S9:E7 “TRACK JOB” Archery Montana Mule Deer in the snow
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S9:E7 “TRACK JOB” Archery Montana Mule Deer in the snow

August 13, 2019

– [Remi] Big mule deer in
big country go hand in hand. For me there’s no
better challenge than hunting a mature
mule deer buck. I often gravitate toward
low density areas. Sightings are few
and far between but when you do find one, often
times it has some age to it. Here you may go an entire
week only spotting one deer. But the one you do spot
could be a monster. The type of buck an avid deer
hunter like myself dreams of. Things are heating up fast. (intense music) I’m back. Up here boy. Welcome to Mordor. I bet you wanna
see me, don’t you. Boom, look at that guy. – [Tim] I’ll tell
you this right now. If I lose another big buck like
that to these damn cameras. Patience is definitely
a virtue right now. Or laziness. This thing’s a tank. That’s a bad day right there. (crackling fire) (ominous music) – [Remi] I know on hunts
like this it’s just a matter of time before I run into
the deer I’m looking for. I just have to keep after
it, ’til persistence and luck intersect. On this hunt that’s what
it takes to be successful. Deer hunting here is tough. But not having had
time to hunt during the archery season I
decide to carry my bow during the general rifle season. Because it’s the general
rifle season, I have to wear blaze orange. I may be the only
one crazy enough to carry a bow this time of year but hunting here I feel
like I can get it done. So long as I can
find a buck to chase. This area that I’m hunting
has extremely low densities. Not a lot of deer and there’s
a lot of country here. A lot of good
looking country too. What I have going for me is
it’s about the peak of the rut. I’ve got a full moon at
night but this cold weather and snow I’m hoping is
gonna get the deer moving and maybe rutting around a
little bit looking for does. It’s a fairly thick area
so when I spot a deer, I mean they can
disappear instantly. There’s a lot of challenges. I wasn’t able to hunt the bow
season so I’m gonna start out with my bow but I’m not
gonna be married to it. Oh, oh buck. I literally just saw
buck for a split second. Do not wanna take my
eyes off of it but. (dramatic music) He’s going down the hill. Just disappeared between
the thick timber. On the other side of the
ridge that I’m looking at. Dropping down the mountain. (dramatic music) I’m gonna make my way over
to where I saw that buck. I literally just saw
him for a second. All I could tell is
that he had antlers and he was a mule
deer, that’s it. You can see it’s
thick but there’s a little bit of an opening. So I’m just gonna get up here and try moving slow
and maybe pick him up. I mean, trouble is
they’re probably moving so he could be miles from here. (dramatic music) I marked where the deer
was when I was glassing just on my onX map. About a mile away still. (dramatic music) That’s good, so I’ve got a
mile between where I last saw the buck disappear,
where I’m headed. But I may try to get up
on this ridge and glass. (dramatic music) I had to drop down a long ways. And then come back
up this other side that the buck disappeared on. But the wind is now
going pretty much the opposite direction of when
I started and the wrong way. I don’t even know how
to get around it now. Gotta get to a place
where I can sit and watch and just see if I can
figure out where he was or cut tracks or something. (crunching snow) It doesn’t take much for a
deer to disappear completely in this country. I spotted him a long ways
away and had to make a move. I’m into the draw where the
buck was, where he disappeared but it’s pretty thick in here. With such low densities
when you see a buck you have to go after it. That buck disappeared right
over there in that opening. A lot of places to hide, man. I don’t know how
big he was either. He coulda just been a dinker. And then you work your butt
off, spend a whole day trying to find one deer. It’s almost hard to pass
that deer up when you work so hard for it. (honking geese) A bunch of snow geese flying by. Everything’s heading south. (ethereal music) Odds weren’t in my favor
of finding the deer but I had to give it a try. I spent a lot of energy
and a lot of miles trying to get close to that buck
that completely vanished. (ethereal music) This morning’s even
colder than yesterday. I think it was 15
below zero last night. This morning it’s
warmed up to about, oh probably five, six degrees. The snow is just real
loud, almost crunchy. I’m working my way from the
bottom up the mountain today. Just keeping my eye on
the hills across from me. And hope to just
catch a buck cruising. Gonna carry my bow around again but it’s time’s become
limited ’cause I just haven’t even seen deer, it’s
fairly frustrating. Bad conditions for bow hunting. (ethereal music) Looks like a pretty
good sized buck track. Probably from yesterday evening. Going up this old logging road. We’re gonna follow
it ’til it spurs off. And then start glassing. I mean this buck
could be miles away but it’s definitely the
track of a mature animal. (ethereal music) Just looks like
ideal deer country but I just haven’t
seen anything. So I’m gonna
