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August 12, 2019

♪ ♪ Welcome to the Peel Archery Club
in Brampton, Ontario where current and future
Olympians come to train in a sport that dates back
to 10,000 BC. One of the originals. This week, theMercer Report
sets its sights and follows the arrow to
the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. (♪♪) Here she is. She is Team Canada’s
Olympic coach in archery. She is a legend. She is Joan McDonald.
Hello, Joan, how are you? Good, thanks. It is great to be here. You are, indeed,
a living legend. How many Olympics have
you gone to as a coach? I’ve been
to five Olympics. That is unbelievable. And you are in the Olympic
Hall of Fame, correct? That’s true. As a — not as an athlete
but as a — Builder. You’re a builder. See, that’s a difference
between you and I. You build things up;
I tear things down. But we will
come together today and learn about
the sport of archery. Good. Ever take down any big game with
a bow and arrow? No, I have not. But I took one small game
by accident. Oh really? At a Canadian championships,
I had a miss, and it hit a — -Goose!
-Gopher. A gopher. You took out
a gopher? I took out
a gopher. And I wasn’t gonna
pull the arrow out. Somebody else
had to do that. But for the next
five or six years, I was known as the great
white hunter in archery. Here she comes. Can I actually
hold this? Yeah, sure. Is it okay?
Is it one of those things? You’re sure? Yeah, positive. ‘Cause you know what
some people are like. -Heavy, isn’t it?
-It’s not light. Also, I wanna commend
you both on your posture. Thanks. Yeah, absolutely. Because I was looking back
and I just — I mean, I’m often
like this, right, because of a spinal condition
I have called laziness, but… What does one
of these things cost? 3,000, probably 4,000.
Depends where you’re going. Right. That’s why
you’re nervous, isn’t it? Well, you know,
I don’t want you to drop it. Just to be clear,
I’m not insured. We’ll have you
shoot these ones. Why, how much
is an arrow? 75 bucks. $75 for an arrow? Yeah. Have you, like,
put sparklers onto it? Like, glued
sparklers onto it? That sounds way better
than anything I’ve ever done. Why wouldn’t you do that?
I would totally do that. I’m gonna have
to do that now. Oh, here.
I like these ones. Let me guess.
Are these more affordable? Yeah, these are, like,
a hundred dollars each. No. How much
are they really? About four. Dollars? Yeah. This is just
in case the string — What is that?
You guys got the gear, eh? Do you wear
this stuff out? Well, if we
wanna look cool. Yeah. That’s how we get
all the ladies. Do you go out? Never. I know a few bars where people
wear things like this and things like that.
It’s true. Pull, pull. Even further. Who’s that?
What are you doing? What are you — you can’t
stop yourself, can you? She can’t stop coaching! Pull, pull. (♪♪) (clanging) How far away
is that target? 70 meters. How far did
my arrow go? Maybe 40. Really? Is that all?
Give me another one. All right.
Let’s go again. Pull, pull, pull. Why is my arm… Pull, pull, pull. Ow! It hurts already! -I can’t —
-Keep pulling. (♪♪) (clang) Oh! That was you hitting the roof is
what that was. How many times have you
hit the ceiling? Absolutely never. Never? (laughing) (♪♪) That’s in the target. No way! Is it? That’s in the target. It’s in the target. So it’s not quite
in the yellow. Let’s look at this. (laughing) Please repeat,
Joan, to the nation what you just
said to me. I said that’s
a pretty good shot. He hit a target
70 meters away on his fifth or sixth shot
with a 47-pound bow. That’s pretty good. Yeah. And not everyone
can do that, can they, Joan? No, they cannot. Have you kind of put one
of your buddies, like, say your little brother in,
like, a hockey helmet and wrapped them
in a mattress and then had them
run back and forth? No. But that
would be funny. Never crossed
your mind? It crossed my mind
many a time. (laughing) (♪♪) This is Crispin Duenas. He represented Canada
in Beijing and in London, and he will be
representing Canada in Rio. Hello, Crispin,
how are you? Good.
How are you doing? Good to see you, sir.
You are our best archer. You are our best chance at
a medal in this sport, correct? Uh, yes. -Yes.
-Yeah. Is there a lot
of pressure on you? I guess there would be
a little bit but, I mean, I’m coming to work
every day, and work would be
the archery range, and I’m just doing exactly the
same thing over and over again and just honing
my skills. Do you know how many arrows
a day you fire, by any chance? It depends on where I am
in my training, but I will fire between —
anywhere from between 250 to 450 arrows a day. Wow. That’s as many as Justin Trudeau
takes selfies. (laughing) And you’re gonna be pulling back
all the way to your face so that your index finger is
in the corner of your mouth. Yep. Just put it right
in your mouth. Really? You want it to go into
the corner of your mouth just like this. Yep, there you go. There you go. Did I hit the target? Yes, you did. You’re about
3:00 in the one ring. Am I in a ring?! Yep. I’m in a ring!
What colour ring? I’m sorry, I lied. You just missed it by about
a centimetre right there. If that was
the bullseye… (laughing) (♪♪) It’s right in
the middle. (laughing) (♪♪) That would be ten. That was very
impressive shooting. Thank you. Now it’s time
to up the game. (♪♪) Balloon at 70 meters. Children’s party
at 18 meters. (♪♪) Yes! Nice. (♪♪) Sweet! Thank you. All right. How about
a ping-pong ball? (♪♪) No way! That is unbelievable. If that was me,
I would have that stuffed and mounted
on the wall. That’s unbelievable! And now,
the birthday candle. (♪♪) Ooh! Unbelievable! Thank you. Good luck in Rio. Thank you. Wow! (♪♪)

