RS Collection 1: Kyudo (Japanese Archery) Club
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RS Collection 1: Kyudo (Japanese Archery) Club

August 9, 2019

Hello, I am Nozaki Rina from the Ritsumeikan University Kyudo Club What is the appeal of Kyudo?
Kyudo is different from other sports as you
do not compete against other people you are your own opponent so it can be said that
Kyudo is like a mirror that reflects your inner self. Keeping calm no matter how nervous you may get
and accurately launching an arrow from your heart. I think this is what makes Kyudo so appealing for me. How have you grown through Kyudo?
Kyudo is a sport that helps build etiquette I have been able to develop my sense of propriety through Kyudo. Also, no matter how nervous I may get, I feel I have become mentally stronger and understand how to do Kyudo in my own personal way.

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  1. I bow to your spirit. At first glance this message may seem misplaced. Bear with me please. I am a thirty year protestant Sunday school teacher. In my book, STAY ALERT AND TAKE NOTES, I reference the calming effect Zen has upon the mind and spirit. The apostles of Christ experienced similar moments of inner peace as the Archer or Swordsman presently do. Please visit WestBow Press>bookstore>search> Stay Alert and Take Notes. We have much in common. See the bibliography. Thank you.

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