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Sachin Tendulkar – Biography

October 7, 2019

People consider him the God of cricket. His team mates call him Sir. And when he bats in the field.. ..there is one voice, all around. Sachin! Sachin! Here he comes! Born on 24th April 1973 to
Rajni and Ramesh Tendulkar.. ..Ramesh Tendulkar named his son.. ..after his favorite music director. After the music director,
Sachin Dev Burman. This boy was named Sachin. “What if my heart rest in your eyes?” “What if I close my eyes
and punish this heart?” But the young boy intended
to do something else. He was going to be famous.. the field of sport and not music. Who knew he would create a sensation.. the world of cricket at a young age. Sachin Tendulkar’s elder brother.. ..Ajit Tendulkar encouraged him a lot. Sachin Tendulkar used to practice.. the net for hours as a child. And his teacher, Achrekar, used to place.. ..a one rupee coin on top of the stumps. The challenge was that, the
bowler who bowled him out.. ..he would take the coin. If Sachin wasn’t bowled out,
he would take the coin. And thus, Sachin has thirteen coins.. ..which he considers his biggest award. Where were you? I’m going to wear a tie and be a big man. I’m going to be famous. I played a lot of practice matches. And I got the temperament.. ..which a player needs to play a match.
I learnt that. At 16, Sachin Tendulkar.. ..debuted in international cricket. And his first test was
against the Pakistani team. The Pakistani bowlers did
their best against Sachin. And during the match, a
bouncer hit him on the nose. And he began to bleed. But disregarding his pain.. ..this young cricketer
who was just 16, then.. ..kept on playing. It is believed when the tiger is wounded.. ..he becomes even more dangerous. That’s what happened to Sachin. The bouncer certainly did injure Sachin. But Sachin thrashed the
ball so thoroughly later.. ..that all the bowlers remember.. ..whether it was Shane
Warne, or Moorlitharan.. ..Glen Mc Graw, or Macdonald. The story of their defeat can be heard.. ..via Sachin Tendulkar’s records. Whether it was a record of
a hundred centuries, or.. ..the first cricketer, who made.. ..200 hundred runs in one day cricket. Sachin Tendulkar has every
possible record to his credit. Sachin is the first player.. ..who reached ten thousand runs
in one day internationals. After ten, it was eleven,
twelve, thirteen, fourteen.. ..and the count increased. Sachin Tendulkar reached
eighteen thousand runs. There was a time, when
Sachin used to play alone. And everyone returned to the pavilion. Australians still remember their defeat.. ..on the field at Sharjah. Team leading is about winning matches. It’s not about breaking records. And very soon, Sachin
became a vice captain. From a vice captain to a captain. But his captaincy didn’t sit
well with the Indian team. Sachin’s senior player.. ..Mohammad Azharuddin said it once. That, we won’t win under
Sachin as a captain. The young one is not destined to win. One on hand, Sachin was
breaking every record. On the other hand, he was looking
into affairs of the heart. And he lost his heart to Dr. Anjali. He married her, on 26th May 1995. Sachin and Anjali have 2 children. A daughter Sarah, who was
born on 12nd October in 1997. And a son Arjun who was born
on 24th September 1999. A point to be noted is that.. ..Anjali is 6 years older than Sachin. In the interim, Sachin’s critics
also said that he should retire. Sachin often responded
to that with his bat. But when the pressure is too much.. ..then, Sachin responds most humbly to it. I think, I have to decide,
when I am going to retire. Because, when I got into cricket,
no one else decided it. I have played with the
guidance of my coach.. family and my balance. Those who advise me to retire.. ..never brought me onto the team. Sachin not only endorsed the
biggest brands, in fact.. ..he’s won the biggest tournaments, too. The 2011 World Cup victory
ranks highest amongst these. India lift the World Cup.
After 28 years, “Hail the motherland.” “Sachin had dreamt of
this, since childhood..” “..that he would win the World Cup..” “..for the Indian team.” And in 2011, when he won the
world cup, he shed tears. And the entire country
cried for joy, with him. Were you able to control your tears? They are tears of joy.. They are tears of joy.. I wouldn’t mind, you know, crying. And, when little children ask him.. ..we want to play cricket, too.. ..please give us some tips, too. Sachin responds to them in this manner. My only tip to you, is, chase your dreams. You need to dream. If you dream of a dream
for a year, chase it.. ..and work hard and enjoy the dream. Come on. Don’t find shortcuts, there
will be difficult phases, also. Don’t worry about that,
just enjoy the game. Play with your heart. And live positively. The world has always asked
him lots of questions. But, Sachin never speaks, personally. His bat speaks for him. And it tells everyone to dream. Dreams will come true. Chase your dreams. Chase your dreams. For the latest news and
gossip on Bollywood.. ..log on to And,

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