S9:E9 “COUES DEER” The Boys in Old Mexico
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S9:E9 “COUES DEER” The Boys in Old Mexico

August 15, 2019

(dramatic music) – [Tim] On this week’s
hunt, I’m headed south of the border. I’ve never hunted
in Mexico before, so what better way to go than
with Remi, his brother Jason and their long time
gang of friends. Hanging out with this crew
will be an adventure of its own and hopefully we can
each find some coyotes, a javelina or two and a
nice Couse buck to chase, and at the end of the week,
make our way safely back home. This could either be
good or it could be bad. (exciting music) – [Remi] I’m back. Okay, boy, welcome to Mordor. I bet you wanna
see him, don’t you? Boom, look at that guy. – [Tim] I’ll tell
you this right now, always gonna big buck like
that to these damn cameras. Patience is definitely
a virtue right now, or laziness. This things a tank. It’s a bad day, right there. (fire crackling) – All right. (foreign language) (laughing) Guys, are we good to go? We’ll just wait, can
we wait here for them, or you guys need
this space, too? – The minute we cross
the border, I felt
a shift in culture. But the farther south we go,
the landscape takes over, and the backdrop changes. It’s beautiful. The ranch house
where we’re staying has all the comforts of home, and it doesn’t take us long
to get ourselves settled in. We decide to take a quick
drive with the vaqueros to familiarize ourselves with
the borders of the ranch, and then have dinner
and prepare ourselves for the next morning’s hunt. – Mikey’s the communicator.
– No. (laughing) – John’s the communicator.
– (speaks in foreign language) (dramatic music) – [Tim] Maybe I’ll
learn a little something from you today, huh? – Maybe I’ll learn a little
something from you today. – [Tim] Yeah, we’ll see. We’re just gonna
bee bop up here, set up and do some
glassing, make a plan. Split up or hunt together. Maybe Remi’ll be my camera man, maybe I’ll be his. It’ll be fun, though. (exciting western music) I’m excited about learning
new hunting techniques and learning from Remi
on the hunting side, more so than the filming side, because the production
I see is filming, but I don’t get to
see all the hunting outside of where he films, so really excited to get a
glimpse into Remi the hunter. (exciting western music) Got a little buck
spotted up here. I’m gonna sneak up and try
to kill it with my bow. Decent little deer. And, if I decide not to shoot, I don’t have to shoot. (exciting western music) Well, that excitement
was short lived. Just right around this corner, looked up and he was
staring straight at me, so all I could do was just
get the camera on him. I knew he was gonna go,
and then, the doe got up. I didn’t really realize
that he was with a doe. Doe got up and bounded off,
and he was right behind her, so it was worth a shot. Well, I was just sitting
here watching deer, and I heard a gunshot, sounded
like it was right next to me. Bang, whack. And John must’ve been
sitting on this ridge. I can see him right there. Taking pictures of his buck right on that knob right there. Right there, so he must’ve
been sitting here or something and shot across and
killed it right there. Sweet. Problem is is neither
one of us have very much road
hunting experience. – I don’t even know
where we’re going. – So we’re no good at it. – I’m just trying to
figure out where to go. I’m lost. (exciting western music) (upbeat music) – Well, day three. We’re rattling horns. They come out to this, they come out to
a point out here, do some glassing
up that mountain. We can see the mountain real
good, and then down the valley where we saw some deer earlier. (exciting western music) Every time I go to film Remi, I look up, and he turns around and sticks a camera in my face. He’s kind of hunting. (exciting western music) Rem-bo spotted a decent buck. Ta-da, way over there. He lies right there. Trying to decide if we
wanna go get closer. (dramatic music) Remi’s putting the sneak on
a couple of bucks up there. So I came up on this opposing
hillside to look across. I can see Remi, but
I don’t see bucks. They were over on
that other ridge. He’s calling now. Be sweet if
something popped out. We’ll see, it’s starting
to warm up a bit. I gotta keep watch behind me, there’s a bunch of deer
tracks and trails up here going down into this pond. (dramatic music) (birds tweeting) All right, I didn’t die
on the moped this morning, so rolling solo today,
just me and the moped-o. Got the drone-o, and
hopefully find me a buck. Now, I’m gonna hike up
this ridge right here. Just go right back up to
where I was the first day, and passed those
two other bucks. I feel like I can
see that ridge. It seemed like it’s kinda– Don’t tip over, bike. Seemed like it was
kind of a rut corridor where the bucks were
coming and going, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s a bigger buck
that cruises, but you know, never know when the
siren’s gonna go off, and it might go off today. (beeping) Almost there, just gotta
crest right over back here. (beeping) Sun’s getting ready to come up. (beeping) I just saw a definite
green light buck. Watched him, watched
where he was at, and then I went and
reached for my camera. Lost him. (upbeat music) Little buck just literally
laid down right there underneath that tree. I mean, tucked his head into
his gut, just laying there, just knocked out cold. He must’ve been
running all night. I think that’s kinda
what’s going on is these bucks are
rutting all night, pushing hard, you know. But then it looks like
they kind of lay down for a little bit in the morning and then they get up
and go searching again. Unless I’m just seen they’re
with a doe, you know. If they’re with a doe, then they’re just
partying all day long. All right, I’m gonna put
this away and keep glassing. All right, me and Marchesi
rolling doe-low today. Had to call in the
big dogs to come in and help me kill a buck,
everybody’s tagging out. There’s just me and Remi and
