Rostov Residents Turned Manchester Fans into Gentlefans
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Rostov Residents Turned Manchester Fans into Gentlefans

October 9, 2019

During the Champions League match between
Rostov and Manchester United Russian fans showed their true selves
to the whole world. And not like from the infamous documentary, a lampoon made by a respected organization,
such as BBC. British Sky News’ journalists
mentioned that they only spotted one small group of unusually quiet
English fans in one of Rostov’s bars. Lots of questions about fans
not traveling to Russia. The ones that went hide,
and didn’t wear the team’s red jerseys. What else were they to do? They were told… “to keep it on the DL to avoid any attacks
and conflicts with the Russian hooligans.” Something our colleagues probably also believed. Indicative is the photo of terrifying Russian cops,
obviously prepared for the worst. This was before the match,
in the British “Independent” newspaper. They went out of their way to scare
the British fans. It looked like all 238 fans
weren’t happy with coming to Russia. However, Jose Mourinho came. Before the match, he gives a gentle kiss
on the forehead to a Russian assistant boy, He, of course, was in awe, when he saw an idol
of millions of fans in the back room. Was Mourinho sad later? Probably.
Manchester United came to Russia to win. But, Bukharov’s magnificent goal made it a tie. Rostov was insanely happy after the match,
and not only Rostov, of course. This is when the Russian hooligans
should’ve made trouble? But what happened instead? To make sure their British guests stayed warm, Rostov residents gave them warm blankets
at the entrance. The blankets were red, even though they were told
not to wear this color. These gifts said “Gentlefan” on them,
which stands for “gentleman fan.” Or sweet, kindhearted, and gentle fans. On the official Manchester United’s website,
fans posted that they were greeted “as rock stars” in Rostov,
and another quote “They said Welcome to Russia wherever we went.”

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