RockSlide, the Prequel – Film It Yourself Archery Mule Deer Hunt
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RockSlide, the Prequel – Film It Yourself Archery Mule Deer Hunt

August 10, 2019

summer 2013 found a cool but with great
potential if he could survive one more year he’d
probably earn a spot on the hit list fast forward 12 months. He’d survived and
had grown into a definite shooter once harvest and archery season started
though he was tough to find I kept searching and finally found him
with only one week left to hunt I made a move but by the time I got
there he was gone with only two days left to hunt he exposed himself once again during an
afternoon rain storm he took advantage of the low visibility
and as the storm cleared he bedded down and meet the small bluff he’s in a steep rocky area so it’s going
to be slow getting a position with a little time to waste I devised a plan and headed for the
other side at the end of the ridge I peeked over
the cliff he was still there yet moved any so i
left the camera rolling and went around the back side of the outcropping as I
came around the base of the bluff he came into view again he was still
relaxed and unaware of my presence so I stayed out of sight and continued
my way through the loose rock and rye grass soon I was 30 yards from the bed back all you
had to do was stand up and take a couple steps to the right and I’d have a good
shot with only minutes left shooting light
the target finally stood but after a four minute stand steel he turned left instead of rate you never did present a clean shot and
then bet it back down now it’s getting late and it doesn’t
look like he’s going to be moving much before dark with only five minutes left of legal
shooting light i opted to be aggressive and moving
closer he heard me at 20 yards as he tried in
the site arranged him he’s 54 yards shoot for 42 this is probably going to be my only
chance it was hard to tell if he was hit but it
did look like you gave a little kick a lighted not would have been helpful but
they’re not legal here it was too dark to find the arrow so I headed back up to check the tripod
camera again it looks like there may be was a small
kick but it was tough to tell on the small screen so i headed out of the
canyon to check it out on the computer there was a definite kick but he may
have been moving before the arrow got there what really confirm the hit though was
when I took the Soviet head camera off and zoomed in for the after shot footage the arrow clearly falls out just as
getting out of sight so it’s a definite hit but i still
couldn’t tell how good it was considering that and the fact that it
was pitch black and a nasty canyon I decided it was probably best way for
the morning to go looking for him unfortunately it rained hard for several
hours that night yeah mr. Reid are you aside from the arrow the only sign i
found was a few drops of blood that is state drive we need two thick canopy I spent the entire last day of my season
looking for the buck but never did find him several trips
with help over the next couple weeks turned up nothing as well there are no signs of life or death of
the big buck hopefully though you would survive
losing an animal is emotionally draining but this is just the beginning of the
story if you feel this video is worthy please
click like and subscribe below then click on the sequel link above to
see how the story plays out trust me you don’t want to miss this

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