Samuel de Ceccatty | DAY 7 – Sledge Hockey Referee | Samsung Paralympic Bloggers | PyeongChang 2018

December 2, 2019

Hi guys! Today I’m really excited because I am about
to go backstage to talk to a referee, and to see what it takes to be an official at
the Paralympics. Hey guys, I’m Kevin Webinger. I’m from Calgary, Alberta. IPC Para Ice Hockey referee. First time at the Paralympics. I’ve done many World Championships in the
last few years. This is my last game of the tournament, 5th
6th team Vs, it is, Czech Vs Norway for a placement for next year’s World Championships. Before our games as we are getting warmed
up and even changed we will start talking about the game and getting ready and focused
and start going over the rule book and players to watch out for. We are kinda getting more mentally into the
game and mentally strong and prepared. It is a great profession and great job that
I did so I don’t have to work at McDonald’s or anything. My parents said you need a job. I was 13 and so I started reffing hockey and
making a little bit of hockey on the side. And it kinda turned into a full time job over
the last 15 years so I have been really fortunate, it has been a great opportunity. I wish more kids would start doing it. Just to be with the players and keep active. It’s just awesome. I love it. Three whistles, better than one. See it, call it, if you can see in front of
me make sure it is good. I feel fine. Let’s go. Teeing was brought in to the rule book, it’s definitely
not in able body hockey, it’s when two sleds kind of come together but we have a couple
of different angles and so if they come head on it’s not really a penalty. But if it’s designed to take a player out
or hurt the other player in the sled then that’s when we call it. The signal for it is this. We do this for teeing. It’s a big penalty. That’s probably the most major difference
between that and able bodied hockey. It’s a lot different from the referees perspective
just from positioning and trying to get out of the way so we don’t get taken out. They take off your feet and stuff so as you
can see this is just from doing the tournament a couple of holes and a little more marks
than you would get in able bodied hockey. Thank the players, good game. A really good hockey game. That’s the way most of the games should have
gone. I wish more of them were like that. A really good game. Good group, good game. A good way to finish the tournament.

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