Riga – Letônia. The Old town, good food and Archery!
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Riga – Letônia. The Old town, good food and Archery!

August 20, 2019

[Music] hello yeah you’re sitting my [Music] a single-engine Salvadorian occasionally Kona akiza Higa yasujiro ozu song who in blazes Rosa Rosa Jones you so like oh they’re getting a feel for this age if you don’t a powerful bond on articles at the back of its coat a couple job is making today Hopkins of each room that’s possible photo Jovi’s by the garage Cheyenne of a main to Migrator temple here is yours Kunis square and [Music] we’re in the location museum now and it was its though this one here in Riga and it was created in 1773 and as a guy says it’s the most interesting museum to see it takes about one hour [Music] one thing’s insane [Applause] [Music] we did this little 5d cinema about radium it’s pretty interesting to see a little bit of the city by the sky [Music] the highest [Music] every sculpture you get something like golden probably means you’re gonna get to like keep so touch the golden statues [Music] [Music] daddy would you the Stampeders charge a louder meeting that was completely destroyed and reconstructed so why are we gonna do now artery inhuman optimistically fight what captain so4 in the circus whoa [Music] [Music] the arch ring was better than expected much better I only got far wrong and he got two three yeah but I started first so he’s got advantage because it’s all how it’s done by rolling in outside the circle thing [Music] that statue that is restoring is the one that the lady that represents the freedom of the country it was under yes Union domain for quite a while so yeah [Music] welcome to the part of the video you realize I didn’t talk much about the city you know so I come here to give some insights of what I thought about it first I want to say that I didn’t catch much of an identity of the Latvian people it was very confusing and that’s mainly because they were invaded by so many different nations has been occupied by Russians poles Swedes German people and then it was a part of Prussia and then part of Soviet Union regardless of the wish of the Latvian people but then they took them to Siberia and ottoman people were shot there and then the nicest to control and then was back to Russia and then it only started getting independent in 1989 and officially recognized in nineteen eight ninety one so it’s very recent and yeah don’t forget to subscribe

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  1. Portugal Jugou aí no inicio do verão, as 23 horas ainda era dia aí…agora a que horas fica noite? beijão Sarah

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