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Sasuke VS Killua (Naruto VS Hunter x Hunter) | DBX

November 19, 2019

some ninja shit going on around here eh look it’s your boys killua and Gon oh no killua needs some foods yay fish oh no, Sasuke must be planning something “orochimaru:IDIOT” Yay gon caught something wow sasuke noob i was gonna eat that Gon: oh no Killua: Come out and play… Sasuke: Bring it Boomstick: Here we gooo! oof no need to spend 300$ on a smoke sasuke Killua: I can see you! roasted NANI!? ew killua you took sasuke’s heart Killua: What a bore. you thought it was my heart, but it was me, sasuke!

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  1. One of the best matchups you could have. But it would have been interesting if he fought against Kurapika for obvious reasons.

  2. Killuas entire life has been torture and training for killing. Just by living he was training but Sasuke was a very typical prodigy who never faced any real training. Killuas is basically a mix of Sasuke (ability wise), Lee (training wise), and Shikamaru (brains wise). The kid is OP as balls, Sasuke could never until he was adult AFTER he finally had some training but the Naruto universe just makes everything last forever but not with story, it’ll dwell on about everything but the story. Killuas would’ve won quicker but I guess that wouldn’t be a good video ??‍♀️

  3. What people think 99% of the comments are about: comparing adult sasuke to a 12 year old

    What 99% of comments are actually about: people complaining about others comparing adult sasuke to a 12 year old.

  4. Yes kid sasuke loses to killua stop using adult sasuke as a crutch we all know sasuke wasn’t all the strong as a kid so yes it makes sense for him to lose to killua killua is very strong

  5. Killua WAS super overpowered, but that was before Godspeed. Godspeed isn’t just fast light attacks, they’re extremely heavy attacks. This is the guy who opened the testing gate y’all. Imagine close to light speed attacks from a guy who can open a 60 ton door

  6. Kid Rock Lee dismantled sasuke just on speed alone.

    KILLUA is basically immune to electric attacks (chidori)
    and GOD SPEED on par with rock Lee with ankle weights.

    No Debate here.

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  8. I feel like sauske should be at max power which is boruto lv… Bc isn't killua at max? And if boruto lv sauske is too much for him then so what

    Edit:thats just how I feel these death battles should go, even tho killua might still win

  9. I would love to see how strong killua became by the time he was 15 or however old sasuke is in Shipp. HXh characters seem to grow stronger much much faster and killua already is stronger than sasuke as a kid.

  10. Can Sasuke ever win anything in death battle? I mean seriously Naruto won in his death battle, and this video wasn’t even official! It’s DBX!! But not saying that it’s unfair or death battle is wrong on anything and I’m not just some furious fanboy who can’t accept this. It’s just that, Sasuke has it pretty hard.

  11. The Captions 1:01 LOL
    Edit: Also Captions,Was That a Jojo Refrence?1:35
    “You thought it was my heart,but it was me Sasuke!

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