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Retro Game & Tech Tour – Lots of Big Box PC Games! – PushingUpRoses

February 8, 2020

Hey everyone, PushingUpRoses here, and today
I’d love to share with you some of my game and tech collection with you guys. I don’t have a large collection, but…well,
I mean I DO have a lot of stuff that I am very happy to own but this isn’t going to
be an entire garage or wall to wall packed with STUFF kind of a video. I mostly collect big box PC games, but in
general this room is for a lot of different collections with the exception of newer games
and my record collection which is all upstairs. As you can see this is my basement, I tried
to make it inviting though admittedly I don’t spend too much time down here. I do kickbox down here, which is why my stinky
old gym shoes are on the floor. This poster over here is my Highland Sextacy
poster from The Guild – a fan bought this for me and I love it. Cracks me up. Everything really starts on this back wall
over here, I have some game posters: Lazy Game Reviews gave me this sweet DOAR poster,
and I have my Day of the Tentacle poster signed by Tim Schafer. He asked me what I wanted it to say and I
just said, “Yo, PushingUpRoses” so he wrote that. This little video game flower set was actually
a table decoration from a friend’s wedding; she made them and they are super adorable. So this King’s Quest V sleeve is…just
a sleeve, I do have this game in box with a different, better cover that a fan sent
me, but wanted to keep this one because it’s so absurd with King Graham floating into the
game with his string of kids flying along with him. This is an IBM 5150, released in 1981; it
does work though I don’t want to turn it on at the moment; it came with a ton of heavy
books and documents and it’s in really great condition, runs very well. I especially the mechanical keyboard, it’s
so heavy duty. I don’t use it too often but I recently
programmed a few small applications on it and try to keep it active. Here starts my PC game collection, I tried
to have a theme for some of the shelves but some of them are just kind of randomly in
here. This is the official book of King’s Quest;
Jim Leonard formerly of MobyGames was kind enough to give this too me and some of the
games on the top shelf here. So many thanks to him. This a Clue PC game from 1996 by Hasbro, it’s
one of my favorite Clue related things; I think I still have my original CDs for it
as well. A lot of these games were either gifts or
found at thrift stores – for example I found Myst at a random Goodwill among the puzzles
and board games. This shelf I dedicated to a lot of Sierra
games and adventure games in general. And yes, I have multiple copies of KQVI because
they were released in different colors. This shelf I tried to dedicate to edutainment,
but also LucasArts? And Titanic. This is making me realize I need to organize
these a little better, but yes; I adore the Learning Company games. I have a lot more just in their jewel cases
but my CD collection is in a different room. Trying to sneak around here to show the bottom
shelf, and again, mostly misc. This is my Frag Master! It’s a joystick that is supposed to be suited
for shooter games from the windows 95 and 98 era. I haven’t tried it yet myself but I’ve
always thought it looked strangely phallic, like a penis shape INSIDE of a vagina shape;
very odd. I’ve always wanted to do a hardware review
on this thing. This is some of my Clue collection. I’m a really big Clue fan, I have a lot
of the video games and the board games, and a lot of the young adult chapter books, so…if
you have Clue related items you are tempted to throw away, please think of me first! I really just have fond memories of playing
Clue with my Aunt and I also loved the movies and those chapter books so I’ve really held
onto this love for Clue products. I also just adore Murder Mystery in general,
so it just makes sense. I love board games, as you can see by the
other ones in this stack. I also like game guides, this one is for Doom. And I love licensed games, they are just so
absurd. Most of those are upstairs but for some reason
Law and Order made its way down here next to these IBM books. This lil device is a 3D mouse, the company
3D Connexion made a lot of devices for 3D modeling software; so the nob you see here,
you can move that in any direction, including up and down, to work with 3D programs. I’m a big Sonic fan, and the 1st generation
genesis was my first console that was not a computer; sadly I sold my unit and all the
games when I was young so this one is NOT from my childhood, I picked that up in the
last few years. And of course this is the Sonic Mania statue;
really enjoyed that game. I don’t have many Genesis games anymore,
but I adore and appreciate the ones I do have, there’s a few rare Japanese titles in here,
and then some of my childhood favorites like Aladdin, the Lion King, and BALLZ. Just kidding, that one was not a favorite. This is a VCR game I found at Savers, it just
looked extremely interesting, I thought the box art was really intriguing so I grabbed
that. It’s called Murder so, how can one resist. I was mostly interested in this due to it
being attached to Ellery Queen, who was a detective fiction author and most popular
in the 30s and 40s, so I can’t wait to pop this into my VCR in the near future. Here’s another kind of hodge podge of games. Discworld is one of my very favorite games
that I own in box, it was a gift and I adore it, I am so happy to have this game. It makes me smile when I look at it, truly. This shelf I tried to dedicate to games that
I had done a video on, Thimbleweed Park I got very recently, that’s the new adventure
game by Ron Gilbert, of course I have Quest for Glory V, despite it being maybe the least
liked out of this series it’s my favorite; I had the box when I was young but was thrown
away at some point in my teens, THIS one was a gift from LGR – I am very lucky to know
a lot of game collectors because sometimes they will offer me boxes that they already
have or ones that I am really looking for, so thank you so much LGR, I really really
appreciate it. The Dark Half is also a more rare game that
I love having; it’s based on the book by Stephen King, and Sanitarium is an old favorite
of mine as well. This came in a massive box for some reason,
geezus. I love this screencap from The Dark Half because
I swear this character looks like ProJared. These are my Colonel’s Bequest and Dagger
of Amon Ra boxes, they are some of my favorite boxes in terms of design and artwork, Colonel’s
Bequest looks so ominous while Dagger looks so opulent and colorful, I really love these
games, they make me feel very nostalgic and remind me of my childhood, and I think the
back of this box is amazing. When I was young I actually found these games
terrifying but now I love them. They really sastiate my love for mystery games. This little compilation I just really wanted
to have because it’s so odd; it’s a group of Sierra games, KQVII, SWAT, SQ6 and Quest
for Glory IV, not really sure why these were put together; at first I thought it was a
collection of reject games, but I don’t recall QFG4 doing poorly, so it’s just a
nonsensical collection. I also have the king’s quest, space quest,
and Leisure Suit Larry collections, but I wanted this one just due to the weird marketing. This shelf has a lot of loose carts, dreamcast
games, and just random finds; a fan very generously donated this copy of King’s Quest for the
Sega Master System, thank you so much for that, I think this game is really cool to
have in box and I was able to use it for the video I did on it. Most of the N64 and SNES games are the ones
I did have from childhood and the Genesis carts I found at Disc Replay. Ugh, Quest 64 was a mistake. My N64 and SNES consoles are elsewhere but
I did manage to keep the ones I originally had as a kid. Also Live Aid and a set of Rolling Stones
DVDs for some reason. This is one of my childhood computers – it
was built by one of my cousins and it mostly plays DOS and windows 3.1 games; I love having
this because I have fond memories of playing Treasure Mountain on this computer; at one
point it ended up at my Aunt’s business, and was just sitting in a room for the longest
time not getting any use, so I asked if I could have it and she said yes. I never really owned this computer, I mostly
played it at my Aunt’s house and then later at her workplace where she kept it but it
absolutely is a significant part of my childhood and it’s a really neat computer with an
amazing CTX monitor. It’s beefy, but lovely quality. Random weight set. Thick thighs save lives. My basement came with this television from
the 80s installed in the side of the staircase, so I put a lil loveseat in front of it and
have had older consoles set up over here; at one point my Genesis was hooked up and
it worked pretty nicely. Ideally I’d want to do more with this area,
like put bean bags and get some cozier lighting, make it really retro looking. So yeah, this is the majority of my collection;
it’s not all here because I have several things in my room including an Windows 98
compaq and more joysticks and such, but this is really most of it. I really appreciate anyone who’s donated
or gifted a game to me, thank you so much, otherwise if you really hit up the thrift
stores it’s possible to find a lot of cool titles. And if you’re wondering about the shelves,
they are the mainstays and I believe I got them at Walmart – they’ve been really sturdy
, haven’t had any issues with them holding these games and a lot of them are pretty heavy. Thank you so much for watching, I hope you
enjoyed this little collection tour and if you have questions, leave them in the comments
and I will try to answer them. I know sometimes collection videos can feel
like an ego stroke, but I really care about the pieces in my collection and just wanted
to talk about them; I truly am grateful to have some of these items and hope you found
them interesting to hear about. As always, I’ll see you guys in the next

