Rockstars NEW Red Dead Online Game Mode Is By Far The BEST We’ve Ever Had!
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Rockstars NEW Red Dead Online Game Mode Is By Far The BEST We’ve Ever Had!

November 7, 2019

what’s up guys and welcome to another
red dead online video today is Tuesday which means we have some new updates
added to red dead online the first thing is that we have a new game mode
which is called Public Enemy now right now this is the only thing that I can
find to do with the new update these game modes always get released a couple
hours before Rockstar do an announcement later on I will bring you guys another video to talk about what else has been added I’m hoping that there will be
some more stuff but Public Enemy which is the new game mode is actually pretty
decent so much better than the one we had last week I completely forgot the
name of the one that we had last week that’s because it was just so boring I
played a couple games of it on a couple of separate days and every time I played
it it was just god-awful but this game mode
is actually pretty decent very similar to what we had with fool’s gold which is
a free roam event except this time you can pick whenever you want to go in it’s
not as rewarding as fool’s gold fool’s gold you seem to get quite a bit of gold
you get quite a bit of XP and you get quite a bit of money with this Public
Enemy I’ve only lost games so far I’ve played two games I’ve lost both of those
games and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting too much money by imagine you
might be pushing towards maybe 18 $20 if you can actually win a game i’ve been
losing it and i’ve got eleven and twelve dollars on both games but the premise of
this game mode is that there are two teams and on both teams there will be a
public enemy and it is your job to go and kill that public enemy that every
time that that public enemy gets a kill about is point and you obviously get
points before going to kill that public enemy now the way the public enemy
changes you don’t actually have to kill them for them to change sometimes you’ll
kill them and they’ll still be a public enemy that is because it is on a
time-based system and that is the only difference from this game mode to fool’s
gold in this game mode everyone has a chance of being Public Enemy I don’t
know how it decides it I think it’s just completely random I managed to go and
get public enemy three times within the first game I did I think I did pretty
well we still lost the game like I said but I did pretty well as in I got more
kills than deaths and for me that is pretty good for me because I am gone
awful at these PvP game modes but this game mode like I said is actually pretty
sick so definitely go and try out see whether or not you guys like it leave it
in the comments down below of whether or not you guys like it
because I’m very much interested to know as always also leave in the comments
down below whoever or not you would like to see
similar events you know the free roam events that we have already in Red Dead
have a sort of a different type of game mode so this is very similar to fool’s
gold myself for a whole week last week I was
not able to go and do a hunting event the new wild animal huntin event and I’ve
been trying countless hours trying to get that hunt event and I just
couldn’t get so I really wish that we would get more free roam events into
game modes where you can actually choose to go and do that game mode that would
be pretty sick in my opinion Public Enemy very similar to fool’s gold would
love something where it was a bit more different maybe there’s like a new
game-mode where everyone is on the same team and you’re against different
animals and it’s the last man standing something like that I would very much
like to see added to red dead online that’s just because I can’t ever seem to go and
get the free roam events that I want the like said leave that in the comments
down below as well but anyway guys later on I will bring out another video if you
guys talk about the full updates of Red Dead online this video is just a quick
one that I can do because like I said the game modes come out hours before
Rockstar actually announced them so that is something that could get head-on but
anyway I hope I did enjoy if you did enjoy don’t forget to leave a like and
subscribe but for now I’m going so see ya

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  1. I don't have the new gamemode?! I checked for updates and it says up to date.. any recommendations?

  2. Just tried it, came out mvp! Think i made like 18$ but i like it much more then the last one too.

  3. "I'm god awful at these PvP game modes" – I could cuddle you, sir! I'm terrible at PvP… I enjoy them but I am terrible. I guess I'm just an xp farm for other players.

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