Roblox: MUSICAL CHAIRS with FARTS! [Annoying Orange Plays]
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Roblox: MUSICAL CHAIRS with FARTS! [Annoying Orange Plays]

August 26, 2019

– [Orange] This chair, this
one’s got my name on it. And it also has my farts on it. (farting) (video game music) (laughing) Hey yo, it’s A to the O, back again with another gaming video. Here we are, once again, back in Roadblox. Gonna play some musical chairs. (laughing) Spooky, pumpkin musical
chairs, my favorite. Whoa. We’re just jumping right in, uh oh. Oh, they’re playing copyrighted music, I’m gonna have to replace that. Whoa, wait, we’re playing. Oh, got ’em quickly. (Orange screams) Excuse me, I’m Joe,
don’t even walking about. Where’s the– oh gimme gimme gimme! Oh. (laughing) Oh, I almost
lost right away, that was close. (laughing) Almost couldn’t find a
chair for my derriere, yeah! Aw yeah, more copyrighted music, I’m definitely gonna have to
change that when I do the edit. You wanna know why? Whenever they have
copyrighted music in this, then, the music studios, they come in and they claim your video, and
they take it away from you. They’re a bunch of jack butt-touchers. (laughing) Ah! Go go go go, quickly, ah! I got stuck on the chair again. Oh, ooh wee, that was close! Wait a second, it looks like everybody got a chair that time. Well that was weird, there’s
enough chairs for everyone. Everyone’s a winner! (laughing) Everyone gets a participation award, yeah! So how you guys doing today? Oh, we are doing so good. Yeah I see you hoppin’ back there, buddy. (laughing) Okay, so when’s it gonna
stop, when’s it gonna stop? Oh, go go go go! So, I was there right away. I’m just gonna fart in
this chair for a second. (grunts and farts) (laughing) You guys won’t wanna
sit in this chair next time. Okay? Just warning ya. (laughing) Can we go? The music stops, they
go to sit in the chair, and they’re like, “Ah, why does this
chair smell like farts?” (laughing) Oh, I don’t know, maybe
because of a certain orange! In the house, yeah gimme some, oh, oh no! Oh, almost lost that one, but I didn’t. ♫ Got that chair, that musical chair. What what? Yeah! Oh, no, mylittle_cutie7 is outta here! Too bad you couldn’t find
a chair for your derriere. Ooh, look at that guy, he’s just spinnin’. Spinnin’ around, trying to
do some cool things, huh? Cool moves! Ooh yeah, I’m gonna sit in a chair. I’m gonna sit in a chair
with no underwear, ew, gross! Not for me though, I never wear underwear. Oh, ho ho, I got that one right away. Whoa, they put me in a good spot. Aw, coolgirlMaria21 is outta here! See ya later, hot tater. (laughing) And the line gets shorter,
and there’s less seats. What’s this guy talking
about, they patched it? You mean they patched the
seat after I farted in it? (laughing) Is that what they’re talking about? Yeah. Okay, c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon
c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon! Oh yes, oh yeah, I think
I got the same seat as I did last time, sweet! What’s her name, usernameZoe, outta here! See ya later, hot potater! (laughing) What’s that banana
doing on the side there? Just hanging out? He looks pretty happy, no
one’s hurtin’ his peelings. (laughing) Man, I wanna choose the
next song, but I can’t, I won’t be able to, because
it’ll be a copyrighted song, and if I put it in here, then the music studio will
take it away, forever! Boy boy boy, no no no don’t
walk on top of ’em, geez. He was walking on top of the seats, instead of actually sitting in ’em. But I got it, I got it, don’t
worry ’bout it, I got you. I got you. Oh, here we go! Rockin’ and rollin’ through your soul-in’. Yeah! Come on, I want them
chairs, I want them chairs! I want to donate to chair-ity. Get it, chair – ity? (laughing) Ah! Ooh, yeah! I got my seat, and it feels so good. ♫ Movin’ on to the next round,
movin’ on to the next round. See ya later, buddy, outta here! Why am I always, I’m
always kinda merging into the next person in front of me. We’re kinda fused together a little bit. A little weird, I don’t
wanna be touching this guy, get away from me, weirdo! (laughing) C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon. Yes, oh, I like this chair,
this one’s got my name on it. And it also has my farts on it. (farting) (laughing) I love doin’ that! Farting in chairs, oh no, I farted in the chair
so hard it disappeared. (screams) It’s all good in the neighborhood. Okay we’re down to, six people, wow! Uh, kinda stuck inside of two people, oh, no no no no! Yeah, I took that chair
right in front of you, buddy. Oh no no, aw. (laughing) Poor the_121, he had a chair
standing right in front of him, he just couldn’t sit in
it, he just couldn’t do it! That guy really spins. You’re a big spinner aren’t ya? Undertalefam_pro, whoa! It says up there you’ve won 58 rounds? Aw man, oh no, and you’re
almost in the last round, too! Oh, no, the Undertalefam. Okay, we’re down to four people. Ooh, come on, come on! Stop the music! I mean don’t stop the
music, I like the music, but stop the music! (laughing) I want one of those chairs,
one of those chairs. Please please please please. Yes, got it! Oh, oh! The Undertalefam_pro,
he’s outta here! (laughing maniacally) See ya later buddy! Yeah look at, they’re yelling
