don’t know how to open the hood. I’m used to driving
motorcycles and old trucks. It’s a really nice day out
here in beautiful Utah. Carmichael and I, we’re cruising along, heading out of Salt
Lake towards Park City, going along the 80, thinking, “Oh, it’s a couple more
miles until we get to “the next freeway that we need to hit.” We’re chatting it up, we’re
talking about everything, and we went 37 minutes in the
wrong direction down the 80. And now we’re heading
back another 37 minutes, so we can actually go to where the hell we were supposed to go. Oh, hey, welcome to Park City, where Carmichael and I are gonna go out, show you the sights and sounds. We’ve never been here either,
the first thing that we found, people are super nice here. So much so, that for every
person who doesn’t say hi to us, I will make a snow angel in their honor. Can you imagine if you tried to say hi to everybody that you
passed in Los Angeles, how many snow angels you’d have to do? To do a smog angel, you just
stand there and you do this. Let’s see. (buzzer) (laughing) Does that one count? Dear guy in the green
jacket with the ski mask on that didn’t say hi to
me when I said hello, may this snow angel enhance
your life, watch over you, and bring you general happiness. Oh, that’s cold. Oh man, I better really be
more enthusiastic about this. I really don’t wanna do this all day. Hi there. – [Woman] Hi. – [Jack] How’s it going? (buzzer) (groans) No! Fuck! Guy with the pornstache,
I am partially to blame. I should have committed to you more. Oh, this one’s the worst. (playfully sobs) And that, my friends, is
a lesson about commitment. No, I think, I’m pretty sure
we’re going the right way. Carmichael and I are
going to the brand panel, where we’re gonna speak. It starts at 11, it’s 10:00 now, so we’re gonna get there, do a half hour of meeting,
greeting, shaking hands. There’s gonna be a lot of words used, like influencer, and tune-in, and upselling, and downselling. Thank you so much for putting
all the comments in the video. Carmichael was just looking
through them very thoroughly. As soon as I get there, I will be frantically
scrolling through my phone, also reading Carmichael’s executive notes on what the general themes have been. Hope I’m going the right way. – [Carmichael] (laughing) Keep going. (laughs) – That’s a Croatian flag,
those are my people. That conversation that I had back there, that girl goes, “Hey, are you lost?” You want to get Minnesota-nice treatment, you have to be able to speak
with a Minnesota accent. For example, “Oh yeah,
I think, I mean, hey, “I couldn’t tell you one way or the other, “I just know we’re trying
to get to Main Street.” – [Man] Yeah, if you walk up this road until you get to Heber and take
a left, it’s just one block, this eventually runs
parallel to Main Street. – Oh, perfect. – [Man] Yeah, you’re just
like a minute or two. – Thanks. Hey there. Hi. Hey there, how are you guys? Hey there. – [Man] Hi, how are you? – How’s it going? Hi. (buzzer) Burned. (buzzer) (grunts) We are here, okay. Where do we park? So weird, it doesn’t
look like anyone’s here. Looks like there’s plenty of parking here. Dude, soft snow is the worst. Hi, my name’s Jake Watson. I’m a co-creative director
of Corridor Digital. We’re a digital entertainment studio, specializing in video
game-inspired narrative content, tech experiments, and vlogging. We have two YouTube channels
with a subscriber base of around 5 million. We have content on Hulu. We specialize in, we specialize in narrative
video game-inspired content, tech experiments, and blogging. We have two YouTube channels
with a combined subscribership of 5 million people. 600 million video views. We have content on Amazon Prime,
Hulu, YouTube, YouTube Red. Go90, Facebook, Instagram. And I’m also a licensed
entertainment lawyer in the state of California. Thanks. – [Woman] It’s snowing, man. – I know, right? Oh, man. We need to go buy some gloves. (buzzer) – [Carmichael] Did you get the bus driver? – I didn’t get the wave. (laughs) – [Carmichael] You’re doing great, Jake. – Harry, your hands are freezing! It’s gonna kill me, but I’m gonna do it. Hey, how’s it going? – [Man] Good, how are you? – Good. Hey guys, how ya doing? Doing good? – [Woman] Great! – All right. Hey, man. (buzzer) Dude, he looked but he stiffed me. That counts, that counts. All right, how’s it going? – [Man] Good. – That guys knows what’s up. – [Woman] Hi. – Howdy. (buzzer) Damn. Just when I was getting started here. Hello. – [Woman] Hi. – All right, so after just
a little bit of doing this, I think I understand what
PewDiePie and other people are saying when they say that
there’s forced positivity on YouTube. This is tough. You can’t just go out there and, like, decide that you’re gonna be emotional however you’re gonna be. You gotta actually put forth the effort. And it’s good work, too. I think we’re doing good work here. Hey, how’s it going? (buzzer) How’s it going? – [Woman] It’s going good. – It’s pretty good. This is for the people of Park City. I think we’ve made the world a little bit of a better place today. I don’t wanna brag but,
you know, there’s a lot of more positive energy out there now that we’ve done our part. And I think that those people, those lonely hearts out
there that couldn’t find it to say hello, I think next time they’re gonna say hello. Anyways I just wanna thank
the good people of Park City. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Oh, and all you cold-hearted Angelenos that have come out here. (applause) Replication of an IP, like, if Marvel’s got $300 million to go out and make Iron Man 10,
we’re not gonna go out and try to make a scene from Iron Man 10. – At the end of the day, you guys, I think, are still in the battle to try to get your thing
to bubble up to the top and be the thing that everybody likes. Occasionally, there’ll be ones that hits, but you can’t really
build a business around, you know, how many shows
have been on Vimeo? And one of them got
picked up to go to HBO. And so, for me, just purely
being the old school guy, like at some point, somebody
should get their money back, right? That’s not a good proposition. So what I’m looking for on my side is the guy on your side to say, “Here’s how I can make sure
you get your money back.” – That didn’t exist five years ago, you didn’t make digital series. And we’re still sort of figuring that out. But the more and more we do it, the closer and closer we
get to finding out actually where that watershed moment is. It’s coming in the next year to two years. There’s really gonna be a consistent model for digital series that’s
gonna live off of that. And now, Carmichael and
I have two more nights where we don’t know
where we’re gonna stay. (playful screaming) – [Carmichael] She’s
getting double-teamed! (baby screeches)
– Holy! – What’s up?
– What’s up? – Hey!