Joe Dibble left to tag out, so we get up after it where
I’ve seen this buck twice. See if we can get
settled in there. What do you think? – We’ll get him. – [Tim] I need some
of your Irish luck. – I’m Italian. – [Tim] I need some
of your Italian luck. – Perfect. (laughing) – Up the hill. (dramatic music) Mikey went ahead and
threw out the decoys. We got a couple of
doe decoys down here. We’re hunting over this
food plot type of deal. This is a destination field. This is where they all like to
go and socialize, congregate. And we’re gonna travel,
we’re gonna pinch. This is a pinch, Mikey. This is where the
bucks come through and pinch through this
timber and these draws, so set up good, got the wind
right, doing left to right. Bucks ought to be
quartering in to the wind. Cruising scent
checking for does. Looks like a good bedding
area off to the left, another good bedding
area to our right. Feeling pretty good
about this ambush spot. I just need a buck to come
down right in to the draw. Yeah. Been glassing here for a
while, haven’t seen anything. Doesn’t mean they’re not here, just means I haven’t
seen anything. I’ll go up this little
saddle up here and look off, off that other side, too, and then I can still
see back in here. (leaves crunching) Super slow. I don’t know why, I just feel like I’m in
big buck country now. We’ll crest over this next
little point right here. We’ll see what I see. It’s nasty and ugly up there. But, it just feels right. (dramatic music) All right, so we just spotted
a buck across the way. 619 yards, I’m gonna try to
cover 300 yards if I can. More if possible, but
I gotta stay down low. Mike’s back there,
keeping an eye on it. ‘Cause he could get into some
thick, thick stuff there. I’m gonna try to get him when
he comes out of this basin. That’s why I’m kind of hurrying. ‘Cause once he gets to the
half pace, it’s pretty clear. We should be able to
get the camera on him. Get a shot, if not,
I’ll have to wait it out and hopefully he comes
out on this other basin. It gets a lot thicker. See the big long clearing? He’s about to hit
that on the low side. Okay, he’s gonna
be right in here. Oh, he just went through it. He’s right under that tree. He’s probably, you better
ease that 300 yards by now. He’s 315. (dramatic music) There he is, yep. Nope. (shot fires) So, we came over here to
kinda figure things out. Yet, haven’t been able
to, we finally figured out where the deer was standing when she was
standing right here. Based on everything, and
Mikey, what’d you find? – I followed the evidence to
find out where the bullet hit. – [Tim] Are you kidding me? (shot fires) Thanks for letting
me use your gun, huh? – Hey, no problem. – [Tim] Your gun’s
off by one inch. (laughing) – I can only try my hardest. – It’s a proven killer. It’s already killed a deer
and a javelina so far. – And a coyote.
– And a coyote. – Yeah.
– Thing’s a slaying machine. – Yeah.
– It’s one inch off, though. It’s one inch to the right. I guarantee it. What’d you say we do? – Let’s just keep trucking. – [Tim] I say we go up that. – Maybe hook around this,
and look at that face there, and keep working around. There’s deer all
over this country. – Last morning. Me and Iron Mike
Marchesi on the glass. See if we can’t pick up a buck. Can’t be too picky on the
last day, but it could happen. Beautiful morning,
nice and crisp. Sky has got a lot of color. No wind, feels like a good day. I walked over here without
my big video camera so my mind must be
thinking kill a deer more so than film a stupid deer. We’ll see. (dramatic music) – You ever want a
needle and thread while you’re in the Mexican
desert, come to an agave plant. Bend this, bend it, grab on, pull it out,
look what you have. You gotta nice big
needle and thread now. Strong, too. (dramatic music) – I got him here, Mike. Yeah, I mean I can’t
tell details about him, but why’s he got his flag up? That’s weird. – [Mike] I think because
he’s showing his lady how cool he is. – [Tim] And he’s right
over there somewhere. Oh, there she goes. Was that him that
bolted through there? – [Mike] Yeah, yeah, he’s
chasing her down hill. (heavy breathing) (shot fires) (exciting music) – Me and Mikey came out
this morning, last day. Spotted this buck up
here, pushing a doe, and he got her into
a little pocket, and just stayed there. So I just dropped down in
the canyon, ran up here, came up here and got across, and he stood there, and
stood there, and stood there, you can see, but there
was like huge limbs covering his entire body, and I just couldn’t
squeeze one in there. I learned my lesson yesterday when I shot that fence post. So as soon as he stepped
clear, I whacked him. Looks like I hit him
a little bit low, and he went over and
went down into this rock. I think I’ve got him
finished off here, so. Yeah, he’s a good deer. Dang good deer. Gotta be happy about that. This is an old, gray
faced, gray body, – Very mature. – I couldn’t be more
pumped for this deer. Teeth are broken.
– Yep. – This deer’s awesome. – Old warrior. – Best Couse deer
I’ve ever killed. – Check the box. (tick, tick) – [Tim] Team packers. (dramatic music) The last week has been
a great adventure, not only for hunting a
new species in a new land, but spending time with
a great group of guys that know how to
have a good time. There was no down time,
the mood was always light, and great success abound. I’m looking forward to a time when I can do something
like this again. – Good times in old Mexico. – Yep, thank you, Michael. Appreciate it.
– Thank you.

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  1. Very awesome hunt! It would be awesome to do that hunt. No way any one could've pulled off that hunt with a bow.

  2. What a shot on the fence post.
    Even the deer was like "WAIT WHAT JUST HAPPEND I'd better go now".
    Awesome vid always a fun watch👍

  3. Great episode! Never been coues deer hunting before, maybe next year. Quick question, any idea if UA is going to bring back the RR Boot Gaiters?


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