my name back there, go Orange! Go Orange, go Orange, go, go, go, yeah! (laughing) Alright, we’re down to three people. Who is gonna, ooh, who’s gonna make it? Yes, I got a chair! Woo hoo! I’m in the final round! Oh, I can not believe it! Oh, man, I can’t believe this! Oh, is it gonna happen,
is it gonna happen? Is everything gonna be coming up oranges? Do you know? (laughing) Just gotta wait for the music to stop, wait for the music to stop. (screams) Come on, oh, it’s killing me, it’s– Oh no, yeah! Winner winner chicken dinner! What, what! Yeah, dancing with the trophy on my head. Woo hoo, alright! Yeah, spin it to win it. Wow, I didn’t actually think
I’d win that, that was awesome. Oh, we’re going right on to the next one. (making guitar sounds) Gonna have to change this song too. Oh, look, I got a candy now. One of, of 10? Wow, you need to get 10
candies to pick a song? That’s silly, that’s
crazy, why would you– Oh no, no no no. (laughing) This is my seat, this
is my seat to fart on. (grunts and farts) (laughing) That was juicy. Yeah, spin it to win it! Doin’ that dance. Wow, excuse me, I think they should spread us out a little bit more. I don’t wanna be stacked
on top of this guy. I think I’m, yeah, I’m stacked on top of the Undertalefam_pro, my mortal enemy. For this game, anyway. Ooh, yeah! Got a seat, alright! Oh no, that was coolmanisbest. Oh no, my buddy, he’s
gone, oh wait, he’s not. Wait, who got kicked out? I don’t even know what happened. Did they both get kicked out? There was two people standing, oh no coolmansibest is
still here, he found a seat! Good job buddy, I
thought you were a goner. “Why is this so tense?” Oh, boy, it is tense. (laughing) Ooh, buddy, I don’t know
if I can make it to– Whoa, no no no no! (giggling) Oh, it’s always so close,
coolmanisbest, oh he’s out. He’s out, coolmanisbest is outta here. I’m sorry buddy, I couldn’t save you. Undertalefam_pro is spinnin’. Spin it to win, how do
you spin it like that? It won’t let me spin. Whoa, get that outta here,
that’s not supposed to be there. I’m doing things, sittin’ in seats, yo. Doing important business,
that’s what they say, yeah, no no no no no, ooh! Just barely got there again. What do you think, guys? What do you think, think
I could do two in a row? Two winner winner chicken
dinners? I don’t know. Oh, comin’ down to the wire. Everyone standing on their seats. Let’s dance. We’re gonna do this, rollin’
with my homies, yeah! You can do it, you can do
it, put your back into it. You can do it, you can do
it, put your butt into it. I mean seat, I mean yeah,
that’s my chair, right there. (laughing) That’s my favorite one. “So unfair they patched it.” I don’t know what you’re
complaining about, buddy. Are you angry that they patched
your underwear or something? (laughing) “Oh hey Orange.” Hey, what’s up, buddy? Is your screen name ImagineBeFartle? (laughing) That’s a great screen name. Fartle, ImagineBeFartle. Come on, come on. I want all the winner
winner chicken dinners. Gimme the seats, chicken
tender bowling ball sandwiches. Yeah, come on, stop the
music, stop the music! Oh no no no no no no
no no no no! (laughing) Won, a-gain! Oh no, ImagineBeFartle is gone! You’re not here to spin it win it, so sad! That guy’s still here though. Undertalefam_pro, still in the game! (laughing) Sorry, sorry sorry sorry. Oh we’re coming back no no no! Whoa, whoa I got a little excited there, started talkin’ oh! You just barely got there, lady. What, what was that, did an elephant fart? What was that? Quit spinnin’,
Undertalefam_pro, quit spinnin’! Or actually not, just keep
doing it, pretty cool. (laughing) Spin it to win it, right? C’mon, c’mon c’mon, yes! Got this chair, buddy. Woo hoo, alright, we’re
down to the final five. The final, fruity five, my favorite, fans! My favorite fans, fam! Lots of F’s in there. I like to finaggle on a Friday. I finaggle with Fruit Loops. Oh no, he’s saying he better win. Oh, oh, oh no no no no! Ooh, boy, we’re down
to the final four now. Final four fight, is coming! I don’t know why you’re getting
all upset Undertalefam_pro, you’ve already won like
800 games, apparently. Save some wins for the rest of us, geez. (laughing) Okay, gotta spin it to win it. Yo, you can’t stop me. I got mad skills, mad orange skills. Whoop, yup, oh, see ya later buddy, sorry! You didn’t win. (laughing) Aw, poor Undertalefam_pro. The Orange knocked him out
of two games, right in a row. (laughing) Alright, down to the final three, I can’t believe this. Such a close game, oh oh, yes! Oh, I’m in the final round! Can Orangey do it, two times in a row? Two people, one chair. All the enchiladas. (laughing) Okay okay, one seat, one seat. Whoa, yeah! (laughing) Winner winner chicken
dinner two times in a row, can you believe it? Yeah, put that trophy right
on my head, woo hoo, alright. Well, that’s a good place
to stop for now, guys. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you do everything you can to– (speaking gibberish) Later, hot potaters, woo hoo! (video game music)

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  1. Omg I was Undertalefam_pro I’m sry didn’t accept your friend request can you friend me again?

  2. Hey its me Undertale
    Its an honor for if I knew you while i was playing the game thanks for shouting me out in the video~ Undertalefam_pro

  3. Oranges always like juicy farts I pretend my drone does colourful farts because the drone lights up

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