Rio 2016: Men’s archery team wins Korea’s first gold
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Rio 2016: Men’s archery team wins Korea’s first gold

August 16, 2019

Hello I’m Kwon Jang-ho, here to update you
with the results, the highlights and much more from the Rio Olympics. It was a busy first day on Saturday and Team
South Korea picked up its first gold… with a commanding win in the men’s team archery. It was a faultless performance, with Korea’s
three young archers Kim Woo-jin, Ku Bon-chan and Lee Seung-yun winning all three of their
matches six-nil. The highlight was in the final against the
U.S. where they scored a perfect 60 out of 60 in their first set to put them on the path
to gold. “I knew if I trusted myself, and trusted my
teammates behind me, we would get a good result. I think it was that belief that got us the
gold medal.” The win carries on Korea’s strong tradition
of success in archery, tallying its fifth gold medal in the men’s team event, and its
fourth in the last five Olympics. But before that, Korea’s first medal of this
year’s Olympic Games came from an expected source — the women’s 48-kilo Judo competition. Jeong Bo-kyung, ranked eighth in the world,
was not considered a medal contender, but in the quarter-finals she surprised everyone
with a victory over world number-one Munkhbat Urantsetseg of Mongolia. She put on another impressive display to beat
Dayaris Mestre Alvarez of Cuba by an ippon, but she fell short in the final, losing to
Paula Pareto of Argentina… and taking silver.

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  2. that is an impressive display of a newscaster making an effort to respectfully pronounce people of different countries names

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