Samsung CHG 90 49-inch UltraWide HDR QLED Gaming Monitor: Behemoth!
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Samsung CHG 90 49-inch UltraWide HDR QLED Gaming Monitor: Behemoth!

September 7, 2019

– Hey guys, Thunder E here and this is the Samsung CHG 90 or I like to call it the Samsung Behemoth. It is a 49 inch ultra-wide gaming monitor or it’s a super ultra-wide gaming monitor. It retails of $1,500 so technically price-wise it’s actually not bad and in terms of specs you’ve got something that’s running AMD’s
FreeSync 2, 144 hertz, one millisecond response time, resolution is 3840 by 1080. Kind of interesting, it’s also 600 nits and it’s an HDR gaming monitor. Also it’s a QLED panel
so it’s a Q LED panel of you know, Samsung’s been talking about color volumes, you’re
going to get better colors with HDR on this thing,
this thing is crazy. It is absolutely nuts. Now it comes in this nice stand. You can tilt it up and down. You can also mount this if you chose to so it you want to mount this on the wall definitely you can do that but I’ll just tell you in terms of space, it’s going to take a lot
of space on your desk so you’ve got to have a
big desk for this thing but it’s a really cool monitor. I do like the stand for it. Now in terms of the curvature here, you’re looking at 1800R and the viewing angle is about 178 degrees. Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see games on this. Of course not a lot of
games are adapted for this. Should be coming out in sometime in July and again as I mentioned $1500. It’s not a bad price point
for a monitor like this. You can probably split it
up into about six screens so to show you the max
resolution in 3840 by 1080. The other thing also to
note with this is that this monitor is great for productivity. If you’re a stock
trader, if you use Excel, you can have your Excel
sheet run into infinity and have that all on the screen. Now in terms of ports, you’ve got display port, mini display port, HDMI, all the ports that you need
for productivity on this. It’s got a headphone jack. There are no built in
speakers on this monitor. So Samsung also announced
two other gaming monitors in the CHG70 line, a 32 and
a 27 inch gaming monitor. These are both of them right here. Both of them also have one
millisecond response time, 144 hertz, a refresh rate. Now you’re looking at – both monitors are also QLED gaming
monitors, HDR built in. The 32 inch that you see right here will be priced at 699. The starting price for this gaming monitor in FreeSync 2, it’s a really nice monitor. I wish, of course, Samsung
had an ultra-wide version of this but it looks pretty good and then the 27 inch will be priced at 599 so these are the gaming monitors that are going to be
coming out from Samsung, thinking around July or so but I have to tell you this
behemoth right here, the CHG90 or I like to call it
the Samsung Behemoth monitor is a beast, $1500. You’ve got a 49 inch display. You’ve got a 32 by nine aspect ratio. You’ve got 600 nits HDR, all the fun stuff packed into a gaming monitor. Stay tuned guys, we’ll
have a review for you. We’ll set it up so you
guys can see how it looks. I have to tell you though it is sick and I can’t wait to try it out. So if you have any
questions or any comments about the Samsung CHG90 or the biggest monitor you’ve
ever seen at 49 inches, let us know. Don’t forget to like and share this video. Favorite this video you guys. Subscribe to this channel and always enjoy your entertainment.

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  1. With this I could have google chrome and 20 tabs open .. ofcourse I'll have to upgrade to 64gb RAM first because Chrome is a resource hog.

  2. Things that I want but I couldn't afford. I'm probably just gonna go to best buy (if they have it) and just stare at it.

  3. Y'all talk about 4k monitors with 144 refresh rate but I have yet to see a monitor with that. Second of all no one is playing games in 4k unless u have the ps4 pro or Xbox one x and let alone it's the games coming out around this end of the year that will even support at 4k, all the other games in the past will just be a little bit better looking than 1080p but not 4k graphics

  4. The Pixels Per Inch on this is pretty low, one of the downsides of having better than average sight is that I can see the pixels when sitting back on my 1080p monitor at 110 pixels per inch, my 4k monitor is almost 160 pixels per inch and that is perfect – this monitor is 79 pixels per inch, as you can imagine that's going to show really easily. I think calling it 1080p is a bit silly seeing as it's so much wider, but the pixels per inch doesn't lie. I really, really like the look of it though, if they increased that PPI to around 120 then I'd spend that much money on it.

  5. 1500$ for 1080 resolution? what kind of clown is going to buy this?
    I want to upgrade from my LG ultrawide with a new monitor that supports HDR, not downgrade.

  6. I picked it up and it’s amazing, I was never really sold on 3440×1440 limited to 35” and 120hz, this thing is lightning fast and has a beautiful picture, most games work surprisingly!