continue glassing it. You know most places you’d
find a piece of real estate that looks like this and there’d be 20 plus deer,
probably a few bucks. Especially on a day
where it’s so cold out. You’d think that they’d be
out in the sun rutting around or at least bedded
on these hills. The nice thing about
it there’s enough break and cliff that if there is
a deer bedded over there I’ve got a good opportunity
to stalk in on him. (light music) I don’t know, there’s
gotta be a buck somewhere. (light music) I’m just gonna
work this area here and hopefully stalk
into something or just still hunt,
slowly move along and hopefully spot a deer. Just because a lot of
it’s been thick I’m just gonna keep moving. Haven’t had much luck
spotting so maybe I can just bump into something in these little benches here off these reclaimed logging roads. (dramatic music) Oh, oh, buck, buck. (light music) He’s behind a tree
about 35, 40 yards away. I just need him to move. I’m gonna move up and
get the camera setup and try to get a shot. (light music) That really sucks. That might be my one and
only chance at any buck. Let alone a big buck. That was a nice deer,
really wide, nice forks. I woulda taken him any day. I was just kinda still
hunting along here and I spotted him down there. There actually was
a doe further up. And he was just behind a
tree at about 35, 40 yards. And then I go to
get the camera setup but he kinda disappeared,
I couldn’t see him anymore. But he walked off and I
moved to go get setup again and just as I was getting the camera setup
he turned, saw me, and I think I just got
him right on the camera and boom, gone, outta there. It’s just another one
of those instances where the camera blew
that hunt for me. If I had just, woulda
just walked up there with my bow I would have shot
him at 45 yards no problem. That’s just frustrating
’cause on a hunt like this that might be my
one and only chance. That was a good deer
for the are, for sure. I woulda been pumped
to take that buck. I don’t know, I’m almost
outta time to hunt. So got one more day. Probably pick up
the rifle tomorrow. That way if I see one out there at least I’ll come
home with some meat. But glad I got a chance to
chase something with a bow. (light music) (rushing wind) I’m pretty much in that
same spot where I saw that buck come out. A wide four point
and just busted me. I’m just gonna watch
it for this evening and see if any
other deer come out or see if he comes back. I’ve got doe’s. Not that far away,
maybe 400 yards. Oh buck, big buck, big buck. (dramatic music) Big buck just popped out. First one of those doe’s behind
a tree about 400 yards away. I’m just gonna
leave my pack here and get over there while he’s
distracted by those doe’s. (upbeat music) The buck spooked off but I see that he slowed down when he ran into some doe’s up on the ridge. Being the rut, I know I’ll
be able to get another stalk. It’s time to re-stalk and
get in closer for a shot. (upbeat music) Just leave my pack here. I’m going to make my move and
try to get in on that deer. Get at least to where
those doe’s are. And then just setup the
camera and take a shot. That’s the plan, wish me luck. (heavy breathing) (dramatic music) Behind one more tree. I can crawl up maybe
another 50 yards. Probably get a shot just
waiting for him to walk out. (dramatic music) (metallic twang) (dramatic music) I got on that buck
and it happened quick. I ended up having to
chase him up the hill. And I stopped and ranged
him, got the camera on him. Shot, he bucked, and ran off. I left the camera where it was. Ran up to where I
saw him, saw blood, so I know I hit him
but I can’t tell where. It looked like it was
just, I don’t know. So it’s getting dark and
I just had to pull out and wait for morning. As much as it pains me,
as much as it sucks. (somber music) I found the buck but it’s not
your typical tracking story. This is a great buck. It was just a crazy day, really. I kinda figured well,
I shot this buck with my bow last night. It looked like a perfect shot. Even reviewing the video
it just looked like, right behind the
shoulder, perfect. So I came back this morning,
followed the tracks and blood. He bedded, and got up
again, bedded, got up again. After about a mile I thought, man I’m never gonna
find this deer. The blood kinda ran out but
I kept following the tracks and then there’d be little
bit of blood in the bed. Almost six miles later. (babbling stream) What had happened was
somehow the lung, maybe ’cause he was quartering
away it was only one lung and then it just somehow
the lung came out of the wound itself, from the
entry wound and closed up. Without snow I would have
never found this deer, it’s crazy to think but
just being persistent. With the low number of
animals, lots of timber, the steep terrain, and
struggling over vast amounts of dead fall between
sightings, make the moment you first lay hands on the antlers that
much more impactful. This buck was old and tough. The type of deer
you dream of running into here but seldom do. The pack out with all
the meat from this spot in one trip is equally tough. Not one I’ll want
to replicate soon. But the struggle is a good
homage to a deer like this. (uplifting music)

