Salah, Mane & Firmino | Every Premier League Goal 2017-18
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Salah, Mane & Firmino | Every Premier League Goal 2017-18

November 5, 2019

Moreno, lovely dummy, Mane,
really well worked by Liverpool. It is a magnificent goal! Liverpool back on terms, and it is
a goal that has great craft about it. It’s Firmino for Liverpool. And Liverpool are level. The Brazilian taking
the responsibility and finishing with aplomb. Forward for Firmino, lovely touch, Firmino… And it’s Salah for Liverpool! They’ve done it
again, they’ve come from behind, and Mo Salah has a debut goal. Robertson, might come to Solanke, and it will come to Mane! Plenty of luck
about the Liverpool goal but who cares? And Firmino arrives! And Firmino scores against Arsenal again.
You just show him an Arsenal shirt, and he responds by picking out
the back of the net. And it’s that front three again,
can they find a way through? Oh, yes, they can! Sadio Mane, he scored
a very special goal at Arsenal last season. Well, that’s right up there with it again. Oh, Bellerin’s lost it, and here is
Mohamed Salah, and he has support as well, this time can he do it? He’s got the big chance, he’s got the big goal,
Liverpool have the third, and Arsenal are being
put to sleep by Liverpool here. Forward looking for the run of Salah,
it’s a really good run – Salah’s shot! That’s Coutinho for Salah! Oh, that’s brilliant! Mo Salah’s header
from Coutinho’s excellent cross. And Liverpool find the back of the net. Salah for Liverpool… And Liverpool get a goal back! Oh, it’s in, it’s Firmino. He snuck in where no-one else was. Now then, Mane,
and West Ham are in trouble here, it’s Mane and it’s Salah,
these two can devastate a team, it’s Mo Salah for Liverpool… it’s 1-0 to Liverpool. Mane, and here’s Salah. Touch, shot… Brilliant. And here’s Salah. Oh, what a goal! Special from Salah once again. Oh, Salah’s got in behind… And Salah scores! And on to Salah! Ball stays in, Solanke,
and Mane, and Sadio Mane… And Liverpool are in front. And Salah is there. Oh, what a goal! Mohamed Salah, even when he doesn’t start,
he comes on and scores. Salah, as we know, he’s in for another… Well, if you hand him a chance on a plate… he’ll gobble it up. Salah’s off on the charge, Coutinho,
and he’s got Firmino waiting… That is brilliant! Oh, they are just so good
when they do that, Liverpool. And it’s Salah, and here’s Firmino for three… Roberto Firmino wraps it up. Here’s Salah, and still Salah… Oh, Mohamed Salah! How about that
on your Merseyside derby debut? Beat one, beat two
and picked out the top corner, and picked out a goal
from the very top drawer. This man just cannot be stopped. Salah goes in behind Daniels again. Daniels trying to stay with him, he can’t,
Salah still going, Salah… Well, he’s tried, he’s tried
and he’s tried again, and finally he’s got his reward. That’s Coutinho – Firmino! Got the goal that his game desevred again. Firmino. Oh, Arsenal’s players
had all run the other way. Salah can go on his own here,
closed down quickly now, there’s the shot, there’s the goal,
Mohamed Salah’s scored again. Firmino, space… That’s a brilliant save – but it will go in!
And Liverpool are level. There’s the delivery –
oh, Firmino’s round the back! It’s a lovely finish as well. Risky, Salah’s got it,
Liverpool are looking for a fourth. Salah… It’s as simple as that. Looks after the ball so well. Emre Can didn’t
have anywhere to go and did well. And on towards Salah,
and Salah, and still Mo Salah… And there it is,
Liverpool have their equaliser. Touch by Milner, Salah, rolled his man, Salah for Liverpool! Goal for Liverpool. Two for Mohamed Salah. They’ve come from behind,
they’ve turned the game on its head. Sadio Mane! What a hit! What a hit for Liverpool. Won by Wijnaldum,
now Oxlade-Chamberlain, he’s been a good ball carrier
for Liverpool today, and again he’s making good ground,
Firmino makes the run in behind… And it’s not a free kick,
and Firmino for Liverpool! Roberto Firmino with a magical moment. And Salah has got away,
challenge by Otamendi, here come Liverpool,
here comes Sadio Mane! Oh, what a goal! Sadio Mane’s almost
broken the back of the net. It’s an absolute thunderbolt. That’s a ball that will be off for Mane to chase,
Ederson will come. He’s not got it, and this is
Salah, and Mohamed Salah! He’s made it four! Mane, lovely, Liverpool find a way through, it’s Roberto Firmino, they’re queueing up… and Firmino’s squeezed it in! WHISTLE BLOWS And Salah makes sure. Now, this might break for Salah,
Mo Salah’s onside! And Mohamed Salah scores! They’ve not had a shot in the second half,
they’re appealing for handball, Salah goes again, Salah still, Mohamed Salah, MOHAMED SALAH! That’s an amazing goal! It’s a work of genius,
it’s a moment of absolute magic! He’s gone through the entire
Tottenham defence. Immediately forward, Salah’s gonna get it.
Now, Salah’s got one to beat. He uses the support, and Liverpool lead. Oh, Salah! Blink of an eye,
Mohamed Salah scores again. And it comes to Salah. Brilliant. In the blink of an eye,
Mohamed Salah finds a way through. Oh, Liverpool are off again,
Adrian comes again. It’s in for Liverpool. It’s Roberto Firmino
who’s off celebrating again. Robertson’s made another good run,
here he is now, and Sadio Mane,
and he has got his goal now. It’s another picture book Liverpool goal. Oxlade-Chamberlain, Salah, first touch, and a second
into the back of the net. And here’s Firmino,
space wide left, that’s to Mane. Brilliant. Absolutely wonderful Liverpool goal. Lovely, Mane, splendid pass, Salah. He’s put one on his backside! He is so, so special. Robertson finds a way in,
his cross is beautiful. And Mohamed Salah scores again. There goes Firmino to the near post. Oh, it’s in, Liverpool have scored again. Roberto Firmino, with that glowing smile. Here is Sadio Mane,
he’s beaten Prodl this time, Mane still going, and he’s found Salah, and still Mo Salah… Oh, he’s done it! How on earth
has he managed to squeeze that in? Mo Salah has his first hat-trick for Liverpool. Ings goes one way, Salah goes the other. Onto Danny Ings, glorious, still Ings! Saved by the goalkeeper, but Mo Salah’s got himself four. Mane! 1-1. And Firmino, and Mohamed Salah! You’re just not gonna stop him
when he gets a chance like that. Lovely ball. Mane, saved by the goalkeeper. Sadio Mane – 1-0 to Liverpool. Oh, maybe it’s not now. Astonishing header from Mohamed Salah. In the blink of an eye Liverpool score. That’s the goal that puts
the icing on the cake for Liverpool now. Firmino. Salah. Firmino. Oxlade-Chamberlain,
steps away from Rodriguez, on towards Salah, big moment, Mohamed Salah equals the record for
Premier League goals in a 38-game season. Solanke, Salah! 1-0 Liverpool.
There’s the record for Mohamed Salah.

