S9:E2 “PRAIRIE CHASE” Archery Antelope in NV with a big MULE DEER Feature
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S9:E2 “PRAIRIE CHASE” Archery Antelope in NV with a big MULE DEER Feature

August 10, 2019

– [Tim] While most
folks are at the beach soaking up the rays and
barbecuing, I’m in the desert. It’s August and it’s hot. But it’s bow season. I’m chasing antelope, but
I don’t have a lot of time. I plan on covering as
many miles as I can on my quad and hope
that with the little bit of time that I do have I
can dodge the afternoon lightning storms,
find a big buck and make a few good stalks. Holy crap, that was fun. – [Remi] I’m back. Okay boy. (mumbles) I’ll bet you wanna
see me, don’t you? Boom. Look at that guy. – [Tim] I’ll tell
you this right now, I just want a big buck like
that to these damn cameras. Patience is definitely
a virtue here. Or laziness. This thing’s a tank. It’s a bad day right there. (chill guitar music) (chill guitar music) This is a big old
stinkin’ basin, man. I don’t know how many miles
there are to cover here. So I’m hoping to be able
to do some spot and stalk this week. I have yet to see an antelope. It’s now probably 3:00
or 4:00 in the afternoon. I have not seen a critter. After five years of sitting
out the waiting period for antelope here in Nevada,
I’ve drawn another tag. But in my mind I thought I
put in for the rifle hunt in this area, but somehow I
drew up for archery instead. It’s not that I don’t love
chasing antelope with my bow, but I knew that I would
have limited time this year due to other constraints. So I thought the later rifle
hunt would work out better for my schedule. Regardless I’ve got the tag and I put out a blind
a couple of weeks ago just in case my
preferred strategy of a spot and stalk
doesn’t work out. Well, that might
explain a thing or two. I’ve always liked
to hunt this basin because it’s got this
one big waterhole. Five miles. Apparently it’s got
a big dirt hole. That hasn’t had
water for a while. All right. Plan B, C, and D. Gotta go find water now. (soft piano music) Got a nice little buck up
here with just a few does. In a nice little spot up there. Just gonna kinda look at them
through the spot and scope, see if maybe they’ll lay down or if that’s gonna be
the little pocket of sage where they’re gonna stick out. Stinking antelope, man. They… They just decide to
move and they move. So you just don’t know. Well, it’s gonna be a
long walk for nothing if this doesn’t work. I don’t know if can stay
out of their view or not. But gotta try. Winds are good. Getting hot, so
maybe they’ll settle. Maybe they’ll lay there. We’ll see. Get after it. Watch out for buzz worms. And there they go. From down below it looked
like there was more of a cut through here. That I could stay low enough
to stay out of their sight. (wind gusting) There wasn’t. They’re headed back
down in that direction. I came on this side
because there’s that lake over here a couple of miles. And there’s no
water that I know of around back this direction. So I figured if I could
get up in here into a spot. I knew I couldn’t get
real close to ’em. But maybe they would start
to feed out this direction, going to water. Good plan. Poor execution. Next. (snake rattles) I’m getting kinda tired
of these Nevada snakes that don’t make a sound till
you damn near step on ’em. Look at this guy. (snake rattling) This one’s a hoss. Since he’s big and fat, I think we’re gonna
make him dinner. We got dinner now. Nice and fat. Back here at my stabbin’ cabin. This is one of the
few hunts of the year that I actually
could use my trailer. And I’m glad of it
because it’s so damn hot. First thing I’m gonna do, save the rattles for Huddy. Some might say that snake
tastes like chicken. Well, maybe chicken
tastes like snake. I think that it tastes
better than chicken. It’s kind of the
Calamari of the desert. A little rubbery by texture
but tends to go down smooth. Couple it with some Swiss
cheese and Ritz crackers and you’ve got some
mighty fine table fare. Or in this case, a
nice tailgate dinner. Mm. (blues music) I’m not liking the sound
of that thunder at all. We got it over
here and over here. It looks like they’re
gonna kinda come together right here. I better creep back here