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  1. Ohhh, so MANY things to say. I inherited most of my Sierra games/love from my dad, so much of my old stuff is from him. I mostly just own the manuels at this point, but I remember owning the King's Quest companion as a kid(losing it is STILL one of my worst memories….) I remember his KQ4 and 5 box art(he had the nicer blue one I bet you mentioned, but that one is umm, more epic campy than I think I've ever seen) I also drooled over his Amon Ra cover, which led me to play it on diskette, worn out disks, bugs, and all :). Most of the full box sets I own now were acquired years later. I own all the Gabriel Knights in full box sets, a copy of Torin's Passage, and Freddy Pharkas :D. I do own most of my Oregon Trail 20th Anniversary boxset still. TLC STILL made the best edutainment ever, my kids play it now 😉 I spy Calvin and Hobbes collections!!!

  2. I wish I held onto my old PC game collection more tightly from my youth (I grew up on Learning Company educational games, including the Treasure Mountain game I saw on your shelves; my favorites by far were the ClueFinders series, especially the ones for 3rd grade and 4th grade learning.), but to be honest, I grew up with more beloved childhood BOOKS rather than board games or early video game titles/systems. It's not a whole garage/home full of games, but it is an impressive collection in terms of completeness, variety of genres, continuing functionality (in the case of hardware/old PC systems) and collectibility. Great job PUR!

  3. For some reason when you mentioned Ellery Queen I thought of the 70s TV show even though I've never really watched it.

  4. I searched your channel, but I didn't see where you had done a video on that Westwood Blade Runner game, yet. Is that in your plans?

