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  1. Are we related? If so, check out your distant cousin’s YouTube Channel! Lol maybe we could tour together one day (in my dreams)! Great music Sam! Keep it up!

  2. I love ❤ his Every single song and and because of meaningful songs I love Country Music , keep it up brother! ??? lots of love from India ??

  3. Thank you Sam Hunt!!!!! My Mexico! somewhere in Mexico!!! I am away from my country!! But this video bring me a smile to my face!!

  4. i started watching this when there was only about 200 views sam hunt is a great singer i wish him luck to his career huge shoutout to keith urban for being a great guy and taking the rights to cop car. cop car was a good song now that keith owns it sam did a good job too.

  5. "Everywhere I go..
    Seems like the place to be..
    I see people that I know..
    But I feel like there's no one here but me". -LIFE –

  6. Still listening in 2019.
    This song is so fu*kin underrated, it deserve better! How the hell is not a big hit. It's perfect!

  7. Sam Hunt is a fresh breath of air in country music. I know I know he's been around for a while now. Stay cool Sam!

  8. They keep sam hunt on the country charts but remove lil nas x who actually talks country and not romantic fruity shit

  9. Replace Downtown with Country Music and finally something came out of his mouth that makes sense. Sam Hunt, you have done your part to destroy Country with this bull shit. Better yet, I will make a song up for him

    Country Music's dead, Dead and gone
    There is no more Hank Williams singing Country Songs
    We have these V- Neck wearing pretty boys spewing trash
    They dont take shots they take it in the ASSSSSS

    What happened to good ole Country songs
    I used to get drunk and sing with Waylon all night long
    Now its Men's Capris, Pink Vneck TEES, Sounding like 98 degrees
    Painted Ho's, Buff Bro's, Abercrombie Wearin' homos

    Country Music's Dead, Dead and Gone
    There is no more No show Jones , Willie Go home
    We want loud trucks and City girls
    No fishing poles in our world,
    Alan Jackson might as well be dead
    Body like a back road playing in his head
    Where did it all go wrong
    Country Music's dead and ………………………………………. GONE!

  10. Downtown's Dead was one big mistake. It was a body blow to Hunt's reputation. Hope he will be able to recover.

  11. My daughter loves you so much ??and she really loves this song we bought this song for here ?come to lake HAVASU


  13. Sam Hunt is Dope.. So good & always getting better"………& few like him..Great is what we say bout these singers ….

  14. Come to seee me , im LIVING IN MEXICO TOO LOL Thanks baby for film this video in my beautiful country

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