and look on the backside of this. Make sure there’s not
something even uglier. That I can’t see. You like to think that the
lightning is not gonna get you. But it could. Probably won’t but it could. This could get real ugly. Gotta go into the
eye of that beast. (wind gusting) To get to my truck. Hope we can beat it before dark. And before I get struck
by a stinkin’ lightning. Ugly. (wind gusting) (laughs) (yells) (thunder rumbling) With a couple of days of
storms in the forecast, I decided to go home and get
some final production work done. I’ve gotta record
some voiceovers for the OnX Public
Land Ranch film and then rush it
off to the network. I also get a call from my
good friend Ryan Lampers who just smashed a giant
muley just a few hours away. So tomorrow I’m heading
off to meet him in Elko to see his deer, hear the story and record an episode
of the podcast. I like your travel companion. – Yeah, you like that? – [Tim] Yeah, that looks good. – He rides well. – [Tim] Oh, he is
heavy, isn’t he? – He is. – [Tim] Oh yeah. – This is a heavy beast. Isn’t he? – [Tim] He is. – All kinds of cool
stickers, bumps. The kicker here that I saw. – [Tim] Look how heavy he is. Just banana it out. – Everywhere. I mean it’s just like. – [Tim] Dude, you made
out, that is a great buck. – That a great buck? – [Tim] In all the
years I hunted that area I never saw one like that. – Yeah, I’m kinda liking Nevada. – [Tim] Right? – Pumped up. I would have loved to have
seen this buck hard horn. Because he’s got those flares. – [Tim] Just bladed. – Bladed out right
there really bad. – [Tim] Are you gonna
try to keep him velvet? – He’s dried out, which is good. – [Tim] Yeah, he’s perfect. – Because he wasn’t
all puffed up. So he’s gonna dry
out just perfect. I’m gonna toss him
in the freezer. (crosstalk) – [Tim] You know that, right? – What’s that? – [Tim] You’re a dog,
you know that, right? – Wow. It’s funny, you get
a buck like this and this has just got
like the prettiest velvet. You know, he’s dry,
which is awesome. – [Man] Yeah. – But yeah, you wonder
what he’d be like if he was hard horned. – [Tim] I’ll tell you what. – Bladed out. Almost every one of
these fingers is bladed. – [Tim] Can you picture
a buck like that like a mountain buck with a
dark chocolate just rubbed? Because out here in the
desert he could be white horn. – That’s the dream,
that dark chocolate. That is it. All these big knobby
brows and stickers. There’s some critters
out there in Nevada, man. I love this state. And it’s August. It doesn’t even feel
like deer season yet. – [Tim] You got a couple
more weeks of summer vacation and you go back
to hunting again. – I know. It’s true, I gotta go back
and do some garden prep and make some spaghetti
sauce, tomatoes, all that, and go back to hunting. – I tell you what,
I’m not kidding, I am so intrigued by that
stuff it’s not even funny. Like I wanna know more about it. It’s all things that
I did growing up and I just wanna
get back into that. So I’m gonna be
hitting you up a lot. – The thing about it is like, we tried incorporating
that into my hunt, right. So making your own food. All that spaghetti
sauce goes into making the spaghetti
that would rehydrate. Dude, I was eating
like a king up there chasing this guy around. Because it’s all garden food. – And it didn’t have
all the potassium and all the preservatives
and all the sodium and all the crap. – No, it’s everything
I put it in. It had like, it had my
own meat from last year. And basically everything
out of the garden. Vegetables and you know
whatever egg noodles you’re using if you’re
making spaghetti. Or rice dishes or chili. Sky’s the limit,
whatever you wanna make. Eat good and I’m sure
some of this deer’s meat will be going into that
for next year’s hunt. So it’s a good process. – [Tim] Well, awesome, man. Hey, I’m extremely grateful that I have got
to lay eyes on it and talk with you a
little bit about this. I guarantee you you’re gonna
be on some other podcasts and doing different things. – Yeah, hopefully I
get to tell the story on our podcast and go
over all the details and all that. It should be pretty cool to
relive that with my wife. Again, thanks for inviting me. I’m glad I got to show
