Rome and Roll – Tutorial and Playthrough video from Gaming Rules!
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Rome and Roll – Tutorial and Playthrough video from Gaming Rules!

September 23, 2019

[Music] hello my name is Paul Grogan and welcome to another gaming rules tutorial and playthrough video in this video I am going to be teaching you how to play Roman roll which is a game that is coming to Kickstarter later this year designed by David Tosi and make sure and published by PSE games I’m joined today by Arthur I know Paul I and Mark all right and the first thing we’re going to do is a full tutorial on how to play the game so if all you want to do is learn how to play you can just watch the first part of this video but then if you want to see it was playing through a game basically stay tuned and you can watch the second part of the video now I think you this game is not out yet what you’re seeing here is a prototype copy of the game so the artwork isn’t face the graphic design isn’t finished the rules are done so hopefully you are being taught today what is the final rules of the game book you know what these pesky game designers are like they might change a couple of things between now and the game actually being produced I hope not but in case they do please turn on your playing on subtitles and if there are any changes I will be annotating them onto the screen using the Klingon subtitles that said let’s crack on we’re teaching you how to play so welcome to Rome this is what’s gonna be the great city of Rome but right now is just one building right in the middle a load of marshland and some hills the colored spaces of the seven hills of Rome the white spaces of the market land and you three players are going to be building up the buildings in the city and you know making it great this is a game which we’ll play over a series of rounds at the end of the game we will total the points and we will see who wins there is no victory points tracked during the game it’s all done at the end of the game and I’m going to zoom ahead right now and let’s go through the end of game scoring so that you know what you’re actually aiming for so on the right hand side of your player sheet you see a track which is where we will record the scores at the end of the game and the first thing to explain are these four tracks here which is the coins legacy buildings and glory as you take actions during the game you will be colouring in these squares in order and each one of these squares that you color in will be worth one point at the end so very simply every time you get coin legacy buildings or glory they directly convert into points the other thing to mention is the soldiers and the senators over here these convert at the end of the game into a one for two so yeah one point for every two that you’ve got rounded up and the other things that score your points is some of these buildings here you’ll notice have got a victory point symbol on them they will score you points at the end of the game if you meet the conditions on them because what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be drawing with your pen these buildings on the board so the color of the pen means we know that it’s yours you will be writing in it some letters so we know what type of building it is and some of them will be worth points at the end of the game the other things that it’s going to score you points are these Nero cards and I mentioned this is a prototype so these are definitely definitely prototype cards in a three-player game we use the seven the four and the two we do not use this one in a three-player game so I’m going to get rid of that you’ll notice you have some blue boxes on your play sheet whenever you fill in one of those blue boxes you take a knee room card there’s only three Nero cards but all three have taken have been taken you feed that round play one more round and then the game’s over okay so that’s the timer it isn’t a fixed number of rounds but keep an eye watch everybody’s player board watch what they’re doing because you each have blue boxes in different places which is a good time to mention the characters we’re playing today with the legatus the prefect and the mercator there are other characters available during the game not during the game at the start of the game you decide which characters you’re going to play I’m not playing by the way I’m going to be teaching and then you three going to be playing a three player game these are the recommended starting characters for your first game but you can either decide randomly or choose whatever you want the blue boxes are in different places on the sheet so you each have different ways that you can get the points or one the same way of getting the points but some of you get it more easily for example Arthur your glory track the blue squares on the nine mark yours is on the five I think it’s harder for you to get that because of the asymmetric powers of the particular curve they do all play a bit differently the other thing to mention about the setup is these are the buildings that we’ve chosen for our starting game this is the recommended setup for your first game but the game comes with a whole host of other buildings that are available and you will decide randomly which ones at the start of the game you are going to be playing with and the rest of them don’t get used so we’re going to be playing with the training ground in the engineering post which of the army buildings the planter which is the ledger building the jeweler in the brick maker which are the manufacturing buildings the market and development to the urban buildings and the shrine which is the religious buildings we’re also playing with these god cards we choose three at random again there are other other gods are available three of them are chosen at random and then the Saturn card is also in play because the lagartos character has a way of getting it so you only play with this if that character and one of the others is basically is in play right so how does the game play is played over a series of realms each round consists of three phases the first phase is the dice phase where the start player or me will roll all of the dice these are the dice we use in a three-player game then what’s going to happen is whoever the start player is and let’s determine start playing now actually right start player is green so mom you are the proconsul about the start of the game so if we were playing the game now you would choose one of the dice then Paul you would choose one Arthur you would then choose to Paul you would choose one and then mark would choose one so it’s done in a sort of snake draft order with the start player choosing first and then last and there will be one dice left over that’s the dice phase that’s what you do is you take your dice there’s only one exception to the rules in the dice phase and that is if you have a senator and the Senators are nobody has a senator at the start of the game but when you get one you will mark it here on your player board you may spend that senator or exhaust it or use it to double draft basically take two dice at once which can be really useful okay if you do use the senator it’s still worth points at the end of the game so don’t worry about spending them that’s what they are that’s what they are there for there is another use for senators as well remind me when we come to talk about the actions right so once the dice phase is over you will each have two dice we then go into the action phase in the action phase starting with the pro console and going clockwise you will each take one action an action uses at one of your dice so therefore you will take two actions per round after the action phase the proconsul card gets passed to the player to the left that’s essentially the cleanup phase and then we go again so his dice phase action phase cleanup phase right the action phase in more detail there are one two three four five there are six main actions you can do there are also two free actions that you can do on your turn as well some of the six main actions the important thing to note is that some of them on your player board have an icon