  7. I took a look at one at my local Microcenter and the pixels were huge. The resolution is as bad as it sounds. It's an otherworldly experience, though. Soooo much space to run like 8 different windows comfortably if you don't mind the image quality.

  8. What if you had enough to make a full circle of them around you and you played a shooter… What would happen?
    And if you did the same but made it so 2 weren't touching completely… My brain is broken, I can't think about what it would look like

  9. Just bought this for my husband for Yule and then went ack I want it and went poor to get myself one as well. After playing on 3 screens since GTX690 I can't resist this screen even tho it is a bit smaller then my 3 benQ 27in screens 144hz 1 mis refresh rate but small difference in size I will live and husband will love this over his three 60hz screens

  10. This game would be king for driving/ simulations games and work stations… But dont bother for fps lolol its crazy ass monitor tho impressive!!!

  11. you mean 49" excel spreadsheet monitor 😉

    Jokes aside. This is great for someone that has an AMD GPU. I'll have to look up benchmarks to see how this runs. Also what's the refresh rate? I missed it somehow.

  12. It is a $999.99 on Amazon now.

  13. people that find it fine to have a 1080p resolution in 2017 propably forget that this monitor costs $1,499.99. you can buy x2 27 or 32inches 4k monitors with that money.

  14. I have an Acer Predator helios 300 with a NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB It is ok for this monitor? or I need something better?

  15. did anyone tried to "force" resolution?
    Nvidia control panel -> change of resolution -> adjust -> create resolution adjusted and set some proportionally larger 2k 4k, of course you must have nvidia,

    please reply

  16. Sorry, but NO! You're never going to be comfortable playing on something that large up close as you do with gaming. Its way too large!

  17. Voll die Enttäuschung… der schafft 84% ADOBE RGB angegeben sind aber mind. 92% manche Seiten geben 98% an… Nicht einmal Lautsprecher hat der eingebaut!!!

  18. Hi, I am a developer and so I typically need at least 3 monitors (AT LEAST TWO). I was curious if it supports multiple windows on it. SO that I could go full screen on at least 2 different programs and have them split. I had seen the 27'' so I planned on getting three of them. I would much rather get this if it is able to support my needs.

  19. "there are no built in speakers" ahh noooo woulda been a perfect product otherwise XDXDXD who cares about garbage built in speakers

  20. I'm getting one on my next build for sure, by then it should be sub 800 range, just gotta wait for video cards to drop in price

  21. Bring on the 55" version and I'm all in.   Not willing to give up the real estate of my two 32" monitors.

  22. if i play nba live, would i be able to see the entire court in that monitor? that thing is longer than my patience, gezz im ok with the 32' it would fit nice on my table

  23. In Malysia, people always said,, SAMSUNG EEWWWWWWW WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT, in reality Samsung monitor better than Mac.

  24. I had this monitor for 1 day, then i returned it.
    The giant screen is cool, but overkill… indeed the resolution is low in comparison to cheaper monitors, and I tried to usa a full resolution with Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock, and the games just crashed, IMO it's not worth it.
    Sorry for my bad english, not my native language.

  25. i have gtx1080 ti.. should i buy Samsung 49" QLED freesync monitor??.. any issues?.. please someone need help for advice

  26. I like the idea of splitting this monitor up and just gaming in the middle of it with a normal 16:9 ratio and having the sides for windows like discord and stuff. Sort of like multiple monitors but no bezels to deal with.

  27. I bought the new iMac Pro 18 core 128 gig of ram, but I really want to not use it for the monitor but rather connect it to the new Samsung C49HG90 49" QLED Curved monitor. And not use the iMac at all for the screen. Is this possible? I use Logic Pro X as a music producer and just want the long big screen. I'm thinking if you advise it will work, I could hide the iMac under my studio desk. My concern is will the iMac work with the Samsung and allow it to be the main screen and not use the iMac screen at all. Please advise.

  28. 1080p is good for big screen…
    Samsung always ready to improve so don't worry , they will release 4k soon

  29. Hi,
    Please guide me I really want this Monitor.
    I have an iMac and was wondering if I can use the PBP and support 2 display out and into two different inputs on the Monitor? or it will not be possible?
    As I would like to use 2 screens for FCPX, one dedicated to the viewer screen and other for the timeline and extras.

  30. All these people talking about "oh it's only 1080p?" When realistically your eyes wont tell the difference as close as you're sitting. Lol

  31. what are the measurements in cm from the bottom left corner of the bezel to the bottom right? i need straight line measurements to see if it will fit on my corner desk comfortable

    thank you

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