this off to you first. – Yeah. – And somebody gotta see it. – [Tim] Golly. This deer is amazing. – Draw a deer tag, Tim. Draw a deer tag. – Yeah, I’m gonna get it
and then get next to you and we’ll get a little
bit of a picture here. (grunts) Monster buck. – Yep. – I’ll just take a
still from the video. Awesome. (laughs) That deer is incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen one with that kind of. – No, he’s just bladed. Almost every one has
got a flat blade. – That’s gotta be,
what do you think, 8-, 9-year-old deer? – He’s old. His face was old. You could tell. – Yeah. Just a pig. – [Ryan] And with all
this going on, I mean. – He doesn’t look
regressed at all either. He looks just good and
healthy and just right there. – Yes. He’s solid. Can’t believe it. These little parts
up here are just, I could look at that all day. – I’m curious what he scores. It’s not gonna matter
but I am curious. – Yeah, I’ll run a tape. He’s gonna have some inches. – It’s all about gross,
man, it’s all about gross. – It’s all about the mass. – That’s right, girth. – Girth. (laughs) (ominous music) – Well, I’ve just spotted
a pile of antelope. They’re just this side
of that desert lake. I was over on the other
side driving along. And saw them on the other side. So it looks like there’s a
pretty low swell right here that I can tuck in and
work my way right in. And just kinda look over. Least get a good look at him. Probably not gonna get
close to ’em, but try. Right up there. I’m gonna try to move
when I got this plane for some cover noise. (blues music) Stole a little farther and
then I’m gonna shed my pack. If I can get right up
to this little bend. I should be able to hunker down in that bush. (low-key blues music) (low-key blues music) The odds of them coming exactly where I need them to be. Insane. It’s just stupid
what the odds were. But they stinkin’ did it, man. (laughs) I can’t believe it. I didn’t ever see
the buck right here. I saw ears and then
I saw him step out. The closest one
there was 41 yards. So. Definitely could
have flung something. It is what it is, man. Empty water jug. Gotta go back to the Honda, get me some more water. If I was to lay odds and bet
that that was gonna happen, it wasn’t gonna happen. I would have bet money. Holy crap, that was fun. All right, let’s go find
another buck and do it again. Crawling around in the
middle of the desert sun, parched to dehydrated
with sore feet and sunburned ears
is more than enough to make a man crazy. But when your mental
faculties are in question to begin with, it’s
not really that bad. The only thing on
my mind right now is making a long
walk back to my quad and finding another
one to go after. I don’t know if this
has been a good bad day or a bad good day. I need a bath. On hunts like this I’m
reminded of what Remi always has to say. Sometimes I’m not out
here just for the hunting. I’m recreating. Spending time scouting the area, cruising around on the
four-wheeler with my son, camping and hiking is fun. Killing a big buck
when you get the chance is awesome too, if you
can make it all happen. But you can’t get so
caught up in the hunt alone that you forget to live. Living is doing. Time is going to pass no
matter if you’re in the bed or on the mountain. So why not do as
much as you can do and live life like
you were free?

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  1. Fantastic.
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  2. Thanks for the new episode T.B. can I call u t.b. 👍 lol. You are bad as s partner I mean come on man. Buzz worm, stabbin cabin, calamari o the desert. Great job thank you

  3. I spent a week in Owyhee working on a church. Got to see the Mormon crickets coming through. Beautiful open country always enjoy the videos!

  4. Great video. Great point at the end, hunting is more about being out there and enjoying yourself. I’ve had to learn that recently, since I started bow hunting. Hunting is way easier with a rifle.

  5. Great video. Great point at the end, hunting is more about being out there and enjoying yourself. I’ve had to learn that recently, since I started bow hunting. Hunting is way easier with a rifle.

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