next to the action and some of them don’t the ones that have an icon next to the action means you must use a dice with that icon in order to take their action so for example construct is either the Builder or the architect you could not construct with this die because it doesn’t have one of those icons on okay but if you have this icon with the architect symbol you could use use the die and you say I’m doing that action the conquer action doesn’t have any requirements therefore going back to this down here once you couldn’t use this time to construct you could use it to conquer so every action you do every main action you do requires you to spend a dime okay I’ll go through the actions in a minute but I’m going to cover them first these resources because the resources that are printed on a die in addition to the other icons you could do one of three things with them you can either use them during the action that you’ve chosen to perform if that action requires the resource or you can store them in your story and that’s a free action storing so you could say I’m going to use this dice to conquer go off conquering and then I’m gonna store the brick and the two would by writing free would would on your board now is that you actually do start with some resources at the start of the game as well as storing the resources you can also use them to bribe your advisors but you can’t just use anything because they don’t want brick or vertical stone they want fish or jewelry so some of these icons have jewelry this has jewelry and it actually has a basket which is a wild-card resource so you could use these resources to bribe your advisors now importantly you cannot bribe your advisors with goods in your storage okay you can only bribe them with the goods that are honored ice before they go into your storage okay because they hasn’t gone on the books it’s just bought jewelry I don’t remember getting any jewelry and you pass it on to your advisor when you bribe an advisor you basically fill in the lowest numbered box of that advisor once you’ve filled in the first two boxes it unlocks the first special ability the next two boxes unlocks the next special ability and the number five box unlocks Victor points at the end of the game because I did forget to mention that but your revisers will be worth victory points at the end of the game if they are fully bribed right so that’s bribery and story let’s go through the actions and we’re going to start with the construct action which is by far the most complicated action to explain but this is where you construct buildings onto the board first of all the rule is you can only construct a building adjacent to your overseer all of your overseers at the start of the game start off here on the forum so at the start of the game you can only construct a building connected to the forum the building has a cost so say you wanted to build a market the cost is printed in the in the banner here on the left hand side so that’s a wood and a brick so you have to spend that which could either be on the dice or it could be from your storage and then the shape of the building is shown here in the top right basically draw that shape somewhere on the board it must be either completely unmarked land which is the white spaces or completely on a hill which is one of the colored sections or it can struggle between marshland and warm Hill but it cannot cross two different hills it also cannot cross the Serbian wall which is here if you were to build on a space with the resource I come on it you get that resource and then after you’ve built the building your overseer then moves on to that building which means the next time you build remember you can only build an adjacent to your overseer so now you can build off it however before you construct a building you may move your overseer it can move from one building to the next it can move through opponents buildings or your own buildings it just cannot end its movement on a building occupied by another overseer except for the forum because the forum is big enough everybody can be there okay so say you were to build a building here pull and then go on it mark could then not construct and say oh I’m going to move my overseer onto here and construct here you can’t do that okay even though after constructing the building he’s overseeing would move on to it you cannot end your movement on a building occupied by another overseer right building buildings some of them have an exclamation point printed on them for example the brick maker that is a restriction on building so the brick making must be built completely on marshland the shrine must be built entirely on a hill so it cannot straddle a hill and marshland and music and that some of them have a lightning bolt on which is an immediate benefit that you get when you construct the building for the person who constructed the building the other thing is if you construct a building adjacent to another building that of the building get to do its production action which is shown in the cog and if that was somebody else’s building you get a senator so the advantage of building next to other people is whilst they get to activate their building you get a senator which allows you to double draft worth points at the end of the game etc etc and there is another use for sentences as well that I will mention in a minute right the other way of constructing buildings is using the architect icon and if you use the architect icon you’ve actually got two choices it’s a better version of the Builder you either get a discount of one or you may build an unavailable building we haven’t actually mentioned unavailable buildings built you were the star player which means the last player puts the foreman on there any building card or a blueprint card that has a foreman on it is an unavailable building but I won’t be the last player sorry that’s that right so nobody not even Arthur can build the shrine because it’s unavailable unless you use the architect all right how does this become available when Arthur next builds one of the other buildings the foreman moves on to that building and then all of a sudden this is available it basically stops players repeatedly building the same building over and over again and that’s the benefit of the architect so it’s a better version of the Builder building the overseer moves before you construct fish fish yes when you move your overseer before constructing I mean this isn’t going to apply until the maps built up your first movement point is free and after that every movement cost one fish right basically every building cost one fish no Foursquare no the first movement is free yeah but thereafter every building you move on to is one for is one flesh yes so that’s constructing I think that’s everything covered next action is raised legions they require you to use a die with the banner icon on and none of which are here okay so you can’t do it on turn one but you wouldn’t want to do it on turn one anyway because when you choose the raised legions action you choose up to three army buildings on the board no matter who owns them and there are currently no army buildings on the board but if there were you would choose them and you would get the banner abilities of that building the owner of the building if it was somebody else we’d get a coin so you were giving the other player points for using their building the military building is basically theater the army buildings they give you soldiers will come on – why soldiers are useful right now with the next action which is the conquer action we does not need a die or a particular icon but when you conquer you choose one of these four regions and you basically conquer the settlements in order from Rome so from Rome moving along these roads if you had five military strength you could conquer the two and then the three because the numbers inside indicate how much military strength you need to conquer and you can basically do as many as you can in one action so if you only had two military strength you could only conquer the two but if you had five military strength you could conquer the two and then the three military strength is basically