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  1. Promises promises, and in the meantime these classics all rot. For every 200 cars they keep maybe one gets restored. Tragic.

  2. bght ah 2000 series 'll salty edition 109.000 mi and no locking hubs AWD/LO/HIGH..DISCO…LEATHER/FRNT REAR PWR SN ROOFS 4.0V8.HD SUSPENSION…5.000$..FROM TAMPA.LANDROVER..4 YRS ahgo…truck is currently in.shohola pa….near mint

  3. just seems to be no end of people who have a few cars sitting around in their back yard, and a few bits and pieces here and there, if I need an axle I know where to go.

  4. Sorry Ralph Nader brought about the death of the Corvair. Not so sorry that he saved thousands of lives from that Corvair.

  5. Tom,Nice show, knowledgeable . I always like the "Old School" Wagons too. Well Orchestrated, Powerful sleepers they are.

  6. too bad there's nothing in this day and age worth saving for 50+ years.. well maybe the gen 1 Iphone…sigh…

  7. i would rather buy a old car than a new car since they're starting to become computorized, which it may be able to get hacked

  8. Tom, tell these guys to quit hoarding and sell before it's too late.  They all die and the family calls the junk yard for a cleanup.

  9. Hello Tom…I would love to track down that 64 merc.wagon..if its for sale could you please help me locate it..any info would be greatly app.thank you

  10. What a trip down Memory Lane!! I absolutely love vintage GM cars. Especially Chevys. My dad had several Corvairs when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's. I can still remember driving down Rte 8 (north of Pittsburgh) in his '62 Chevy Impala ragtop with Ramblin' Man blaring on the radio. He would let me shift the gears and I remember it felt like I was a race car driver (I was about 5yrs old at the time). He ended up donating it to a school where a friend of his was the metal shop and automotive mechanics teacher. His students did a frame off, ground up restoration on the car and it ended up as a prize winning show car. He said that it was eventually sold as a fundraiser in the mid-late 70's for over $40,000. Of course, even though Chevys are my favorite, I do like vintage Buicks a lot, too. I had a '68 LeSabre (not the Wildcat) ragtop with the 455ci, 4-banger and also a '73 Electra 225 2-door hardtop with the same engine. I used to like to say that they'd "pass up anything but a gas station!!!" As with so many other cars of that era, emissions standards blunted their true potential. I did, however manage to thwart those ridiculous regulations and had glass packs installed on the '68. There's nothing like the sound of a throaty V-8 singing through glass packs to get your own motor running and your heart pumping. Needless to say, there was no shortage of women who wanted to go cruising in it, as well (if you know what I mean. LOL!!!) Lastly, my only non GM love is for Lincoln. I've had a number of Town Cars over the years. As a matter of fact, I have two of them for sale right now. One is a "97 with only 116k. It's white, with a camel colored leather interior. It also has a cloth carriage top that matches the interior, as well as a 24k trim package. I also have an '05 Signature model with only 56k on it. I believe the color is called Anthracite Green. It's sort of a smoky green that looks more grey than green depending on how the light hits it. I'm selling them because I almost never drive them since I got my Cadillac DTS Performance. a few months ago. But, I digress. My favorite Lincoln that I've owned had to be the '74 Mark-IV I got right after I left the Marine Corps. That was another car that would pass up anything but a gas station, LOL!! I still regret selling it today. Anyone who's familiar with that body style remembers that it had about 2 acres of hood and a much smaller rear end (comparatively, that is). you could probably fit one of those Smart cars or those little Fiat 500's in the trunk if you really tried, LOL!!. I started drooling a little bit when you showed that '63 Continental convertible with the suicide doors. That's definitely one of my dream cars, along with a '57-'59 Eldorado convertible. This next one may come as a bit of a shocker, but I would LOVE to get my hands on a '74 Chevy Monte Carlo, mostly because that was the last year they had round headlights. IMHO, so many model designs (all makes and models across the board) were ruined by the advent of square headlights. Don't you think so? Share your thoughts below. Well, it would appear that I've written yet another of my infamous long winded posts. LOL!! Thanks for shaking loose some great old memories. Sorry this post is so long. If you've made it all the way through, please share your memories and opinions below

  11. In 1960 I bought my first car at 12 also. It was a 1948 Packard and I paid $5 for it. I put a set of points in it and sold it for $12.50. I was hooked.

  12. I hate people who have old cars that are rare let them sit out in the field and rust to where they're no good anymore. sell them to somebody who would fix them up

  13. Dude, you must be hung over. Comparing a corvair to any performance car makes you smell like old cheese. The Corvair was perhaps the worst car GM ever made. The MG has potential > for the crusher. The old Lincoln was pretty cool.

