Ronin PC STEAM GAME Review
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Ronin PC STEAM GAME Review

September 24, 2019

Ronin is published by Devolver Digital who
is known for the best and most exciting indie games. �They really know how to handpick
up and coming devs to create the right games. This game is very reminiscent of Mark of The
Ninja, a stealth action game that came out a few years ago, but Ronin has it�s own
style. It’s a stealth action game that actually features turn based combat. But is the game
any fun and does it have enough substance to keep players interested? Let’s find out
in the Ronin game review. -Story
Your mission is to assassinate five different targets. There isn’t a lot of story or any
cutscenes for that matter. It’s very straightforward and this is one area where the game is lacking.
I feel like the setup and the style give you a strong idea of what the devs wanted to convey,
but it’s just missing storytelling. The only cutscenes are these images with text overlayed.
The game is more about strategy, action, and your approach. So let’s move on to the gameplay.
-Gameplay Ronin is a stealth game with turn based strategy.
�The game is based around jumping and slashing at your opponents. �It seems incredibly
simple upon first impression, but the simple design is actually what causes you to think
critical. �During combat you can�t move forward or backward, only jumping. �You
take a jump or a slash and the enemy shoots their firearm. �The red laser indicates
the enemy�s line of sight and potential shots. �So it�s a matter of timing and
evading enemy fire while positioning yourself for attack. �And the intriguing part is
not how you deal with a single enemy, but how you deal with groups of enemies in each
scenario. �There are also small features in the environment that can make your attacks
more challenging and dynamic. �Breakaway glass windows and lights that expose your
presence make you have to really plan and think out scenarios. �Even though combat
is turn based, it can move very fast and feel very active. Although it’s stealth oriented,
it’s not the type of game where you can complete a level without any kills. The intention is
actually to kill every enemy in every mission. Controls
Controls are tight, but they take some getting used to. �Jumping is positioned with the
analog stick. �You point at your target if you want to knock them over or point next
to your target for an attack. �When you release the stick your character moves to
the location. �You also have limit breaks which build up when you chain attacks together.
�This gives you additional moves to perform such as shuriken stuns and dropping decoys.
�I didn�t try mouse and keyboard controls, but my impression is that this game was intended
to be played with a controller. The only really annoying aspect about the controls was the
grappling hook. It allows you to swing on surfaces either for evasion or to break through
glass. Breaking through glass can be very frustrating at times. I just never really
got the hang of it. Getting a perfect swing seemed to be luck. Each level has 3 bonus objectives that claim
to be optional, but they�re actually very necessary to make progress. �Finishing all
three bonus objectives in each stage give you skill points which you need for new skills.
�These include shuriken stunners, decoys, and more moves to help with combat. �And
combat starts to get very difficult with a high number of enemies. �So these so called
optional objectives are actually quite necessary because you need the advanced skills to survive. The game is surprisingly challenging seeing
as it appears so simple on the surface. �But the difficulty quickly ramps up after the
first few levels. �There are special enemies and high enemy counts in each room. �Then
the game adds in dynamic elements like breakable windows and now you�ve got some very complex
scenarios. �There are some moments where the difficulty becomes unfair. �Where it
seems like every attack choice will lead to your death and you have to repeat the same
room multiple times. �This is a highly frustrating part of the game. However, the plus side is
that there are very frequent checkpoints so the game doesn’t make you restart the whole
level unless you’ve really screwed up bad. It does have a load screen when you load every
checkpoint which is annoying when you’re stuck at a really hard segment and you just want
to try your new strategy immediately. Graphics
Ronin has very simple graphics, but it uses them very efficiently. �The look is very
clean so it lets you focus on the enemies and the points of entry. �The color scheme
doesn�t have a ton of variety, but it�s enough to highlight important targets and
your own character. �I wish there were options to zoom in and get a closer look at the environment,
but there isn�t. �You can however look all over the level using the D-Pad. �There�s
almost no options for adjusting the graphics, but since it’s so simple it should run well
on most computers. ���It has fullscreen, vsync, and anti-aliasing. �But it doesn�t
even have a resolution option even though it appeared to be running at the same as my
desktop. Ronin is fun, intelligently designed, and
interesting to play. �Even if it�s a bit frustrating at times, it�s definitely a
game worth trying. It’s also really lacking in story elements which is a shame because
there’s definitely a background to the game. There�s over 15 different missions and completing
all three bonus objectives is almost essential. It feels like they just didn’t have enough
time or resources to develop cutscenes and voice overs. So I’m going to say.. TRY IT.
I can recommend you check this game out if you enjoy stealth action and strategy. It
will definitely be a bit of a brain teaser and getting those assassination kills is rewarding.
Let us know what type of stealth action games you enjoy in the comments. Subscribe to the
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  1. The story is pretty simple, the protagonist is a girl seeking revenge against some former allies of her father. But I think it needed more depth.
    I think the graphics are pretty :3

    Anyway, I really love this game. Even if the difficulty sometimes is inhuman.

  2. it doesnt have resolution settings because its vector game and therefore it doesnt lose quality when downscaled/upscaled

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