Same But Different: Identical Twin’s Rare Syndrome
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Same But Different: Identical Twin’s Rare Syndrome

February 9, 2020

HADIN COOPER: Even though we look different on the outside, we’re still twins on the
inside. COMM: Hadin and Gabriel Cooper are identical twins who look very different. Gabriel was
born with Pierre Robin Syndrome. A condition, which causes a smaller than normal lower jaw. GABRIEL COOPER: So instead of saying I’m different from Hadin, I say that I’m unique
from Hadin because of this. When I was twelve, it truly hit me that this is how I am different.
To this day, honestly, I don’t really like taking photos. COMM: But now age nineteen, Gabriel is preparing for surgery on his jaw, which will not only
make talking and eating easier but could make him look more like his brother. GABRIEL COOPER: I have been given the opportunity to go to New York and have a procedure done
that will change the perspective of how people view me and my difference. RAMONA COOPER: I don’t want Gabriel to feel like this surgery is to make him look like
Hadin. As if how he looks is wrong and Gabriel’s the right side. Yes, you’re identicals,
that is genetically true, that is chromosomally true. I think Gabriel will look like Gabriel
but different. I, I don’t know how to explain it. I just know that there is no part of me
that feels that one should look like the other. HADIN COOPER: Honestly, I don’t know if I want my brother to look like me because
I don’t know if that’s what he wants to look like. I’m 90% sure Gabriel is gonna
be cool with whatever is the end product. COMM: Gabriel will travel from Alabama to New York in May for his operation. And it
was one of his high school teachers who pointed him in the direction of The Little Baby Face
Foundation, a charitable organisation that helps give young people from around the world
access to facial reconstructive surgery. JENNI CURRIE: He was just always that student who I knew I could count on no matter what
I asked him. He was always the one who would stand up and help. It makes me a little apprehensive
only because of his apprehension. I’m thrilled for the possibilities, for the prospects of
what this could do. Gabe has got so much intelligence and so much to offer. Unfortunately, so many
people don’t see beyond the exterior, and that’s not fair to him because there is
so much behind the exterior many people just won’t even bother to get to know. HAIDEN COOPER: I realised people treated Gabriel differently when we were in school. All the
kids couldn’t figure out because they didn’t notice. So they thought that you know it was
cool to provoke him. GABRIEL COOPER: That’s what people did, talk about my facial difference. Like “Oh,
he can’t do it ‘cause of that”, or “You can’t do this ‘cause of that”. But my
most prideful moments are when I prove them wrong. Now that I have made myself a respectable
young man, they treat me as such. I do have those who just see me, make fun of me on the
spot and to them I pay no attention really. COMM: And Gabriel has big plans for the future. GABRIEL COOPER: I do see myself as the next Richard Branson. You know, he’s a very top
dog in a lot of fields that nobody really knows and that’s what I want to be. I want
to be so known, I’m not known. I’m the guy in the back who everybody’s like, “Where
did this come from?” Oh I did that. “Who thought of this way?” I did. But I’m not
right there to say that because I’m too busy thinking of a new idea to give out. So
definitely somebody who can do that in the field of gaming. COMM: Now, the family can only wait for Gabriel’s surgery date to arrive. RAMONA COOPER: Some people need things not because they want to fit in, it’s because
they’re tired of standing out for the wrong reason. If that makes any sense. GABRIEL COOPER: If I was born without the difference, I don’t think I would appreciate
the things I appreciate now.

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  1. Narrator: "Gabriel is preparing for surgery on his jaw to make him look more like his brother."
    Mom: "I don't want Gabriel to feel like this surgery is to make him look like Hayden."

  2. The only thing that bothers me about this video is the way that they cut that cake. 😂
    I think that he is adorable though for real. ♡

  3. My cousins, Sean and Kevin, are also twins. They look extremely different, and Kevin has severe autism. Basically half of his brain is shut down, and he can barely talk.

  4. I have to apologize because he called me out. I did see him and make fun of him, I mean who plays golf in joggers and flip flops.

  5. Don't make fun of people for who they are and he's prefect the way he is and im 8 years old im not a bully be who you want to be

  6. Gabreal you go tell people that make fun of you that there wrong and I hopeful that he's a great person

  7. You are you and no one can change that you still have your prisinalide and your twin and the haters are haters but I am not you sol haft to love your self.

  8. my sisters are identical twins but one has cerebral palsy because of that one sister is in a wheel chair and cant walk talk or eat. this video reminded me of them

  9. I think Gabril will always look handsome any way he looks. Don't let the people that bully you get in your way. You are a strong cool awesome boy

  10. He such a great person! I dont whats on the outside i see what in the inside and what i see if confidence and a high energetic boy who is no different from anyone else so what if he's different does it matter cause nobodies perfect I love him i love them both good luck to him

  11. if he's a big boy then that's what he should be it doesn't matter how he looks it doesn't matter about anyting it matter about how he is and if he's nice or not it doesn't really matter how he looks people look different than others.

  12. I’m sorry you’ve been through ridicule…people are so cruel.. courage to you for proving people wrong.. best of luck with surgery and God Bless both you and your twin brother!

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