your soldiers so you start the game with one soldier nobody else starts with any soldiers and if you had any of these spheroid comes these are auxilary units these temporarily increase your military strength for the purpose of conquering when you conquer you basically color in that settlement completely you have conquered it and you get glory which is this here equal to the number of flanks next to the circle which is also the color so the green ones are worth to the brown ones are worth so green ones worth want glory brown ones worth to glory the purple ones are worth three glory so that’s one of the advantages of conquering a settlement the disadvantage of conquering the settlement is every settlement you conquer you must leave behind one soldier as garrison so you’ve got one soldier right now so if you wanted to you could conquer here what you do he would color it in and then you would put the cross through that number one to say that that soldier is now garrison eat no longer counts toward your militia strength but it will count for end of game right that’s it for conquering I think next is expanding which is renovating roads so whilst these icons on here might look like roads they’re actually just sort of trails they’re all roads that need renovating to renovate them you choose the expand action which requires the Builder icon and for every stone you spend you can renovate one piece of road but you can only even renovate roads up to conquered settlements so at the moment you can’t renovate any of these roads although we haven’t done your starting bone yet we will do in a minute so yeah nobody can renovate roads at the start of the game but once the settlement start to get conquered you can then renovate the roads the advantage of renovating the roads is you get legacy points and you get one legacy for each milestone on the roads that you’ve renovated and as it says here if you renovate two or more roads with one action you get two extra bonus legacy there is also a benefit to the owner of the settlement so if you renovate a road to a settlement the owner of that settlement gets the resource that’s printed on here and that could be you but it could be another player right that renovating roads with the expand a ssin next action to explain again you’re not going to be doing this at the start of the game this is taxation you choose one of the regions on the board and all of your settlements in that region that are connected to Rome via renovated roads will generate the resource that’s shown on there so yeah you’re not going to be doing that and start up again because nobody’s going to conquered settlements or renovated roads but you will be doing it later on in the game one thing I forgot to mention here is that if you take the taxation action and you use a die with a merchant icon then all of your settlements connected to Rome across all regions will generate their resources rather than just all of the settlements in one region finally the trade action the trade action is basically converting resources into points that’s all it does the way you do it if you choose three matching resources from your storage yard or a combination of your storage yard and your dice three matching resources spend them and get three coins now jewelry for this purpose acts as a wild card so you can use jewelry as if it was anything and if you use the merchant icon to trade which you don’t need to but if you do every jewelry you spend as part of that trend gets you one extra coin so if you had three jewelry and you used an icon with the merchant icon to trade you would get six coins which is effectively six points at the end of the game the other thing that happens when you trade is all players including you may trigger the production ability of one of their buildings so it’s an although it’s another way that buildings produce right I mentioned the other use for senators so you’ll see print it on your board a senator you can spend it to add a builder a merchant or I think it’s a legionary icon onto a dice so if you wanted to do a particular Ike action and didn’t have the I the icon you could spend a senator to out of that icon onto that dice and that is I think all of the different actions could so let’s go through everybody set up mark your special starting set up is I think you start with more goods in your storage I do do okay you start where the soldier you start with the soldier or the people don’t start with the soldiers Arthur as the league artist on to the soldier Paul is a preface start already with a settlement in Hispania already conquered now normally conquering that settlement would get you born glory you already have one glory marked on your book normally have to guarantee you will know you did that with Bob yeah right I think that’s all the rules anybody got any questions or ever I missed any rules from those of you that already know the rules I have a question yes I should I know I should be able to claim in God’s favor I don’t know how to do building a shrine so if you look at the lightning bolt ability of the shrine its gain of God’s favor okay so the only way in the game to gain in God’s favor is to build a shrine which can only be built on a hill entirely on a hill and they can only be one shrine per hill then actively once you’ve got the God’s favor you keep the card and then once per game you can use it by putting it back so they are one use abilities only and this one Saturn which is really powerful can only be taken by you and only when are we going Brian advisor authority is up to level four there are certain player abilities that allow you to keep the gods favored by paying other right okay it’s when you pay fish to to keep it sorry advisor ability right okay yeah all of so the plate that the characters are very asymmetric and it’s basically the advisors all of the actions are exactly the same for everybody the scoring is exactly the same for everybody the blue boxes are in different places but it’s the advisers and the abilities there that are that are very different and the shrine will be taken on the first term by the player who’s in third the player who is in third position which is them so nobody can build the shrine at the moment not even Arthur unless they use the architect to allow you to build and unavailable building and that is it so I’m just going to check everything he’s recording before we go on to the next bit which I think it is excellent right let’s let’s start playing around one way to roll the dice there we go a quick shout out to Robbie Milner for making me least eye strain thank you very much Robbie thor’s the one that plays with the dice no he doesn’t play with dice if this was thought he’d be batting them all over the place right there you don’t dare you don’t like dice no not a great selection it’s not as in I’d blame the person that roll but I do mmm that one okay you pop the dice nearby so that people on the overhead camera can see that oh the scroll yeah we haven’t covered the scroll the scroll icon is basically if you look on the sheet of your reference sheet it is any one of the things apart from an architect a part of an architect theory it can’t be an auxiliary because in auxiliaries not really in action oh I get it she’s to you do I see a scroll yeah where you go right well hammer into bricks and sorry a hammer in a brick or a hammer to stone now I’m just checking the jewelry is a wild card for building no jewelry is a wild card for trading pretty right right that’s the dice phase done so action phase so we mark choose a dying perform an action and you can just pop the die backing yep back in here I get a brick so you’re gonna store the brick yeah and are you then gonna use this no gonna construct anything nope okay pull coming up why you’re not constructing anything that might be giving something away okay then okay that yeah so for the basket basket now we didn’t mention baskets but a basket is any good you want it to be but you can’t store it as a basket yeah Holly story knows I’m not throwing it talks I’m taking it as a fish and bribing right so that’s not used you then got a scroll and an auxiliary yeah so I’m taking the scroll as an architect