Rockslide Demise – Unbelievable Solo Archery Trophy Mule Deer Hunt – Solvid Film It Yourself
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Rockslide Demise – Unbelievable Solo Archery Trophy Mule Deer Hunt – Solvid Film It Yourself

August 18, 2019

Summer, 2013. Found a cool mule deer buck with great potential. If he could survive one more year, he’d earn a spot on the hit list. Fast forward 12 month. He’d survived, and grown into a definite shooter. But it wasn’t meant to be he lived another year. September, 2015 I was fearful this buck hadn’t made it through last season, because he hadn’t turned up during what little scouting I did this summer As if he new where he was going, he made his way from the top to bottom in a matter of minutes. Then disappeared behind some cliffs as he went through a rock slide chute. I did get a glipse of some movement through, so I knew he didn’t sneak out. I gave him a while to make sure he’d stay put, and while doing so,devised a plan. I was going to have to maze my way through rock slides and scrub brush But with the conditions, it was a plan that could work. Once convinced this was going to be his bedding area for the day, I set a camera up on a tripod and left it rolling, then grabbed my back pack and bow, and headed for the other side. I wasn’t far into the journey, when the buck got up and bedded down on the other side of the rock slide chute. This was great for this camera angle, but of course I had no idea of the bucks movements. From this cliff, I could tell it was going to be a tough stalk. I left a camcorder rolling, and headed his direction. As I got down toward the target’s level, the wind died down to nothing. So I took a break and waited for conditions to improve. Just as I was fighting off sleep, the wind changed. It was now blowing up the canyon, which was not good. The original plan was not going to work, and I needed to get out of there before he smelled me. I went up and around to come in from the other side. Of course, this bath was full of rock slides and brush, but I was more willing to take chances on noise than scent. He had obviously moved from where I’d last seen him. That side of the chute was getting blasted by the hot sun There was shade below the cliff I was on, but I couldn’t see the entire ledge. So, fearful that I may be standing right over the top of him, I backed out and went to the other side for a better view. A rump and an antler materialized under the cliff I was standing on top of just minutes ago. I range him. 40 yards, shoot for 32 Things were looking pretty good now, but he had lots of shade, so he might be there for a while. I waited here for about 2 hours as the earth rotated and the sun got closere and closer to him. It was about 90 degrees, and eventually his entire body became blasted by the sun light. I zoomed in on him one more time. He was obviously feeling the heat as he panted. I hoped he’d get up sooner or later. The camera running across the canyon was probably just about dead, and the anxiety was intense! Drilled him! Drilled him! Im pretty sure that was a good hit. The shot was a little forward than what i’d like, but I saw blood going, squirting everywhere So he went bailing off. I think it was a good hit. I don’t think he’s going anywhere! I’m going to see if I can get a look off that other cliff. Well, I think its time to take the Solvid Head Cam Mount off and replay the footage. The best part, getting to watch it all over again! Yep, here’s where he was. I was literally 10 feet from him. 10 feet! Not covered in blood. Definitely bloody though. He was definitely squirting. You don’t loose blood like that and live very long. Dude didn’t stand a chance. He was just coughing it up Not a bad spot to die. Look at the mass! Big ole eye gaurds on him. Chewed up his face a little bit jumping off the cliff. That is a stud! He certainly hadn’t made it far. Death came quick, and he died in a peaceful, beautiful location. For me, this buck is a true legend. I admired him for 3 years before I got to take our relationship to the next level and got to put my hands on his rack. With deep respect and admiration, I thank the mule deer for feeding my family and providing me with one of the best hunts of my life. Lots of character. Got some dreadlocks going on here. Just a cool buck 202 and a half!

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  1. Great hunt man always happy to watch ur hunts that must have been a long hike out carrying all that meat and rack of

  2. Everything worked out perfectly on this one… You had multiple cameras and you made such an amazing stalk on him..!! You were ready when he made his move. And what an absolute stud of a deer..!! Thanks for sharing and keep it up.

  3. Dang Chris! Another classic! Congrats on another great buck, and another great FIY!! Your hard work really shows. I love your videos. Keep it up bud!

  4. That was one of the best hunts and archery stalks I have seen in a long time.  Awesome man! Keep it up! Your buck is a freakin giant!

  5. Amazing video!! I love rifle hunting and just recently shot a nice mule deer buck in Nebraska. I live in Colorado and am trying to get into archery, I was just wondering what bow sight you use to make all those amazing shots!

  6. Dude, Chris, that is SOOOO hardcore. I'm super impressed with the dedication to the hunting and the camera work! Holy cow! That was amazing man!

  7. I hope I can get something like this next hunting season Im trying to get a taxidermy done. Thats a great one you have you there.

  8. Thank you for this video!!!! For us newbs, this is an excellent dissection of a mule deer stalk. I'll be watching it over and over taking notes for this season!

  9. how DO you pleole get themmouta there, no car can treverse that, rope and buggy maybe? i cant tell

  10. impressive. you can tell this is not some big production and it feels like an epic video the everyday guy shares with his friends

  11. Damn brother.. you put in some WORK! Creepin' up in that Rock-slide area musta took forever and a day to go slow enough to not make sounds off that rattle rock stuff. Not to mention being under the magnifying glass of the sun in 90 F degree stuff. Bet a part of you was glad you were hikin' back out in the dark even though it'd suck with all that climbin' under headlamp.

  12. Wow! Great footage, great buck! I admire your persistency to hang in there in 90 degree heat to wait this buck out! Most hunters would not be able to do that. You were rewarded. Awesome job.

  13. Real nice video .. good patience on the hunt. Self videoing a hunt is a lot of work I know because I try.. just a little different kind of hunting

  14. Honestly the most impressive stalk I've seen on film. That was chess. Incredible hunt, great video, stellar buck. Well done! If you need something to keep those batteries rolling (though it wasn't an issue on this hunt) hit me up. I'm the marketing director for Inergy Solar, maybe we can work something out!

  15. I like that you dispatched him humanely and that you mention your gratitude for the meat your family will have. You are a credit to the sport and one of the best ever at solo filming, with difficult terrain and circumstances. I am amazed and inspired! I wish you would show more of how you dismantle and pack out the meat.

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