  5. The Something Awful forums had a famous user named "Fragmaster". I had no idea that he was named after a joystick!

  6. do you own a commodore 64 and do you have a po box i have a gaming item id like to gift you it needs a loving home

  7. Awesome collection!
    More of a console guy (NES/Genesis), but you have some really great and interesting PC titles. Always happy to see Westwood's Blade Runner in a collection.

  8. Not sure if you are going to read this but I’m going to try anyway. Via my private google account I have been a fan of you for quite some time now and I honestly love your channel! Keep up the good work and keep pursuing your dreams, it shows in the quality of work you present here. Anyhow I want to offer you a version of King's Quest Collector's Edition (Europe) 1994/1995 I found recently in a thrift store. Are you interested? I think it should be in a collection of a true fan. To be clear when I say offer I mean donate 🙂 hope to hear from you!

  9. I never got to play QFG 5. I played the hell out of 1-4 (including the 16 color versions of 1 and 2) but never got 5 for some reason.

  10. Thanks for saying S N E S, instead of pronouncing it 'snes' like one word – for whatever reason saying it like that makes me cringe immensely.

  11. That is an awesome big box pc games collection (love the Wayne's World poster too)! 😉 And I totally agree on the Laura Bow boxes! The art of both boxes are definitely outstanding! (2:78) I'm not seeing any Monkey Island games. Do you keep them somewhere else? Keep up the totally awesome work! PS. What's the best way to contact you concerning donations? Feel free to mail me via my pc-king(.nl) website.

  12. I am not sure if I will get a reply after a week this video was up, but since you and most people who are subscribed to you play a lot adventure games then if you don't mind can and maybe others can tell me what you think of Detention if you know about it.

  13. Why would you hangs a signed poster without framing it first?
    These things do star wearing out after a while you know..

  14. Shannara…I am a very huge Terry Brooks fan and got that game when it came out. Would love to hear your opinion of the Shannara game you have.

  15. Thank you PushingUpRoses!!! At (1:52) the very first game you show is Chronomaster. I have been trying for literal YEARS to remember what that game was since I was a kid in the early 90s. It was one of the few computer games my family used to own and I was in my tweens when I had it. I remember a few screen shots and that green eyed floating thing that is your mouse. I couldn't for the life of me remember the title but now 18 years later of faint memories you have reunited me with this bizarre awesome game. There seems to be very little on it on Youtube. Maybe you, LGR, ProJared or brutalmoose could do a video on it one day. Would like to know what others thought about it.

  16. Did you ever play a Myst-like adventure game called Obsidian? I love that game, but nobody seems to remember it.

  17. After hearing that description I was struck by the sudden need for you to do a collaboration review of the fragmaster with Clint. I have no idea how that would even work but the world needs this video!

  18. Nice collection. And it's personal, which is important. Because I worked in the games business, (retail, wholesale and small game publisher), I got lots of games, all of which I have kept. There is only about 100 of my 3000 big box PC game collection that I truly see as "personal" because I bought them, or birthday presents, etc. So your's is the best sort of collection!

  19. Hey Pushing up roses where did you get toonstruck because I never played it before or heard of it but I have from your review of toonstruck

  20. God damn I love this basement. I used to feel a bit awkward about having my 90's PC set up in the corner and my custom arcade cabinet in the other, but after seeing this, now I don't care, I'm going to make sure more retro things are on display as I get them 🙂

  21. Nope, you are in the basement with stinky shoes because that's where your parents keep you out of embarrassment

  22. I have not really got anything to add just wanted to say your videos are great and you should feel great

  23. Have you ever seen either of the clue vhs games? You can find rips of the vhs's for both games for free on you tube, they are cheesy campy awesome personified!

  24. As someone who works at a Goodwill I'm not surprised you found Myst with board games as everything gets out of place. I have found games end up there myself. Also I love your collection and want a great one like yours one day! (My collection helps me with my mental illness and Iove getting new stuff! And I got into collecting Clue stuff because of you)

  25. The Learning Company: Out Numbered,
    Midnight Rescue! and Challenge of the Ancient Empires! were awesome games when I was younger.

  26. I sell Retro games and VHS, check out my shop 😉

  27. Hmm. Pre-Modern PC gaming. Nice touch. It’s something I haven’t seen this from most of the people I watch. But you seem to have few things missing. But that’s alright, it’s a start.

    But maybe add some Konami stuff or some Tom DuBois art work poster thingies. Maybe some Castlevania stuff or some retro-80’s film posters. But otherwise, good stuff.

    An Amiga computer? Haven’t seen those in quite a while. 🤔

  28. I never thought any women out there had the same profound love for old obscure PC titles on DOS and Windows 3.1! I'm on my knees, "Marry me, I want to have your babies." XD

  29. Dragonfire was the last Sierra adventure game I ever played and was legit shocked at how good it was even though I absolutely hated the look of this game… I prefer the graphics of the previous games.

  30. What's the matter with Quest 64? I've only played a French version on an emulator, but I thought it was fun, without being able to understand the text.

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