but and that used up so what you did you’re constructing your building and it’s games be and you’re getting a disk a training ground and game there’s this discount so you’re choosing this I cut this dice yeah you’re choosing that scroll which is gave one to constructor a knee brace so I mean it is kind of one would yeah so I’m using one wood and one brick from there yeah so it’s gonna go over this way this one’s gonna go on here the foreman goes on there and then I’m building the training grain which is a two-by-two building straddling one of the hills yeah yeah TG inside it so we know it’s a training ground okay and then the overseer moves on to it there we go so there’s no immediate bonus of that but there is a production legion yeah yeah okay and the auxiliary colonies wasted it easily okay okay I keep stealing your pen I’m not sure it’s legal or I’ll do a conquer action yeah I don’t need an icon correct exhilarate and the existing leaders so you’ve got the army strength of two though so I could start on Egypt before he because you curdle yeah and they don’t lose that legionary to garrison you would lose that soldier because it would become a garrison but you would conquer that okay so I’m gonna do that okay so you’re choosing the conquer action to fish two fish which you can either bribe or stall but remember if you choose to store them you can’t then choose to bribe with them later cuz yes they’ve got into the storage they’re in the book so kind double bribe yep yeah alright sizable actual bribe theories wealthy uglies that’s pronounced so use double bribe him with a fish yep now conquering that gets you one glory yep oh there is something we forgot to do when you build a building you need to fill in the number one on your building trunk because every building you build these basically worth a point at the end of the game you got the glory that’s it you will want somebody who’s built a road to it all right fine which one the bad shape I know I know it is one of these advisors yes right mark your second die okay second thanks architect yep allows me to put my I was here on the shrine your Foreman yes yeah my Pullman okay so you’re gonna use the architect to build an unavailable building yes okay is to break across these two bricks across the two bricks so that’s what you didn’t want to build earlier yet you know and you get to build a shrine which is a 2×1 building must be built completely on a hill yes okay you put the SSH yep that gives me one building one building point it will be worth points at the end of the game depending on which hell you’ve built it on and immediately allows me to take a god that goes on there and the immediate bonus of building a shrine is you take Jupiter Mercury or Mars because you can’t have something I will take Jupiter okay just pop it pop it over here for now just so we can see it there you go right now you’ve got some other icons on that door yes you go to jewelry do thatís all these Brian dreams going on turtle right don’t hold your second action did you use ancillary to do that you did okay which I can say how did you do that yeah I realized they must be done before he’s watching me like a hawk yeah so I was gonna backpack you tried to do something I realized I couldn’t do it um anyway so I am using this dice I am taking one spinning story me yeah and I’m using one stone to build a renovate the road there okay so there is one milestone icon on that roads usually that’s main legacy one legacy yeah and one fish and because you have renovated a road to this settlement the owner of this settlement okay so what is that ability is when I conquer I gained the region’s resource what you don’t know right I guess yeah so I’m gonna use the scrollers and architects which I understand it gives me a discount of one resource on building a building so I’m gonna build the market yep so I need to yeah that will then go on the market yep if you build it next to an army building you’re gonna get a bonus there is an army building in the game so building it next to that so we’ll do that okay okay so what discount would you like so I’ve gotta cross off the cost so the cost cost it’s a brick an award Apple you used an architect so you get a discount yeah so I’ll use you’ve also got a space stone on this don’t know story right so because you’ve built that very I get you’ve built it adjacent to somebody else’s building Uganda’s is the person who’s building it is triggers the production ability which is a soldier yep you get a senator okay and also and then that goes on to the mark and also because steel Cleese is actively distracting army or this is an open building yeah thank you an army or Legion I sold it when constructing an army or an open building you get a soldier nice and there’s the ability of the market which is gainer jewelry.if adjacent to at least one army building jewelry which you can bribe or store jewelry are wild in some wild for trading okay yes and you have built one building so you put one in the building truck so there we go that would quite a lot happened for you building that because it had a immediate bonus you built it next to somebody else’s balloon so Paul got to activate the production ability of that you got a senator and you had an advisor that get ya a whole load of things chained off that but that is I think the end of round one yeah so cleanup phase which is basically that moves to there you see them okay let’s take that blue one nearest you the one with the two baskets and this man one with the brick and the two water yes brick and – yeah there you go remember if you wanted to spend a senator you could double draft yes you get to architect [Music] don’t need a fish just keep your dice there just we can see it go to you sir Oh impact yeah yeah oh yeah thank aft yeah basket is wild and AIDS it’s a wild card for any type of resource but you can’t store it as a basket okay right action phase them all first mr. prefect if you want to know any of these do feel free to ask obviously when you play this properly you will want to read carefully all of the buildings at the start begin to make sure you ain’t bribe breached I see you’re using I’m sorry I’m gonna use that dice okay oh wait a minute that might not be the greatest idea cuz I can do that I can use one of those actions of pain resource that’s somebody at the door so I will be I will be back in a minute you carry on playing without me heartless is pain do that I can’t do waiver yeah so what’s just arrived in the post are the new cards for this game which I was hoping would have arrived by this morning so what I’m gonna do because these look a lot nicer is I’m gonna quickly switch them out so yes they’ve actually got some artwork on notebooks yeah Kerry Kerry on blank but things are changing literally as we are doing the video okay so I am going to take the red dice I’m gonna use the scroll you’re conquering again I’m going to use the basket as something I can write someone with fish and then I’m gonna conquer this next province again same thing one army one auxiliary is – yeah which is enough to conquer it and then you have to garrison that soldier yeah so Kassian when conquering gaining the regions resource along being a brick that there you go we have cards with artwork on we also have some nice and Nero cards so I’ll change them as well while while we’re playing what do we need to seven four two seven four two there we go Nero cards where’s the proconsul there you go there’s the new proconsul card very much there you go component upgrades live on camera use the architect ability to get a discount for building so the normal cost is two because I built that one so it will be two would be one would there discount of the brick and then are you moving your overseer before remember you can move it one space for free before you build you don’t have to because the jeweler is worth at the end of the game two points if it is adjacent to an opponent’s urban building which at the moment is there so if you were to build the jeweler adjacent sir there it can be worth points at the end of the game which you have to if I move to here and well I can’t move to there and then build it no but you could