  14. I want that Lincoln. My goodness I would fix that up and drive the hell out of it. ?. Park it right beside my 09 Lincoln Town Car

  15. I thought he's going to say this 63 Lincoln is for sale, the second I saw them headlights I'm already thinking about going with a black exterior with red and white interior, i have a 1973 benz 450Sl, and a 1996 Mercedes Benz S600 known as W140 got a V12 in it they both run like a song, and if anyone got a 1963-1967 lincoln continental with suicide doors for sale please let me know, thank you

  16. Old guys on canes or in wheelchairs who own these "finds" that have been sitting up for years. "I'm not ready to sell this yet."  Don't worry, your kids will.

  17. A lot of guys,including me, would give their left nut to have just ONE of these classics….and here they rot forever because of eccentric selfish owners. Very sad indeed!

  18. The gripe I have with these guys "hording" vehicles is that most likely nothing will be done with 90% of them in the owners lifetime so why don't they choose their "keepers" and let someone else love them back to life ?

  19. Formula Ford vintage racing is hot right now. The class started in the UK 51 years ago and in the US 49 years ago. Lots of celebration events last year and on into 2019. Me too with my 1980 PRS.

  20. Why anyone would want to support a Japanese auto manufacturer is beyond me…how about supporting American owned and operated car companies for christs sake?! Smmfh

  21. I take it that at some point someone must have got killed by a suicide door, thus the name. I wonder what happened. Probably they stepped out and the driver gunned it, whacking them

  22. You American muscle folks might get a bit of a chuckle at this.
    All those CRX's and 90's honda hatchbacks at Hasport that the show quickly glazed over are starting to be worth a lot of money! There's already people restoring them and putting in tons of work just to have them be "the car they had back in high school", or the "car they used to go out racing in on Friday nights".

  23. i am a GM guy but thar Mercury Colony Wagon would be mine in a flash,,,,how much does he want for it with whatever spares ,,and does it drive

  24. I started to binge watch these shows and I love this show because I live in Lake Havasu and Butch is a family friend. Nice Mr. Cotter to come and visit.

  25. I have the udmost respect for Tom…his mind blowing knowledge about veteran vehicles…his humble personality…the friendly way he approaches people makes him to a rare find these days…I hope for many years to come.

  26. I love watching your channel. Being from Europe I learn a lot about American cars. As a bonus we get to travel trough your beautifull country. Thanks!

  27. The Olds F-85 and various versions of the Chevy Corvair had factory turbocharged cars in the early 60's.

  28. I want one of those hats . Love Old cars as much as I love your show . Keep up the good work !!!!

  29. i run in to a lot of places were the person died and the new people just want it all hauled off or some one buy a ranch and there replacing all the equipment and they just want it gone i have gotten a pinto to a td-7 cat running some really nice cars and trucks one was a 79 chevy short box 4×4 full option truck under 35,000 miles on it in mint condition with 2 old camero's and motors on the side all in shop they wanted cleaned out the trick is having a way to haul it and a place to put it plus i got a fancy 38 foot motor home really nice for free even had new batteries 454 stroker in it crate motor all i want is the motor and trans and batteries the wheels and tires but have a set to replace but there not fancy if some wants the rest of it has dual air conditioners and they work good generator is gone the rest is there

  30. Buy an old car, FIX UP the old car, MAINTAIN the old car, sell it to someone who can if you can't…dang hoarders!

  31. if I Was in the market for an older Ford or Chevy truck, not a trailer queen but a good solid driver what magazine should I buy or what Web site Ebay's kinda hard to navigate

  32. 40 Ford woody 40 Ford Pick up 57 Ranchero marmon Harrington 4×4 truck that Lincoln convertible problem is those require a specialist to work on those automatic tops.

  33. WOW that lotas race car that corvair my father was trained by Chevrolet for six years after he got out of the Korean war he was an automatic transmission specialist on the dynaflow among all the other automatics and he worked on many Corvairs he was probably the best mechanic I have ever known they used call him four on the floor because he would have the first engine going back in as the fourth one was coming out that's no bullshit he could stand next to a car and listen to it run could tell you what was wrong with it if the ignition timing was late if it had a vacuum leak ect. he sort of made me become a Ford guy because he used to tell me about the old Offinhouser flat heads how they used to scream around the race track he is 89 years old now and has forgotten more than most people know I was born in New York but because GM needed specialist out west we gradually moved to Idaho and then to where I live now in the Pacific Northwest this is no bullshit.

  34. From what I recall, because my brother was a corvair nut, those Corsa Spyder heads could be milled down and have 6 weber single carbs bolted on. One on each piston! So with the six straight pipes sticking up it looked like a spider (with two legs chipped off ?)

  35. when you start pushing Japanese because you are scrapping the bottom of the barrel, then you loose my interest….NEXTTTT……..

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