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Russia Uses the World Cup to Score Publicity Points | The Daily Show

October 7, 2019

The 2018 FIFA World Cup officially kicked off today
in Russia. And look,
I know for most Americans the World Cup isn’t important,
you know? It ranks somewhere
between a midseason WNBA game and the Nathan’s
Hot Dog Eating Contest. But for the rest of the world, this tournament is
as big as it gets. Because it’s not
just about the sport, it’s a chance for the host
country to re-brand itself. And if there’s one country that
could use some good publicity, it’s Russia. The month-long competition is expected to bring more
than a million people to Russia and attract
more than three billion television viewers worldwide. A global sporting event
of this scale is the perfect stage
for a host nation to promote itself to the world,
to boost its image. NEWSMAN:
Vladimir Putin is desperate for the world to see
only the positive images coming out of his country. You can get to know Russia, a unique country… with a long history
and rich culture. Not bad, not bad at all. (laughter) (with Russian accent):
Not bad at all. Not bad. (normal voice):
Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I like this new hospitable side
of Putin, you know? Yeah, he’s like
if the trivago guy had a history of shooting down
airplanes, you know? Yeah. It’s a cool mix. But I-I understand why Putin
is so excited for Russia to be hosting
the World Cup. Because you see,
as a South African, I saw how hosting the tournament
gave our country an opportunity
to change our image, right? Before the World Cup, when
people thought South Africa, they thought crime, AIDS,
racism. But then,
thanks to the World Cup, now when you think
of South Africa, you think of this: (horns blowing) You see, no more racism. Huh? Yeah, and by the way,
before you judge us, we may blow vuvuzelas,
but you guys elected one. So chill, all right. Yeah. How about you chill. Just chill. -Chill.
-(cheers and applause) And now, now, to most people, Vladimir Putin is already
beyond redemption. He annexed Crimea, he meddled in
the U.S. elections, and worst of all, he bit Beyoncé
and framed Sanaa Lathan. But… that doesn’t mean that Russia won’t give an image
rehab its best shot. TV REPORTER: Russian’s singing
grannies are on a mission -to give Russia
-(women singing in Russian) a friendlier face
for the World Cup. These bubbly babushkas have
penned a World Cup anthem and produced a pop video
to go with it. The message
to foreign football fans, you have nothing to fear
from Russia. (speaking in Russian) TV REPORTER: I won’t scare you,
Anna says, I’ll hug you. I’ll kiss you, I’ll sing
and dance for you. Uh… Okay, now I’m scared. (laughter) A little turned on,
but mostly scared. Yeah, because it feels like these super friendly
Russian grannies are trying a little too hard,
you know? Like the nicer they are to me, the more worried I am
that it’s all a trap and she’s just gonna push me
in an oven at the end. And-And those
human nesting dolls may have seemed a little
overenthusiastic, but at least, at least they know
how to be basically friendly, because, apparently, the rest of
Russia has to take classes. TV REPORTER: Russians will even
smile at you. Ahead of the World Cup,
train conductors here have been taught
to forget the frowns and give foreigners
big shiny smiles to match the big shiny
new stadiums. I don’t know, man. I feel like the only thing worse
than a non-smiling Russian is a smiling Russian. (laughter) (with Russian accent):
“This is… this is smile? “Yes, I show teeth, yeah? And then when do I bite?” (normal voice): “No, no, no, no!
There’s no biting.” (with Russian accent):
“Why show teeth if no bite?” (laughter) (normal voice):
So, look, on the face of it, Russia is trying to project
a friendly image, but, unfortunately,
there is a dark side of their country
that they can’t cover up. For instance, it’s been reported
that gay men who are kissing in public
will be reported to the police. And I’m assuming gay women
kissing must report directly to Vladimir Putin. There’s also been a rise
in Russian fans singing racist chants,
which wouldn’t be a problem if y’all just kept
the vuvuzelas. (pretends to blow horn) Oh, and as for freedom
of the press, it’s safe to say that, uh, you
probably shouldn’t say anything as journalists from
the BBC recently found out. TV REPORTER: It is the
increasingly paranoid controlling side
that’s clearly there behind the makeover
for the World Cup. The whole time
we’ve been here in Nizhny, it seems there’s been somebody
following us, at least one car,
sometimes three. Minutes after we met local
opposition activists… (bell chimes) …there was this. The pair at the door said
they’d come from state television
to interview us, but we hadn’t told anyone
we’d be here. (with Russian accent): Yes,
we are here to do interview. Now, please speak directly
into microphone. Now, I show teeth.