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  1. What an absolute tank! Great work guys. Excellent story and Keep inspiring! -Prey on Adventure

  2. Thanks for sharing that awesome deer and hunt. Cant imagine not being able to shoot because of camera set up and all the extra work. Amazing Remi !

  3. Amazing job Remi, persistence and patience. We missed you at hunt expo this year but I wanted to share with you the progression of the https://www.howdoyoupublicland.net/ research project. The national survey is up and running with tons of awesome data flowing in from around the country, take yours here: https://arcg.is/80PDP

    For more information watch the promotional video and feel free to share on all social media

  4. Thank God for snow, and the weather- at least you could track him before the next system came thru… persistent for sure always pays off. Great video, thanks for inspiration! Cant wait til next season , I love hunting the rut!

  5. Your determination and the will to put out the effort to track an animal for that many miles and not giving up on a lost animal is a heart warming story of skill and and respect for yourself as a hunter.

  6. Are you ever concerned about bone-sour when leaving an ungutted animal over night? Albeit, in this case he didn't go down right away. Guess more of a general question.

  7. I've got a crazy amount of respect for you sir! Very few people in this world would go that far in that terrain to recover a deer.

  8. Everyone should try to self film a hunt so they can fully appreciate what an amazing job Remi and Tim do. Seriously next level stuff. Awesome buck too

  9. I'm incredibly impressed by the work you put in to recover that deer. I wish more hunters were like you, heck, I wish I was more like you. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. You have to love the hunt to kill a deer that far back in……
    Good thing the logging trail isn't so far away !!
    great hunt, need more wide angle scenery please, I want to glass too !!!

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  13. I don't understand why anyone……ANYONE would take a chance to blow a hunt by worrying about a camera more then a hunt! I never could understand that!

  14. ?I Can’t imagine how difficult that must be with all those camera angles, staying silent as possible, hiking a hill, go back for your camera, to just hike it again, and you still get the shot on and kill on film.?‍♂️

  15. Your a beast I would have trashed the camera after that missed opportunity. You even kept the bow on the rifle hunt. Respect

  16. Nice job. Worth the pack out when successful. Looks a bit like western Montana. I always hunt uphill. Better dragging downhill if you happen to connect.

  17. another awesome hunt. incredible job. another reason why I prefer hunting late-season in the snow. you know if there's deer around, I love tracking a big muley more than anything, and it sure helps with finding the deer if it runs.

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  19. Man what an awesome hunt. I am glad that you were able to harvest him and recover him. Good job on being persistent in your recovery. That buck truly deserved such respect that you gave him.

  20. Wow, killing animals is so very impressive and extraordinary, that I'm going to name my next poop after you.

    Seriously, why don't to take all that time and effort into making the world a better place, instead of taking from it?

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  23. So when hunting deer how important is it to be quiet as possible when walking? That deer was about 80yds away I believe he said, then he started crawling towards it. Would they be able to hear coming from 80yds?

  24. How do they not spook when you are that close making all that noise? I can’t seem to get close and that’s with quiet not waterproof gear

  25. Maybe wear a gopro?

    Funny though. You insist on shooting him with an arrow but then track him with your rifle?

  26. I'm amazed at your success. I can't tell if it's location, your skills, or if it's because God blesses you bc it's your job. I'm blessed on my job too I wonder if I became a professional Hunter if the deer would come looking for me. Anyway good job.

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