build it here I see me yes so first movements free okay hey that’s my tool then I’d be struggling want help right yeah you can go across smartphones in a hill just not two different hills JW and then you oversee a move on to it yep so the building the demand so you get a senator for doing that because you built adjacent to somebody else he’s building like an you get to do the production ability of the market which is either gain two of wood brick and stone you should get them and then if you wanted to you could spend any three resources to get the jewelry or you could just take two resources it could be a mix it could be a brick in a wood if you wanted one stone per road yeah yeah – okay can you take two brick you got the senator yes I also get under that’s of producing that’s enough you think yeah can you get another building on your building truck you build two buildings to just fill in that building a bit more media yes thank you here we go right so that was this cool your second action eased no no you went first oh that was around before no so I’m going to become green okay you have an army strength of – yeah so where would you like to conquer okay that’s what bringing in yeah because I get that so you have to leave a garrison so crossed off one of your soldiers you have won glory for conquering it’s the cross swords bit and because of your advisor I’m using it to bribe you so unfortunately I had to eat my senior advisor ability is when you conquer you get the bonus yeah which she’s now getting me additional glory right way my conquer okay and you’ve still got those resources from their diamond sister store so they are being stored brick okay you’re done often your second action right so I’m gonna do a construction action yeah I’m thinking maybe building the engineering post which looks like it needs to that’s fine now I could build it here on this hill or here next to is it better speed ability next to me no you only get a senator if you build next to somebody else’s build okay of course they then get to activate their building yeah it’s an EP and that cost you two would in a break the two boys on this dice yeah we just need to break so you have built next to two buildings okay one of them’s open based on many elves so you get a center tip and you also get a building thing on here because you built another building Paul you get to write very training ground which is a soldier and after you get to activate the training the market which is this again gain to stuff and I also get and then the overseer moves on to it and then the foreman moves on to there and I was again oh yeah you get a soldier you know because of the unclean there we go right your building is that well your second action okay I’ll use the fish to bribe the adviser so now I get the regions resource when I connect summons to Rome okay and and I can’t use the buildings on the board right there’s a training ground here he has an engineering post here I will use them both okay so you’re gonna use the raised legions argument with this so you two both got the corner cause he’s using your building which is this way you get Asante for that yeah and this either get a stone or spend a stone to get two soldiers home okay we’re done end of round two proconsul passes on those phonies so who has senators I have to I’m 22 you know so yeah if you wanted to spend a senator you could be on drugs what was the other use of this imposed analysis given icons and I remember even if you use them they’re still worth points at the end of the merchant it’s useful it’s not needed for taxation but it’s useful it’s also not needed for trade but it’s useful especially if you’ve got jewelry okay I should take that one there double dry Fink maybe maybe okay so you just cross out one of you send it says okay I’ll take the any worker [Music] tricky he’s treating actually bring the dice in a bit your luck oh sorry yes it comes back yes it yeah author doesn’t get a third one okay right actions off you go okay so I’m doing the raise lesions read the card so this one is simply getting a soldier this one is either get a stone or spend a stone to get two soldiers okay so I’ll do that now if I activate marks building as well as I’m McFate I think you can save up to three you I get I get the you get the soldier be Paul gets the quarry both of those which died using I’m using yes yes Paul you get a coin and you get so I get an arm you get a soldier for that one and what you want to do for this one spender stone to get two soldiers or just get a stone on spins okay you can’t use the other Roy comes on here constructed an army no that’s when constructing an army or urban be right mark or bug your first one will store all those resources to be bored in a break any action and reactions okay so I’m gonna use this die yep I’ll store the two would you store the two would it yeah now we’re gonna build with the hammer now I can absolutely use that one I’m sort of waiting to see what happens unless it builds me oh no I don’t want to build something else did you have the thing the first thing let’s go conquering first so being to bribe somewhere what do I wearing bribing they don’t like this then it’s good concrete you’re using this diet yes I have used the jury to bribe yeah I mean you’re conquering you have an obvious relative to my day plus it was either eight do you have an always like the three so there’s think that one which you can get to yeah sheesh a dying yeah you get to glory for that because there’s two little flags yeah you have to leave behind a garrison garrison do you have a when conquering debilitate yeah D I get an additional brewery and I get the region’s resource which is brick and of course I do you want to go there is there a threesome around this I’ll go through the 300 a yeah yeah rub that mine let’s give this free in the fish fishing bass fishing severe because then I can get mad in running straight away yeah I’m gonna use the fish to immediately bride yeah okay so amount of glory so yeah yep so is that you you get an extra glory every time you conquer Yeah right okay / settlement right okay okay off it you have an auxiliary into fish yes I believes the fish to bribe definitely book I’m going to completely seal cleans he says dice with jewelry or hammers gain an additional Zuri oh that’s kind of matching this too right so I’ve got essentially two auxilary yeah so you’ve got six almost ready for six harmonies right so we’ve got more than one place yeah yeah you could do those two those two because that’s not start to get much of a muchness three points whichever three was three glory whichever you do okay okay I’ll do those do okay and then cross off to say yes to soldiers who have to be garrison you get three glory for doing that which is the cross swords track to three yet you’ve used this to finish but I get another two fish dear because just when conquering so I wanted get one fish okay then you said you’d fully bribed this guy you haven’t fully brought these the points in I think it’s time for that later so I’ll add a fish – okay right don’t mark your second dice there’s another choice so that’s going to be a hammer scroll is gonna be a hammer yep I’m gonna use that stone plus two other stones and then going to use expand action yep – there’s gotta be three roads in the same region yep okay no no that’s one stone is it don’t ya so total legacy that you get is one two three four plus another two because you did two or more rows so secretly doing it and the owner of those settlements gets the resource you get to break and then during the expand action gain the region’s resources when connecting settlements to Rome so you get two Biggie’s one bricks as well right all your second yep maybe this doesn’t work they actually haven’t actually activated this ability but but if I had when you were selling these connectors our own game and money have applied if that had BS I sneaked in and did it out restoring to wood I went to build it yeah that’s tricky no you think you should have kept one of them fish mate they must need a fish to do that and then do that that’s what I’ll tell you then so I’ll do that for a STONER first thing which gets you to