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Samsung Paralympic Bloggers and their team mates

November 30, 2019

Hey guys! I think it looks like Finland is getting their first medal This is our studio. Matti Suur-Hamari from Finland is getting our first medal in half a minute. So let‘s see how it goes. It looks like a gold medal. Go Matti! Today we are here to watch a competition. We have two Chinese athletes. We are here to cheer them. I am going to play a trick on him! Aww, guys that‘s awesome! What is it? It‘s a baby turtle bracelet. Oh, day made! I get a baby turtle bracelet. Who knew sports med would be so great! Your hairstyles are unique. Where did you have your hair cut? Same place as his. Did you have a haircut at the same hairdresser? The hairdresser is a Mongolian. I heard you had a good time having a haircut together. And boarder cross practise is a wrap! Come on China! Come on! We are cheering for China. Korean sister. Korea. Korea Fighting. Always looking at the camera. She is my friend. Yes my friend. Here we go! We got our first gold medal! Go Matti!

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