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Roll Hunting Boxes of Half Dollars

January 27, 2020

I think we’re overdue for a solo half
dollar hunt hey everybody its Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and that’s right I’m gonna do a two-box hunt today I’ve got several boxes that I’m picking up this
week or that I already have far too many to go through all my stream and since we
hunted a couple of these F boxes at three and four I figured I’d hunt f 1 &
2 on my own now f 3 & 4 produce no Silver’s that’s why I selected them so
fingers crossed that I selected a couple of boxes that might give us a silver –
but if I don’t find silver I will be checking as always for all of the clad
varieties that I can find on the 71 d – 72 P 272 days 73 74 77 all day and then
of course any know if G’s on the 82 P as well
that being said we’ll be checking for forms or proofs and the NIF C’s on top
of that and if I find anything we’re showing of course I’ll put it in the
microscope bring it up on the screen so you can see what I’m looking at and we
can look at it together now that I’ve got that all said let’s go ahead and
crack open live this first box and see if we have any Enders on the top all
righty we’ve got an old 71 there I don’t see
anything that says it’s silver from the bird’s eye view but I will be flipping
them around and taking a look at the other side and I’ll give you a look at
that once I’ve done that all right we’ve got them all flipped around I don’t see
anything saying it’s silver so it looks like no Enders maybe we’ll have some
Enders I’ll bring you in on my first find if we find something
so we’re ten rolls into this first box and the only fine so far is a 2011
Denver minted nifc nifc means it wasn’t issued for circulation
they made it for collector sets 2002 to present-day are all the NIF seized other
than 1987 and of course 1970 it’ll hold a lot of value in this
condition but I keep them and stack them up as sets and then I move the sets out
of my inventory for those that need them 10 rolls in let’s get on to roll number
11 so we’re halfway through box 125 rolls hunted no silver yet an eleven
nifc and a 2015 Philadelphia and I see that’s it so far just want to give you a
quick wrap-up at the midpoint rule 26 up next we’re on a roll 49 and I am silver
Scott I’ve got a few more n IFC’s but checking for those varieties there’s a
74 d under the scope and you can see it here doubled serif on the for doubling
on the are doubling on the you doubling on the s and a little bit of doubling on
the T again not a great example I never find these in that greatest shape but it
is a 74 dd-do and it’ll go of my collection now I’ll finish up this box
give you a wrap-up and then try for box two for some silver all right box one is
down for n IFC’s an O five eleven twelve and fifteen and a seventy four day do
not a bad hunt we did get silver skunked no proofs no foreigns nothing like that
and even the best part of the box is 74 DDO is not in the best shape still it
was a fun hunt we’ve got another one to do so let’s get it done let me clear
this off we’ll do an opening next alright see if I can keep this box
intact this time makes a little easier bringing them back to the bank when they
have some semblance I’ll be in the box right it’s a tough one though this blue
can be rough sometimes all right we just got a little bit of
cutting to do and that should do it all right I don’t see any Enders and
like I said these boxes were part of a two-box skunking looks like I have a
short roll once again I guarantee you that’s missing or point or two oh well
it happens let me go ahead and flip them around see if we got something on the
other side worth mentioning all right nothing worth mentioning on
box two on the other side so as always we’ll start hunting and we’ll bring you
in if we find something we’ve completed ten rules in box two so that’s 60 rules
for the hunt all we found in this box so far was a 2019 and ISC I do like seeing
the newer ones because it seems like when I found something good they always
seemed to be accompanied with the 18 and 19 and ifcs maybe it’s hopeful thinking
but I’m hoping and I’m thinking hopefully I’m a Lycan well maybe it is a
good luck charm because the very next world roll number 11 it’s beat up but
that is a proof 1984’s proof it’s been in circulation for a while pretty dinged
up but it’s still a fine nonetheless and we’ll add it to the board just cracked
open the roll 15 laid them out and sauce of the shiny we’ve got another ugly
proof but it’s still a proof this one 1986’s two proofs at a nineteen nifc
in box two we’re on Rule 26 of the second box and I think we’re finally
gonna get unscoped for this video 1967 forty percent half dollar I’ll take
it we’ll add it to the collection and hope the second half of the box heats up
well we finished box too and even though it was much better than the first box I
thought we might get on into some silver we only got one at 1967 but the two box
hut yielded 10 nifc eight in the second box and every year from 14 to 19 can’t
get mad at that we also found that 74 dd-do no other DDoS or know if G’s found
in the box kind of a bummer but I’ll take a variety all day and then we also
got the proofs so a little bit everything
proofs a variety some silver nifc can’t get mad at that also it does something
that I’m looking forward to doing area to my hunt this year adding more silver
to my 2020 solar found bin hopefully enjoyed this – box hunt I know it wasn’t
filled with blinds but I had a lot of fun doing it if you did as well please
give the video a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for

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  1. Roll Hunting Half Dollars for Silver, Errors, NIFCs and Proofs.

    Since I had extra boxes of half dollars and I am picking up more this week, I figured I'd better hunt a few on my own.

    So, I cracked into a few boxes and ended up finding a few goodies that I was excited to pull from circulation!

    Thanks for watching!

    I hope you enjoyed the video!

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  2. Hey love your vids. Am I able to send you some coins to look at and some to keep? I watch every one of your vids. 378th viewer.

  3. Rob opening box= one handed no problem.

    *Me opening box= takes me 10 years and wrecks all the coins inside.๐Ÿ˜ค

  4. I got my silver dime and quarter books today. I'm gonna try and get my hands on some silver to fill in some holes.

  5. I recently bought a Plugable camera and I would like to take photos of my dad's coin collection that I inherited. Many of the coins are silver dollars. Do they make an extension for the goose neck holder? I would like to be able to take a picture of the whole dollar on both sides.

  6. Hi Rob, I love your videos! I was wondering how you get boxes of half dollars from your banks, and also how you deal with returning them. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  7. You've got a 2020 Silver finds jar? I did something similar last year for money I found on the ground or in CoinStars. At final count I had just under $10…not counting several foreign coins I found along the way!

  8. Hey Rob!! Went through some of my moms loose change sheโ€™s kept our kitchen cabinet for years and years. Found my first 40% 1968 D Half and a 1964 D Dime and my first 1943 Steel cent!!! Unfortunately no DDR on the dime but still! Awsome finding some silver!

  9. Since I've started watching your videos about 6 months ago,I get a roll of half dollars once or twice a month,and check it for fun.Out of 8 or 9 rolls I've checked during this
    period, I've found 3 40% silvers and 8 or 9 NIFC's,including 6 2018D's in the last roll.I seem to have better luck in one roll than you do in an entire box!

  10. Hey maybe one day youโ€™ll get another glory box. Goodluck on the next ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ I wanna see more Metal detection ROB!!!!

  11. I asked at a local bank recently what it would take for them to order me half dollars to hunt. I just need $1000 cash up front for them to order the boxes. The minimum they can order at any given time is two boxes and it's not something they keep in stock. But they know about my coin roll hunting and would be happy to do it. Thanks for another hunt.

  12. Can you invest in some white gloves? Seeing your fingers get dirty as the video goes on and touching silver makes me cringe

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