Sai & Shotokan Karate Techniques : How to Spin a Sai
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Sai & Shotokan Karate Techniques : How to Spin a Sai

November 29, 2019

Okay, next up we’re going to show some sai
spins on how to spin the sai. Now, spinning the sai when you use the weapon in general
it looks like it’s a spin anyway, so we’ll go over a bunch of different ways to spin
the sai. We already went over the one, it’s just a basic flip out. And it looks like a
spin so we’re going to bring those fingers over straight out, and back. That’s the basic.
Now, we’re going to go straight over and back, now that’s a faster one, okay. All fingers
straight over and out and back. Now a more advanced way of spinning we’ve done everything
going inside out, now we’re going to go the opposite way, outside to in. So, we’re going
to bring the sai around and back. Okay. All we do here, remember, we have it tight, we
bring our finger, our pointer finger down, make sure you’re gripping with your thumb,
flatten your hand out, so it’s loose. Spin, and catch. Using your wrist mostly, and catch.
Okay. Spin and catch. Spin and catch. Spin and catch. Spin and catch. All right, this
is a real fast one. So it goes… and that’s one of the spins. All right, now, another
spin is one that we’re going to use just as a strike. Now remember, when I said about
holding the sai, and you have it out, you don’t want your fingers around it, okay. Where
in this spin you defy all of that because it’s more of just a strike. We’re not trying
– we’re not going to – when our fingers are like this we’re not going to try to block.
You’re going to block this way. Okay. So we’re going to have our fingers in the middle, two
on one, two on the other, thumbs around the edges right there. Just like we’re doing a
regular bunch but we have sais in the middle. And we’re just going to do a regular spin.
And we’re going to go over, turn the wrist around, and around. And around. Just going
sideways completely straight, both. Just like that. So you have them straight, relax. All
right, now I’ll show you some of the spins faster and just put together in a more extreme
manner, okay. And that was just putting some of them together to make strikes, spins and
other things.

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  1. I don't know if anything under 360 degrees should count as a "spin." If I look to the right, I wouldn't say my head is spinning. The first couple of these are just sai swings.

  2. No, i think it's obvious that he's not spinning the sai around, but then again it depends on your definition of spinning.
    For example, someone could call a rotation a spin. I saw, in the video, 180 degree rotations. Thus, you could call what he is doing, "spinning his sai".

    Besides, you know what he ment in the first place… douche-bag…

  3. You think it's obvious, and I think it's obvious, but the person who made this video clearly thinks otherwise. Someone could call a half-rotation a spin, but he could also call it a kick, and it wouldn't be that either.

  4. Hey guys, just to comment on the questions, the titles of some of these vids for expert village are made up by just questions that people want answers to. So when i was asked to do one on spinning the sai I was like ok well there arent many true spins, but I could break it down and just explain the different techniques of the sai. To the un trained eye which is where the questions usually come from any sai technique looks like a spin. I didnt come up with the titles.

  5. Also I'm not sure why the title says Shotokan techniques, but that is how someone grouped the question so when you make a vid just about sais it still says sai and shotokan techniques. Also I'm not sure why it says I have an advanced black belt, not really sure what that is, but might have just been a mistake by the editors. These vids are hard to do because the questions and things people want to see are from those who dont have any knowledge of the arts which is why the vocab is not correct.

  6. i believe the two prongs are used to block sword attacks buy catching the sword's blade in between , so it was originally more of a defensive weapon than an offensive weapon as movies portray

  7. @mawiifandeadman Sai is an Amazing weapon 🙂 The only trick like with it, just as with all other weapons, is that the martial artist has to complete it…

  8. Im curious, what would be the purpose of the outside spin? It looks like one would be in a very vulnerable position there? Is that for Kata or would that have a practical application as a strike?

  9. dude is he even a black belt it looks like he just colored in his white belt he didnt even color it in all the way

  10. That is not a black belt. And your dad was not a 3rd degree with a belt that looked like it was colored in with a Sharpie marker. Having been around Shotokan Karate all of my life, I can tell you that I have absolutely no clue what the hell is going down with belt. Good movements. Seems like a skilled guy. But not a black belt.

  11. @Freemanoftheland128 you can click the close caption button to turn the caption off, it is located at lower right of the video, you will see a box with a "CC" inside it,

  12. As for the belt comments, that *is* a worn out black belt. You can get silk black belts that wear and fray much more quickly than cotton ones, to make you look cooler. That could be why his looks so very worn. But really, if he knows how to use a sai, does his belt color matter?

  13. @Bribri25 You may want to actually learn Japanese before discussing its grammar. Japanese plurals are almost always identical to the single word; rarely, one appends -tachi, and even more rarely there’s a special form.

    The weapon sai, plural, is still just sai – as in 「私は三釵(さい)買う」, “I buy three sai”.

    (“Sai” also happens to be my name for completely unrelated reasons.)

  14. Good vid dude well done how ever the vertical spins on the outside of the forearm can be done from the handle in a normal grip so you still don't compromise ur digits if u need to block thanks for the vid some good stuff

  15. I just got a pair of Sais from my martial arts teacher last week, I'm still learning how to handle the sais. this video is really helpful. Thanks for it.

  16. I love the sai, but mine were cheap, about 20 dollars. They're not balanced or long enough to block strikes with the forearm.

  17. looking for A Sai Pro to teach a 3mo Sai seminar (JAN-FEB-MARCH 2014 please let me know if you are interested or know of someone? Phoenix AZ 7th Ave. & Union Hills interested individual will have to go through an interview and performance before hire. will pay $25 per each 1hr class.

  18. There must be two different tong heights because when I spin my sai it gets caught on the flesh of my hand. Do you know what the difference in the heights are, so I can weld additional heights to my sai's?

  19. I love my Sai.
    Two is to much.
    A closed Sai in my left hand with an Arnis stick in my right means i can defend and attack. Best alternative to a hand gun.
    In Australia we don't carry guns.
    We can't even stab.
    But a sai across the face……. thats a special Tallent.

  20. Excellent video on displaying Sai within Shotokan, most people don't realize how difficult it is to do a video while doing everything else correctly. you probably didn't even notice your form on that upward block.. ( the commen mix up of a strike and a block.. pitch of a roof ) it takes great skill to use such a weapon and especially to speak while using them. Iv trained with sai for over 2 decades and I might have questions about one or two of the techniques in your video. Respect.

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