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  1. Joan is only a legend in that she has held her title of national coach for decades yet produced disappointing results on the international stage for just as long. There are a lot of great archers in Canada who are denied the chance to represent Canada simply because they dont train under Joan.

    Crispin is a good archer because of the time and support he had received from this father. Good luck old buddy.

    The truth is Canada as never won a single medal in Archery at the Olympics. As long as Joan is around and in charge this is unlikely to change.

  2. ping pong ball at 8 meters isn't very impressive, i used to shoot dimes off of a rotating wire setup at 20 and were fairly consistent, but that was sighted compound bows, which are a different story.

  3. Oh, Rick, what would we do without you, there are no superlatives to describe your prowess in so many "domains" as we say in French. 🤔😄🍷

  4. Any target closer that 30 or 40 yards is easy when your bow is equipped with a sight. Even Mercer was able to hit close to the target at 70, and he's probably never shot a bow before. That's why they shoot at 70, if you watch the competitions, they're shooting at a pie plate sized target. At that distance, I could barely see the target, let alone the individual rings.

    Personally, I see the real fun (and challenge) is shooting instinctively. That's no arrow rest, and no sights of any kind. It's a very similar concept to throwing a ball at a target, you don't have a sight, or aiming assistance when throwing a ball, yet, baseball pitchers have high precision.

    Oh, and don't forget darts! That's instinctive too.

  5. Rick, that was nice. But thats, not how you talk to a archery coach. They get really easyly upset. Its a huge honor, to even speak with olympic coach. If you are struggleing to pull a bow, then its natural from coach to correkt your form.

  6. Showcasing our Canadian Olympic archery team is awesome! Good luck to them in Rio. 🙂
    That said there are a couple of things that bugged me in the vid… like letting Rick draw a 47 lbs bow (meaning that's a heavy poundage for an inexperienced archer). And letting him draw it without finger protection on top of that. Neither are safe. Please don't injure Rick, he's a Canadian treasure!

  7. I saw that gay joke Rick (σˋ▽ˊ)σ lol

    (Everyone else was already saying everything there is to say about the actual archery in the comments so…)

  8. Holy shit. That Olympian had some seriously insane aim. Through a ping pong ball from 18m (60 ft). Even if it took 3 shots (we don't know), that's still impressive! The other shots were 70m, which I believe converts to 225 feet?

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