Rio 2016: Korea claims archery gold, Phelps makes history again
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Rio 2016: Korea claims archery gold, Phelps makes history again

August 20, 2019

South Korean women archers were a little disappointed
for now grabbing all the medals up for grab in the individual event in Rio. Another day another gold, a drop in the ocean
for Team USA’s golden swimmer Michael Phelps. The results and highlights on day six of the
global games with our Lee Eun-shin. With each passing day, Rio gives us more of
what we watch the Olympics for — stories that will be told through the decades. Already the nation to beat in the field, South
Korea added two more medals in archery. Team Korea’s first-time Olympian Chang Hye-jin
won the gold, defeating Lisa Unruh from Germany six-two in the final match. Former Olympic champion Ki Bo-bae won the
bronze, the country’s fourth medal, the fourth medal for the nation in men’s and women’s
archery events this year. And with that, Korea has once again proven
its dominance in the sport. In the meantime, Michael Phelps, has made
history, AGAIN, becoming not just a legend in swimming but in Olympic history. Phelps won the men’s 200-meter individual
medley,… picking up his fourth gold in Rio and his 22nd in his already massive collection,
which breaks the individual record set more than 2-thousand years ago by an Olympian in
152 B.C. With the victory, Phelps also became the first
swimmer to win the same event at four consecutive Olympics. Another great moment in the Olympic action
of the day happened when the Pacific island nation of Fiji beat Great Britain in men’s
rugby to win its first Olympic medal ever — and best of all it was gold. This is the first time since 1924 the sport
has returned to the Olympics. History is being re-written almost on a daily
basis,… and it’s not even the halfway point yet,… building the anticipation for all
of the next events to come. Lee Un-shin, Arirang News.

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