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Running a VR Arcade: Becoming Profitable | Virtual Reality Tips

August 25, 2019

as a manager of a growing virtual
reality arcade one of our greatest things is trying to become profitable
and so we’ve gone through a couple things that we’ve learned with that and
one of them I would say is scheduling employees since we’re in a store we had
to figure out what the traffic looks like considering holidays the summer
time versus when schools in session weekdays versus weekends and so we just
had to figure that out and once we figured that out we had to make sure
that employees on weekdays when we’re much slower there’s only one employee
here and they can run all of it versus on weekends doing two employees so that
it’s still fluid customers aren’t frustrated nothing’s getting backed up
but we’re still not playing paying eight employees to be here so that’s
definitely key when it comes to profitability is making sure that you
have the right amount of employees not too many but also not too few

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