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  1. U just a Hillary puppets , Google lolita Express before accusing someone for horrific things ,take care

  2. If a gay man cant kiss each other on public and it's a "dark" side it glory to russia tho … u people killing each other for the LV bags… has courage to talk about dark sides…

  3. It's not exactly a "new" Putin. I remember very well when he addressed our German parliament, not too long after the wall came down. In fluent German. Certainly not many of us had thought anything like that would ever happen, and it was a very hopeful occasion. Back then, not many people over here would have guessed things would take such a shitty turn.

  4. Most Russians are nice, like you see trump and you dont just assume all americans are racist, homophobic pumpkins, right?

  5. I am in Russia and its the fucking best! 15 yrs living in USA – makes me wonder wtf have I been doing. I even went to cities far from world cup circuit. And yeah the cities can be a little chaotic but the people were gentle and nice. Also is a lie about the gay kissing, seen lots of gays around. Coming to russia openned my eyes on america shitty propaganda

  6. You idiot. The point of hosting the World Cup is to score publicity points. That’s why countries try to get the spot. Name one host ever that wasn’t using the world cup to score publicity points. It’s crazy you still Have an audience at all, this is so dumb.

  7. This isn't news. Of course they can use it for publicity, I mean, you're the dumbass who's talking about it Trevor Noah, not us. Next you should tell us grass is green, the sky is blue, and water is a liquid. Simpleton.

  8. Leave it to Fox Sports to televise 2 games at the same time, AND announce spoilers during both games…typical Faux News move…

  9. Everyone country that hosts the world cup/olympics or any other major sporting event uses it to score publicity points…this is non news.

  10. Russian Pragmatism meets American idealism. American idealism rarely works: the US keeps being constantly reality checkt on their foreign policy year after year. The regimes they toppled and tried to make democratic all eventually collapsed. You can't have America-style democracy/free speech if the country lacks patriots united as one. I think what Putin is doing is trying to make Russia united first. Only then make it democratic/free. Otherwise it would just succumb into anarchy/chaos/clan wars as you could have seen countless times in countries like Iraq or Ukraine.

  11. i mean its a different culture….(the smiling part)
    but i have no qualms on shitting on Putin and the fucking homophobia DO IT ALL YOU WANT ITS NEEDED

  12. As much as I enjoy your comedy, I know it only serves as a tool that keeps the negative stereotypes of other nations. Many of my friends went to Russia during this World Cup and they were very impressed with how friendly and hospital Russian people are. Nothing like what we see in the "American" media. You can make a bigger impact if you start highlighting the positives of other people, but of course that won't make you rich.

  13. This show is bulshit propaganda Putin is a man you can’t get like Putin for 500 years and don’t expect from those faucking British accent Reporters overall they are from BBC SKY tv Exeter’s

  14. cmon people take a break. ive been living in russia for the past 5 years , and inspite of being a brown man i have never faced any racism at all. this is just western media being paranoid.

  15. And they scored publicity points you globalist shit, go talk about the Boers you shameless piece of trash

  16. 1:50, no judgement from me, Trevor, and I don't know what a "vuvuzela" is, but I'm sure that's what we elected.

  17. The only thing you'll get about Russia from news – it's a scary place with scary people etc…

    I can agree though, that it IS a scary place for gay people. But if you don't show it in public, you might be just fine. I'd be disqusted to see two guys making out in public. Who wouldn't?

    Description said "repressive regime". I don't feel "repressed". It's not that bad. Why do you have to present Russia as a bad place to live in?

