August 21, 2019

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today we’re playing gate grandpa’s house. I’ll be by Pat Beverley Also, follow me on tip cord And yeah, let’s get game Grandpa has gone insane just like it. Why not get out of here? Okay Doesn’t look too bad You know, I Didn’t sink Oh what the heck I plated that Grandpa had been pouring trash and so maybe try if I Try to find the saint hole What sinkhole? Go grab a thrill like ahead kind of Kind of belt it this Real so crazy, duh Okay I don’t see no saint sinkhole Okay, yeah You know, see no simple You see really weird sinkhole All right We think I found it there we go, okay, I Found it very finally found it All right There Boom et Pretty much just don’t took the water a then Yeah, I don’t care that it yeah Yeah, yeah, I got it all right Grab out secret man cave what’s up? Why would you have a man cave? Okay, don’t hear your Sis Oh feel okay Somewhere Wait, I’ll go back where it dis man cave at Up here Ya see no man cave Come on see really I heard it just been P that Do here Yeah I have no idea where it is I live around Where is it? Oh there with them We are inside or not they are here before we were toast how Am I in grandpa’s out name finally then in the poor I Really didn’t get that. Ok I’ll dip enemies. It’s a stupid me. It’s He is just right Daddy yep All right pump up pipes They even he smelled some pie It playbooks All right, oh this is easy so easy All right there Careful that the fluid lava Dissipates be like an old challenge won’t allow the challenge. Mm-hmm. Okay Oh I was so close they hit right Yeah without and I thought it I saw us Tighten up and die die there See it it Y It this in his house, are he Certainiy example release Can we Oh boy, alright Okay, okay So close I and chutney it up over this Made it All did you see her? Kuma loin There Oh Man this is This shouldn’t be that hard, there we go Come on right There All right Air without Think that is it Thank you guys for watching like the videos like that like button don’t forget bride Helped see event in that video. Bye

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