Samsung Paralympic Bloggers meet up with their families
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Samsung Paralympic Bloggers meet up with their families

November 30, 2019

I’m here with Katherina and Gaby, mother and sister of Andrea. She’s about to compete in which races today?
She competes in the super combined, first the super G and then slalom. She is nervous because she wants to win the gold medal. But she is relaxed, she has two silver medals. Perfect! Alright we will be cheering later on for her. I just watched Andrea take home her third silver medal of the Games. An amazing performance by all the Para alpine skiers today. Hi, I`m here supporting my son Andrew Kurka who just took gold yesterday. So in a nutshell I am riding on the lift with a gold medal family. That’s
what they really wanted to say! There are two people that have always been there
for me doing my skis and driving me to practice and just doing all that stuff
in the background that helped me achieve my goals and they still do it all the
time. So say hi to my parents! Hi! I‘m very grateful to have my family here so I’m
happy. See you, bye! I am at the Alpine Centre to go check out the snowboarding. Let’s go find out how that is. How do you guys feel? Beyond ecstatic. We knew she could do it
had a little bit of a rough morning but she finished as strong as you should have
and we’re very excited. Incredible I can’t put into words like the amount of
love that I felt when I crossed the line and heard the cheering. enjoyed the cheering and the
relief that I felt because I’ve worked so hard for this for so long and it paid off. From losing a leg to cancer to a gold winner We’re from Louisiana. We don’t have snow!

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