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Running a VR Arcade: Taking Cash & Preventing Theft | Virtual Reality Tips

August 25, 2019

another thing that we quickly discovered
we needed to come up with a process for was our cash drawer in general in the
beginning we were setting our cash or at a certain amount so say 200 and at the
end of the night we would go to count it and it would be not at 200 it would be
off and so we had to figure out the best way to set that so that our employees
stayed accountable and so what we did is we do a counting of the drawer at the
beginning of a shift to make sure it starts at say 200 at the in between
shift when our employees are switching the morning shift person has to count
make sure it’s on track sign that it’s on track and then the next person has to
count before they take it over which helps with accountability because if
there’s money missing then we know it’s from the morning shift versus the
evening shift and then at the end of the night they have to count it again make
sure it’s on put if it’s over under an initial it so they’re always they know
that they’re in charge of that cash and if it goes missing they’re the ones off
to answer for why it is and that was a huge game-changer we went from having
like two to five dollars off whether it was over/under to zero almost every time
because we had to have them sign that they had counted it and it completely
changed everything

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