  18. I am a bit disappointed though. Humor is fine but you missed the opportunity to show false accusations and hyprocisy oft Western media… I mean, come on BBC reporters feeling observed, strangely the only foreign "Journalist" to report such things

  19. Good for them. Trevor.. Trevor.. your jokes are so thin … your jealousy is so 'American'… your character is somehow pathetic …and your loyalty on the wrong side of the 'purity'… oh… and you are now a servant for Kings of Israel… kings of liberalism. Enjoy it as you can.

  20. Ok it's funny but Russia isn't that bad as western media tried to portrait . At least they don't call the police for seeing a person in colour just walking by.

  21. For the past 10-20 years we have been watching movies about the 70's and how extreme the West vs East propganda used to be. In 2018 I browse YouTube's Daily Show, John Oliver and others and I'm able to re-live the history all over again. I pity the people who actually take these clips seriously.

  22. I love people from Russia I had a friend from Russia growing up. I'm in school to be a physicist and the entire physics department is Russian, the department head, my professors, everyone. Russians dominate science and mathematics in USA. They are all very nice, some have a great sense of humor, I have a GREAT perception of Russian people. I can't say I have the same perception of their government, but I think we should think more highly of Russia in general and their citizens. The only thing that really concerns me is their stance on homosexuality. My middle school friend warned me about that when I was younger, he said it was pretty bad among the public

  23. Yeah, Russia has no right to portray their crime ridden racist country as a friendly democratic one, only USA has that right.

  24. Racist Trevor Noah has refused to condemn the genocide of white people in South Africa. He says only white people can be racist.

  25. haha, enough asslicking of American war politics. Nobody will throw u out of America, U can continue to earn there. Russia was always a friendly place, only western media like u guys, to save u ass and for making money, running a propaganda against Russian people. Putin govt is no better then American govt, at least they have less blood in there hand then US , Only rich and powerful have human rights or civil rights in America , and rest like ur self have to lick their ass for our on rights which is already mentioned in the constitution and should be yours. If u do not have guts to be neutral, please stop commenting and joking on politics.Learn something from Fluffy .

    UK was openly hostile to Russia during FIFA and they did everything in their power to make FIFA unsuccessful, and when BBC land in Russia to cover FIFA, the first thing they do is , to meat the opposition party in Russia. Any sane gov, and authority can be suspicious. Its acceptable. Who knows what is there intentions or agenda are, don't forget at that time uk , bbc and west media are extremely hostile towards Russia. FIFA also best chance for CIA and MI6 to infiltrate in there country and start unrest, and with MI6 and CIA history, this was very much possible.

  26. Russians are one of the most friendliest people ever with best hospitality.. it's just a stereotype that they are always angry and aggressive. It's American ignorance which created this stereotype.. and i am not Russian.

  27. There are just some places you should never visit Russia and North Korea are the top two funny how putin thinks in this day and age he can just get some ugly grandma to dance and that's it nah bruh your country is a dictatorship and I'd never spend any money there you may have gotten to Trump but his ass is heading to prison

  28. Ppl dont like being filmed in Russia, and you never know, the Russian mafia are probably the best mafia, they know about where and what your doing even before YOU know

  29. I would expect warm and cynical Trevor jokes in nice, neat and secure television studio can heat up north siberian circle. He might make joke about bear, wolf, fox, wolverine and swiming with whale in the freezing artic cold. Or… he will runaway like coyote and never wish to make a joke there for the rest of his life and swear that he have never joked precviously.

  30. Putin… is A lot better than Afghanistan, Iraq, invaders with technical and military support ti Saudi Arabia over Yemen and Japan blast…. Stop your western idea bitches

  31. It been reported "gay" man reported to the police but kissing women reported to Vladimir Putin… Lol that line nearly killed me by laughing to death.. Hahaha..

  32. I bet they stood behind grandma with a Gun.." Dance like you meen it"!!! and then they killed thousands of stray to. But that is not uncommon so do every other country that host these things.

  33. By the way Trevor, there are allegations that South Africa bribed its way to hosting the 2010 World Cup at the expense of Morocco. Even the American FBI got involved in investigating the FIFA big corruption scandal.

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