Revival & Perception – die Neuen von Bear Archery
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Revival & Perception – die Neuen von Bear Archery

August 19, 2019

[Music] this called the bear perception I wanted to do there was make something completely different right so it’s the shoe riser saw right through the chute de portion of the right there but it’s only gives you more stability she proved it for we love about it is interception is this looks heavy I took another handle or three pounds especially in the target boat there’s a lot of tiny Savior if gamma sold it out right so we make sure you can do that that we’ve got different places where you can add your weight so you see it whatever way you want the other thing that’s exciting is this is our fastest growing language really very good great problem so this is the Barry Bible is what it’s called this one that were on here in the custom one we made just for the 88 show the witch Daisy it’s a digital pattern with red white : cuff some strings also but misses our target vote so this isn’t over 37 inches if they got three inches of draw length adjustment 33:20 speed but what we really wanted to focus and make this vote is everybody departed we want people shooting targets so it’s only a $700 us oh that makes me gay we think it does and we try to still give you all the specs you need right so we shall string stop on it you got a really good feeling grip that you pick post too small not too big either we feel like it balances extremely well you can very great we offer it in lower counted of course for indoor targets UT but we offer an every pound excuse that we wanted to hump with this boat you definitely [Music]

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