Rio 2016: Team Korea scoops two more medals in women’s archery
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Rio 2016: Team Korea scoops two more medals in women’s archery

August 13, 2019

Turning our attention to Rio now… where
day six of the 2016 Olympics has just come to an end… Scooping two more medals, it was another golden
day for Korea’s archers,…. and the small Pacific island of Fiji won its first ever
Olympic medal. Let’s cross over to our Lee Un-shin who has
a rundown of all the action.. Un-shin, quite the eventful day and another
gold for Team Korea Yeah, that’s right, Mark. Some unexpected, but memorable turns in Rio
on Thursday. With more medals than any other nation, there’s
no denying South Korea is Number One when it comes to archery, but the archer to claim
gold in women’s individual event… wasn’t exactly the one everyone was expecting. Here’s Park Jong-hong, with more. At 29 years old, Korea’s Chang Hye-jin is
the oldest on the women’s archery team. Even though a late starter, Chang’s Olympic
debut was glittered in gold. Chang defeated Germany’s Lisa Unruh six-two
in the gold-medal match,… adding another coveted gold to Korea’s medal tally in Rio. Ki Bo-bae , Korea’s former Olympic champion
from the 2012 London Games, won the bronze. Another medal favorite from Korea,… the
world’s top ranked female archer, Choi Mi-sun ,… was knocked out in the quarter-finals. For Chang Hye-jin, the victory couldn’t have
been sweeter. Four years ago, in the national team trials,
Chang fell just short of making the team for London,… finishing in fourth place. Meeting with the press in Rio after her victory,
Chang said she didn’t let that disappointment get to her and kept on training for the 2016
Olympics. [Korean] “In the national team trials for the London
Olympics, I fell short of making the team by finishing 4th. But I didn’t give up and even though I felt
disappointed at times, it made me train even harder than before.” And her positive attitude and hard work paid
off in Rio. With three gold medals in the men’s and women’s
archery events this year,… Korea has once again proven its dominance in the field. Park Jong-hong, Arirang News.

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