legacy and a fish get you a fish because you’ve now connected now yep okay end of the round so the proconsul passes on and we go to Round four here we go remember if you have a senator you can double draft no one I’m sorry are you two okay you just pop the dice so I’ll see the cents up so people can see it well take the elect that’s all muck a hammer in a brick or brick into wood okay and Europe first thinking a building yes I am going to build okay that’s one brick yep add another brick building a shrine there think so unless anybody remembers reading anything you can’t have more than one nobody’s ready so your Foreman goes on to the shrine you immediately take either Mars or mercury you may own multiple gods favored cards at once but you can only use them on your turn and only one per turn so that is the restriction yep and I’m going to use this dice I’m gonna use a ring for bribery yep I’m going to use the architect to do that to build an unavailable building two words in the ring waving a brick and where would you like to build the engineering post are you gonna move first he’s not you know it doesn’t help me that’s one you can do okay so that’s an EP your overseer moves on to it you get a senator because you built adjacent to somebody else’s building yeah I get one of them buildings activate thank you impose this doesn’t have a right yeah there is no conquer Bethlehem collyrium did we do that wrong earlier no right I think I should be raising more legions because it’s very important do that so I would even symbol three army there’s no three army buildings oh there are 300 buildings in the game yes I’ll do that so the training round gives me a legion game of stone or spend a stone for two two leaders for two soldiers okay you don’t have any standing I don’t but I I’m acting to engineering posts so net effective three soldiers one for the program and you use poles to of poles buildings yes so you get two points we soldiers okay there is a limit on these strikes yeah I will bribe using the basket and we build well they actually that legionary can’t it yes what’s that so I will conquer instead you don’t need any icon it can’t be an auxiliary the scroll cannot be on exhilarate but it can take a contraction you can take another break ok with any yeah right that’s the speed of there yeah soldier there’s two – are there any – is left no no no you made a trading amaz cover for an extra – yes you go fall and so I believe that that one there is worth – yep that is worth more than plug from room so good for the three of them you can go for this one yes yeah you can’t give up get you to glory and you need to leave a soldier behind as a garrison so okay mm-hmm I’ll be taking this fish for bribery yep I’ll be storing the wood yeah I’ll be doing a bill deck oh I’m gonna spend a fish to move so you’re doing the construction so I’m doing the construction so is there no no you can’t move into the middle of nowhere you have to end up in the building onto that one that’s no used to me then why not work I want to end up building there go need to bribe me to move cuz I can never build across two hills no what shapes the building I’m trying to build which one you’re trying to build okay let’s go concrete instead then okay do you have the fish in the wood this concrete now I guess you’ve got an army strength of two let’s get conquered leave somebody behind you get one glory like a – glory – because of your special mercy yep okay okay conquering okay first have a bribe you so a bribe can measure the fish yeah then you go to conquering whence – exhilarate because of seven are we strapped in there and I was thinking I’m trying to take out yep more than two threes that’s right okay so get you a total of five glory this one yep we have our first yeah yep so you get this you have to leave three Garrison’s you although under the rank five so let’s just have a check is anybody close to get in another Nero card yeah you are yeah with you all on conquer much one conqueror but then nobody else is close but I haven’t got nearly enough army to conquer it okay right nothing no that is probably that money double drafting almost certainly actually yeah almost certainly [Music] Jules work those how’s that red one there yeah this one so you spend your son it’s up oh maybe because that would get me three for now that’s ugly yeah therefore the one I said well yeah so you spend your senator take a second time okay ya know most choice left Rick yeah so I get to take to any because this yeah be the end right pull raising legions you so so store fish bright with fish I’m sorry Brian fish store a stone yeah raise legions using three buildings which gets me one from that building one sold you from the training ground yeah yeah I’ll use one of the engineering post to Gaston and then the other one will turning into two soldiers yeah two more soldiers yeah you stay neutral and Arthur gets it can we get a cordon that is spent and okay okay business so no I didn’t get resources and I do for I think I need specific yeah okay so I think I’m gonna build well I’m gonna take because well architect building Junction tree moved to here yep a discount of one or are you going to build an available building no builders okay okay I’m gonna build the dude which was two wood and good if it is next to an opponent’s open building something like this all there any opponent server and buildings at the moment buildings and markets and villas [Music] building your market yeah two points at the end of the game if it’s adjacent to at least three buildings and the forum counts as a building so you got a discount with Wallen yes I’ll take the wood as a discount okay mr. Braddock so the immediate bonus of building a villa is a jewelry thank you so jewelry looks like it looks like in yep it stored or bribed I’ll store it jay-j you’re building truck yep it was this one okay building so you get soldier okay all right mark with your holds of breaking news okay you can use a senator so mad and I’m gonna have to okay to do that to give me a which by Konnor you are oh yes sorry yeah oh and yeah hang on you built adjacent to that and that and that so you get a senator you get a senator for building adjacent to that and the production ability of this happens to jewelry which is yeah the production ability of the market happen is which is that or spend things to get the jewelry they stone its to wood brick or stone and the engineering post doesn’t have a production ability right sorry yes we’ve got to trigger all of that when you when you built right so you spent your senator yes ad I’m assuming to be a benefit to having an architect as opposed to a builder yes well let me step arose no okay to do that so we could I see you using I will be using might as well have that one building a market okay so market cost a brick and a wood but you get a discount of its the wood okay so you spend one of these bricks on that and then you can store the other two bricks so move your Foreman onto the market yep where are you gonna build it are you removing your overseer first just the market the market I’ll get you a jewelry if it is constructed adjacent to at least one army building you can just build the market over there my apologies yeah that’s it okay so that is an MK mean you get a senator because you built adjacent to somebody else’s building soldier yeah the training ground activates and you get a soldier you got the senator you get another building on your building track that’s the fourth building you’ve built you move your overseer onto it and the immediate bonus of building the market is you get a jewelry if it’s adjacent to at least at one army building which it is and you’re keeping that jewelry you can yeah or you could keep it and then trade with it nobody’s doing any trading yet mm-hmm [Music] okay Paul your second dose concrete first of all I’m going to store the basket as mm ring jewelry okay then I’m gonna get conquering right so three IV strength of five closely auxiliary well who’s gonna think three then five thought you don’t need eight you work out your army Trent first oh right your army strength is nothing we do anything does it okay so I can only do one of