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  1. wasn't there a song/video that was removed in the description. I would like the video if you can find it again. Thank you!

  2. I hate that I never run into you guys when you are here, but I want you to know, I love this video and I approve of your positive message.

  3. Jack come to Siberia, we've got a lot of snow to make angels! We buried 2 months mercilessly, even now don `t know where the snow removal!

  4. As someone with (professionally diagnosed) social anxiety, greeting every stranger I see would make me soooo uncomfortable!

  5. That moment you see a fully grown and perfectly capable man preform a snow angel and feel uncomfortable

    YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU HAVE THIS! Just don't break your back.

  6. I live in Utah, I would have said hello, only because I watch the channel. Otherwise, unless I was drunk, I got my resting asshole face on.

  7. here in Galway, Ireland, EVERYBODY says hi to you, and if your in a pub, you can have a conversation as if their your best friend

  8. Jake! You're saying hi too late! I'll bet each and every person who didn't say hi are beating themselves and feeling all flustered cause they didn't return the greeting.

  9. hey Jake, I also noticed a book about Croatia on your bookshelf – how are you related to there, if you don't mind asking?

  10. Stalkers will bein the comments like :
    "Did anyone find the Insta of the woman that said Hi?"
    "No, But I found her snap"

  11. You know what you guys should do corridor Digital you guys should go to Heber City next time you guys are in the Sundance Film Festival because I live there. Then stay in the hotel there soon I can go see you guys JK

  12. Dudes, I’ve literally been staying in the same resort for the last two years for Sundance, such a great spot! You’re right, everyone is so freaking nice in Park city

  13. Lol I feel almost proud to live in the (Almost center-ish but slightly pointed to the west-ish) Part of America

  14. It's the camera. People get intimidated but cameras and won't respond. They think you're going to bother them and try to film them. If you weren't filming everyone would've at least said hi

  15. their commitment to these dumb dares is remarkable, looks like a good exercise for people with social anxiety like myself (very much like the rule of 3-2-1 or yes sir)
    ps: just don't put yourself in dangerous situations, we still have critical thinking lol

  16. Oh Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, you think you’re snow is cold. Come to Canada, and try saying hi to strangers again, it will be easier, and harder at the same time.

  17. I love seeing Californians in other environments. Snow is cold, water tends to flood things, and not every day is sunny and bright for the rest of us. But also you guys can endure a lot more heat than most people, so I guess you've got that going for you.

  18. You should try that "hi" test in Salt Lake City cause more people you see there are actually from there. Park City has a lot of non locals. You'll also probably discover that Salt Lake is about the cleanest city in the US. (I'm from LA so hearing people say hi and howdy a lot was an odd thing just walking down the street)

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