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Resident Evil 2 Remake Review (PS4) | Gaming Off The Grid

September 6, 2019

hey guys Gaming off the grid here we
finally finished off a Resident Evil 2 it took us a little while we’ve been a
little busy over here on the channel but we want to finish off this game let you
know our final thoughts on this amazing Capcom remake no stringing a beer by
exile Brewing Company to everything and their pomegranate bohemian it’s a
limited release sour alright you know the drill makes you get
that subscribe button and ring that Bell icon so you never miss an upload and sit
back relax pour yourself a beer if you care to and let’s talk about our final
thoughts on Resident Evil 2 all right here we go we just finished
off Leon’s story in resident evil – what’d you think of this room oh my gosh
it’s incredible we talked about it a lot in our first impressions how I was just
blown away but the entire game is so sweet and it’s so hard and there’s so
many times where you have no ammo and you’re like barely hanging on and you
have no health and you’re like what do I do if I get hit one more time I’m dead
it’s so hard and it’s so good this game is incredible yeah we were in a in a
really big bind in that little Botanical Center thing 20 in the end because we
painted ourselves into a corner no knife no grenades we could only take one hit
there was a room full of zombies and two liquors and it was literally we were
telling each other like this shouldn’t be that hard of a part but it was
probably the hardest part of the game was because we couldn’t take a single
day but we’re bench it took us like a good two hours but we eventually got
through it we finally got through it so there’s not a lot we can add it and say
about this game that hasn’t already been said but it really does set the bar I
think for remakes and we end be seeing as gamers moving forward our friend
Chris over at Telus splash did a deal on games that you don’t need a remake and
things like that and we you know Metal Gear Solid there’s a lot of games that
could use this type of a facelift and get brought to the modern era and Capcom
is coming back strong and they’re freaking hit in the nail with the hammer
as hard as I can and they are making amazing products again so it’s just kind
of like the time of the remake I feel we got the crash bandicoot reimagined
trilogy or whatever the Spyro trilogy we got this I just think it’s a really cool
thing and I like it because it lets the newer generation play the games like I
still love the original Resident Evil 2 but it helps bring the story and those
games to the modern era which is really cool so now let’s jump in to our full
review of the game and let’s talk about the graphics okay I think they’re really
good I would say a 4 and a half yes out of 5 yeah I think I mean there were some
issues you know I’ve always thought the mouths and the people’s teeth in these
games like look like wood or something yeah it’s freaking them but just move a
little funny and nitpicking over all that I mean the opening scene I remember
I say any holy hell this looks great at tinker um so definitely not bashing on
it there is a few you rough spots here and there I think
that could have maybe been a little bit more interactive and the environment yes
they’re remaking the second one B can’t interact with everything and I think
that is that that’s kind of important I think as well yeah it’s really important
now let’s talk about the sound I’m gonna give sound five out of five but you have
to get the DLC original soundtrack totally agree so that that turned the
game for us for sure into a whole different experience but a third of the
game with the new sound and everything and it was still fun and enjoy it was
fine they did a good job but then we went and bought the sound and we applied
it and just instantly I was like oh this is a different game yeah this is so so
if you have the deluxe version you probably already know that I believe it
came free as a part of that but it definitely takes the game to the next
level and I think the original res 2 had a far superior soundtrack and when you
start that game up with the new soundtrack you get that classic Resident
Evil 2 oh yeah it just sets the tone so I agree with you the sound was great the
gun sounded just huge and we were listening to it on surround sound while
we’re playing it you can hear things all around you I think they did a very good
job with that the controls what do you think the controls are typical Resident
Evil controls but I felt like they were a lot more smoother than the older game
yeah so I’m gonna give that controls four and a half out of five which is
still a really good score but you know sometimes it’s hard cuz you gotta like
hold a certain button and then press another button to like use your night
it’s kind of confusing but overall they’re pretty good yeah that still has
a little bit I don’t know it’s not full on tank controls like the original rez
games and survival horror games but it is it just kind of got a stiffness to it
yeah it does add to the fear factor and the sense of urgency I think they do
that on purpose yeah but I mean it’s hard to get used to yeah I think if you
were someone who is not a typical fan of survival horror games no doesn’t have a
lot of experience and you’re more into like first-person shooters and stuff you
would come over and play this game and you would definitely say that the