those two so probably do that you could raise legions again no no I could or I could go one free one use it to construct and use it to construct as an architect okay I’m also construct destroy a shrine yep there so we’re one brick discount yep he’s such a widget thing gets me because I built it clearly New York alias I get a ring which a bribe yeah and I get soldier and you get one of the god I think I wonder because your Foreman on front yeah I don’t know what the guns do but I think it’s probably that one good for concrete but I thought you said you needed lots of conquering [Music] yeah Mars is good for conquering all raise now I’m gonna say that one could pop it this side of you right other okay I think you snotty connect that’s on these regions I’ve conquered so I’m going to do an expand this would require a hammer thing but the scrolls can be used as a hammer and that is a stone that is a stone and I have to Morse don’t get you can use three stories no need to connect up these three settlement okay you yeah no that’s fine yeah hello Loki come in announcing himself they’re not far from the water again uses up uses three stone and get you count the milestones one two three four five plus two needed so seven legacy that’s one yeah I know you hungry and also did a time yet because I’ve connected any time when your settlement is claims is Rome gained the coins oh I’ll get three coins because I’ve got 93 settlements yeah I think so Yeah right bunk I’m gonna have to use that solar to again is the Builder I should’ve cost reduction you should have when you built yeah and that engineer opposed activated but there’s no but there’s no abruption ability yeah I’m going to see you’re constructing yes so moves on yeah might as well yeah is the architect of a so that that’s to to break into wood so there’s a brick and it would and I’ll get this kind of a brick which gives me an extra wood yeah so you understand how the plaza works yeah so it’s not yet part of a 3×3 grid correct but it will be that you didn’t build adjacent to anybody else’s so you don’t get a senator but the production ability of the market and the shrine activate shrine doesn’t have a production ability but the market does right so you either get two wood stone wood brick or stone and then you can spend any three resources to get a jewelry so there are and yeah okay two of them two things of that of that choice yet okay and then spend any three resources to get jewelry this isn’t the only you if you’ve traded in something with rings ask the trade out the trade action with emotion right yes keep the two stone okay and I won’t trade in anything okay that’s done you built so that’s another building so you built all those foods raise the aerocart yeah that’s glory that’s not your car in fact you should have what we don’t hear three four five buildings you should only have to glory I think right so five buildings yep I think only to glory that’s the only settlement you conquered isn’t it is yeah okay so close and that’s that done under the rent passes round six are we looking to see your poster are you close to home okay right so double drafting is available okay blue dice well for a minute first seems like okay [Music] [Music] well let’s take the great woman with the know the basket and then I’ll have one of the Blues I don’t care which one I’ll probably set it once left protecting the wood or when I’m zillion to fish okay right Action News okay so last door to stone and that is a build or expand kill the last time had to be next to yes mark has built the villa oh you build mark as well we’ll get your legacy which would get you a near real card give me five give a people two or more roads you get an extra 286 you know the logic so they say well to Stefan OU’s not one priority it’s not one it’s not one per models though so I write so I can connect up well and then come back out to the lower one yeah okay yeah so if I build that road in that road yeah because you’re to stone huge odds okay Hugh seven legacy yeah one two three four five plus a bonus of two so seven legacy so yep okay who’s the architect to build an unavailable building which will be the plaza right okay which costs a would I say to you there’s a wood brick brick and stick it right next to the other plant sir exactly both part of a 3×3 grid correct okay nice you’ve built adjacent somebody else’s building so you get senator sorry you don’t get a sense of those to activate yes parser doesn’t have a production ability but the market does which is two things either wood brick or stone – and then you can trade any – any three resources for jewelry these three resources for jewelry yeah only three resources for jewelry let’s have three would fit you would Forge or a jewelry okay which I come with though that was that this one and then I’ll still Paulo jewelry so got a jewelry which will be used to bribe yep okay okay I’ll be use them that one I’ll be using the basket to do some bribing and then I’m going to be going conquering army strength of seven three in the four yep so that’s three great glory three glory from the board cut the two I get off here so that’s five glory five glory on to the final me rod and of those yeah yeah okay so if I use this for you so if I do trade yeah yeah yeah if you use the icon and jewelry okay so you’d get a jewelry if you did [Music] okay is an MK oversee it goes on it yeah you built the Jason to somebody else he’s building so you need to put an s on you get a senator that activates which does nothing that night debate which there was nothing the villa activates which duels this building next to me it activates which is a building and the jewelry at some point yeah right but I also get my pencil open building so I get an army is an open public buildings yep so I will expand yep the to you store the to would to would be stored and how many stone do you wanna spend my eyes I can only spend three I’ve got four stone here yeah you know do three though one two three right which is worth six or you could go to stone here yeah oh no you can’t go to that sorry guys don’t think conquered you know so that’s probably a best bet for you so three stone yep see you shading that one that one of that one which is a total of six legacy plus two so you get 8 legacy for that wasn’t because that’s what I was gonna do that keeps me yes well that gives the owner of the settlements yeah which is Paul jewelry so you get three jewelry and I get one jewelry or do I get I just gained the region of resource when connecting settlements to Rome so do I get it free settlement I’ve connected to three during the expansion gained the region’s resource you just get the resource once I think you get one jewelry because it’s when connecting settlements and then sorry I’m not storing that jewelry that’s going straight into bribery yeah which gets me the fifth wall there what are you doing your three jewelry I don’t know I’m just looking at the dice still so I’m gonna retake the dice to there I think but I’m used to all the three jewelry though yeah yeah so if I trade yep you get six books six coins if you trade three jewelry with a merchant cuz I just I can I just made them do three things that I can’t these six things no six points is alright use during trade or tax plus something gained two if you have raised endorser links in at least two regions which I tell you okay so I gained two extra caline’s right I’m the merchant do I lose that forgive me but the games almost over anyway yeah yeah because I’m using that action on what hang on to it because I’ve still got that did you do it okay so I’ll just take the six when I see you’re using the merchant icon on there and trading three jewelry yeah yeah I’ve got to spend a resource no yes I have to turn the toys right oh right okay yes and all players now get to activate the production ability of one of their buildings all right so so I’m gonna activate the market yeah and then I want to use this ability created jewel and we spend any three resources yeah – so would any production abilities you you’ve got a market if you wanted or you’ve got a villa know you’ve got a villa resources and you can then spend any three resources to get