Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 Vlog
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Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 Vlog

November 6, 2019

So we made it to Russia, on the Aero-Express. Wohoo! Vamos Colombia! I’m Hungry. Definitely hungry. We need to go find some good
Russian eats. What do you wanna eat first? Anything. Literally anything. Exploring Moscow for a quick day before heading to Match number
one. Vamos camino a Saransk. On our way to Saransk for the
first Colombia match. Vamos Colombia! Vamos Colombia! The view out the window, My husband on his little bed
thing. It’s hot guys! Hace calor… Right off the train in Saransk: The Russian welcome team with
folkloric dance. We lost match one to Japan, but
kept our faith and hopes up for Match two in Kazan
against Poland. After another 9 hour train ride, Arrived in Kazan to the capable
hands of our friend Sabina and her lovely parents! We’re on a boat about to arrive
to the Island We’re arriving to an island to
check out some churches and walk around I’ll have more reports later! We’re on the island of…what
Sabina? Sviyazhsk. Sviyazhsk. With your ‘moose.’ With my
‘moose.’ Otherwise known as my ‘moosh’ or
‘husband’ in Russian. And we’re gonna check out some
cool churches. People used to
live here. But it’s now only for tourists.
Let’s check it out! So how was your day on the Volga
River? Amazing! No comments. Our friend over
here had a lot of Vodka. Our day on the Volga River was
incredible. Awesome! What did you do? We went swimming, we had vodka,
we had BBQ, we went to the
island of…Sviyazhsk, and we
saw the beautiful churches.
Incredible! If you’re in Kazan you must
spend a day on the Volga River. It’s game day in Kazan, the
streets here are completely
filled with Colombians. It’s electric! We’re off to
Sabina’s parents’ country home, to cook out some steak and have
a traditional Russian meal
before the big match. An incredible win over Poland
left us with a wonderful
victorious feeling to head back to Moscow and back
home. We out! Off to Moscow. Bye
Kazan! Our very last meal in Russia was
definitely one of our favorites! This hidden gem in Moscow is an
absolute MUST! Just like that Russia is over. World Cup…To be continued!! World Cup was awesome, Russia
was interesting – very cool. Peace. The best way we found to do good
on this trip was by engaging in the culture, the joy and the festivities of
the world’s biggest party! Sharing Russian food, language,
dance, music and traditions Brought so much joy to the Russians sharing them with us, and even more so to us.

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  1. Вам надо гостить не меньше 3-6 месяцев! Было бы много интересного, возможно и не для видео. Удачи Вам и здоровья!

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