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  1. Por que esse narrador não grita Gooollll!? A torcida grita gol o mundo grita gol e ele narra o lance com ênfase, mas não grita GOL!??

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  3. I watch this video twice
    SALAH, MANE AND FIRMINO they are the best player in 2018 for Liverpool ??????⚽⚽✌✌????

  4. That shows how Liverpool without the magnificent trios, they have stumbled in almost every friendly game without the front three

  5. Who would of thought to put FIRMANSAL as a front 3 together eh what genius thought of that??? Ohhh yeah it was KLOPP the best manager in the world right now no doubt..

  6. I have never seen a player like Mohamed Salah. Great humility, speed, intelligence, legendary historical goal for the Liverpool family

  7. Involved in more than 100 goals only in 2 seasons.
    Best player in Africa twice in a row.
    Golden boat twice in a row.
    EPL Historical Scorer with 32 goals a season.
    EPL 2nd Best assists provider.
    The Egyptian King Mo Salah ?

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  9. Assalamualaikum aku fans Muhammad salah pengen banget ketemu sama Muhammad salah dan nonton langsung Muhammad salah main bola,,

  10. Fifa pleaz
    give some respect to the african
    Stop doing mordern racism
    En francais arretez cette colinisation moderne et donnez nous ce qui nous revient Sadio Mane ballon

    En africain FiFa sene data ndeye !!!!!! Sadio mane ballon d ' or !!!

  11. Watch the turbo-boost Mane run at 1:25. And he didn't even do anything at the end of it.

    How many seasons did Salah play at Chelsea and Roma for him not to celebrate against them? It's not as if he spent a substantial enough time to become attached to them. This no-celebration business is being taken a little too far.

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