your ring stone and okay and then you spending them jewelry no okay Paul do you have a production ability you understand me I produced a legion okay is that it yeah so we’re into the round mm-hmm yeah start playing passes and this is now round seven I wish on the senator could double draft Oh decisions decisions do you want to do this round I know they’re there any Scrolls there’s a scroll scroll things for you got Jupiter as well pass me that so that blue one with the stones on this is just reminding about Jupiter I could have gone for that thing that had two actions like but none of those were really actually doesn’t work and I’ll be double drafting I think because there’s not gonna be any news after this new senators divided icons [Music] just yeah you trade merchants you don’t need it but it’s now three but I thought it automatic yes I can do it without anything okay so let’s take that one okay cuz I can set blues and yellows to anything I like the cost of money is a real resource yeah okay right so final actions of the game oh sorry your first yes I will use that builder okay I’ll draw the wood I will figure out what do with fishing of it and I will be building with one two stone two roads to roat’s believe I can do there and there you got there which is six legacy you know now fall and the owner of this settlement gets a break she’s you the owner of this settlement gets a break and I get a brick because of the fish you need whether those got connected but okay sorry a right yes decent taxation actually are we gonna see our first taxation Oh dot are you thinking I don’t know because if he’s doing everything I was gonna do left a mark in a rule book okay so what’s your army strength let’s go through it seven okay so i think i’ll villa five yeah with this dice yeah you don’t have to use that one without have to use that one might as well you go three glory it’s probably no point doing that girl next island will worry anyway it’s only gonna get you one point yeah i was doing so if i could build the road and then get the written the extra jewelry but I might as well know you need three jewelry don’t yeah taxation taxation I’m using this well it says that all of my settlements are considered commit big so I’m getting three jewelry two fish and a brick okay during the trade or taxation gained two coins if you have roads and or settlements in at least two regions and all your settlements are considered connected I’m not really sure that doesn’t give me any point so that’s the trouble already got you three jewelry didn’t keep it over any two jewelry so I can’t use you’re broke where on the Ribery spaces that you’ve not filled in yet all these yeah for like a zillion poisonous yeah and you got the two coins and there you go that’s what you ready today right okay so two baskets and turn that into fish okay you do a great icon that’s been three jewelry jewelry to get six coins nicely done right your last action of the game does in fact I mean we can use our produce ability oh yes Ari yeah all players make yeah all players can do a project production which gives me two of anything at the market yeah yep to get jewelry yeah yeah and they’ll use that jewelry to bribe yep okay right I will do a trade and using the scroll as a merchant yes free Joe does that do anything more if it’s actually immersion yes because I’m basically doing trading three jewelry in yep to three great which is six coins six coins and there’s also a basket on there is which would be a Yeah right and then everybody gets the production ability including myself yeah yep they all players get it when you tried all players may trigger a proven ability of one of their buildings the resources aren’t worth anything in the game okay I can do Villa yeah which we are ringing this another Brian that doesn’t give you the points Conan dearly Yeah right Paul your life action yeah we didn’t saying oh I’m spend it I spend a resource to read you took no you take that poster there yeah and then motion icon three dream Gregory six coins yeah everybody gets to do a production ability and then do it again to from there closer to the wall more from there another jewelry yeah lots of bribery to get a coin a jury and then your last action right you could do exactly the same good it’s six points are you gonna get any more six point [Laughter] icon to it yeah use that jewelry and that tool jewelry you get six coins and again everybody gets approach and ability of one of the buildings [Music] okay right so we’re done let’s go through the points for the restarted but let’s go through them one by one so first of all the coins on your coin track right that number of points there next is the building track but before we do the building front let’s just check it’s correct one two three four five six six you have to get six points pull your three and after you are four yep so that’s four points on the building track right manufacturing buildings the give point did anybody build a jewelers and also no is it just that one yeah okay so two points if it is adjacent to at least one opponents urban building it is two points for your manufacturing building next is the army buildings so urban buildings right the villa you of a villa here which is worth two points because it’s adjacent to at least three buildings anybody else got a villa no mark it’s not worth anything right army buildings engineering posts who’s going engineer I have region where you have rope because somebody kept building roads before me so two points if you have two regions with Rosa plus one point for every one a Jason I think I’m the only person that’s got two adjacent for adjacent are we building except another training ground yeah so that’s worth two yeah so I’m actually going to three we didn’t want to write four right okay next religious buildings so this shrine here is worth three points this shrine is on one point this shrines two points out throwing these two points I believe yep nope yep and now no one point so mark you get four called you get one later building this that’s the plot three points if it’s part of the 3×3 completed grid which that one is and that is so you get six points for your leisure buildings right next yep basically your legacy points they transfer directly to points glory track so it’s just a number it’s just a number ten yeah advisors so you get eight Paul you get twelve eight near a bonus I thought you get 11 Paul you get two and then your soldiers and your senators so do you get they have random getting active so if there are active and inactive even if that’s been you still get the points per minute and then your school’s 62 points over there 20 24 26 28 38 42 thirteen fifty to sixty seventy one seventy seven seventy nine there you go so 79 points wins 62 second 54 so strategy-wise I mean you got a lot from this you got you’ve got a lot of coins yeah I miss this person was quite good at building military force and I just basically did that for a few how did you get all your coins in the end I mean I got to lots of twelve coins Oh 2006 coin yeah from training for the people using your buildings maybe yeah where did you get most of your points from conquering things but I got Arthur building there really messed me up a bit why was blended excellent and then just sighed and sat there in a way and then I couldn’t get so did you bribe me I thought you were gonna get more points because I thought this was gonna be quite a lot of yeah I don’t think religion is very good at all but it was just that was just six yeah yeah I was trying to get my military force up but the Queen got the second second military building built to make it worth praising merchants and then things just went and then I plan to build raped in every one of these because that’s that’s where the for me yeah yeah yeah yes yes but also blocked me well there we go so that is a full tutorial and playthrough video hope you found it useful if you’ve got any comments or questions on the game then please let me know in the show notes below thank you very much of everybody for joining me today though you’ve enjoyed the game I’ll see you next time fiddle 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