controls feel a little stiff but before and a half’s out of beds yeah that’s a
really good score and now let’s talk about the replay value because this is
really important with new games and stuff because a lot of new games you
know you plug it in you be and you never want to touch it again so
what do you think the replay value of this game loves I think it’s great the
reason I really really really like this game we talk all the time about how
we’re just spread thin on time you know we’re creating content we’re trying to
you know do all these different things with the channel and you can beat this
game and I would say 7 to 10 years so I love that aspect which means I’m more
likely to pick it up again because you know next Halloween or whatever
it won’t take a month to be I think it’s a game that seasonally you know every
few Halloween’s I can picture you and I the way we binge through games and stuff
I think it’s gonna be one heavy in the rotation the fact that there’s two
characters stories to play through I’d say it’s a 5-4 replay but yeah five out
of five that’s not how it agreed to every Halloween every October I kind of
just want to play this yeah and it kind of yields itself well – in my mind I
don’t know what you think – a game that would be kind of fun to do your best
like speed run well you know how well can you memorize the patterns and where
stuff is and just go I definitely want to go again now that I know what I’m
doing and be like okay this guy is gonna come over here so I’m gonna save this
ammo because I know he’s coming up you can get more efficient and you can
probably beat this game if you know what you’re doing four to five hours maybe
yeah I think even level is good especially if you skip through a lot of
the cutscenes and things like that but overall like a 4.75 for this game this
game will be in the conversation at the end of the year for game of the year
yeah that’s almost certain of that I don’t know that it’s gonna come out as
the game of the year I would hope that there’s more in store for us here in
2019 I mean yeah 2019 just started and from a Nintendo Direct that just came
out you have a bunch of stuff antenna wise coming you know so it’s gonna be a
great year for games absolutely but I definitely think this game will probably
take the cake for the best survival horror game who is a ton of fun I would
recommend anybody to go out and get it it’s a fantastic remake and speaking of
fantastic what do you think about this beer we’ve said before we’re very fond
of Exile as a brewery I think they’re feather in their cap is how well they do
on their salaries and their showers aren’t there they’re just great and this
falls right in line with that I think they’re getting ready to do like a
tournament with all their different sours think they’re doing like a March
Madness tournament we’re not really cool yeah I really like this one I don’t
think it’s my favorite one from them I’m a really big
I won’t see one of the first bohemian sours they did was the Cherry Bomb yes I
really like that the blackberry at my favorite but this one’s really good and
I think out of all the sours I’ve had this one the most it’s just really good
EXO knows what they’re doing when it comes to South absolutely it’s a
fantastic beer I think any of their sours even their beatnik sour which is
one of their flagship beers is incredible so they hit it out of the
park again if you’re a fan of sour beers you
definitely need to pick this up and if you’re not a fan of sour beers because
it’s one of those beers that people kind of like turn when they heard about that
this is there’s are different they you’re just different they’re not there
I can’t really explain it they’re very unique they have made me want to try a
bunch of other sours from other breweries and I’m always always
disappointed and it sucks because they set the bar so high so you got to get
out and check out this beer and if you’re not a sour fan you know what just
try something different get out of your comfort zone and we think you’re gonna
find something you’d really like here all right and make sure you stop by the
channel on Sunday nights for our new livestream series called nightcap we
just want to have a few drinks play some games and more importantly hang out with
you so make sure you stop by and check it out as always we appreciate you
tuning in and subscribing to the channel keep gaming keep drinking we’ll see you
next time right here on gaming off-the-grid
camel on the planet to finally beat and do a review on Resident Evil 2
but we’ve been busy boys so we’re gonna tell you today busy boys here we just
finally beat Resident Evil 2 and yes we are probably the last channel on the
planet to accomplish that task but we have been busy boys over here at gaming
off the grid so into the battery I got but this remake is amazing

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  1. I remember a friend and I played through the original Ps1 release and had soo much fun! I forget which character I played through with but this looks pretty cool, you guys seem pretty hyped about it so I'll try and pick up a copy.

  2. great channel and review. I am a massive resident evil fan and the resi 2 remake is excellent. I am more of a fan of the older resident evils upto code veronica and the also brilliant resi 1 remake. I was initially worried about the over the shoulder view when it was announced, but the game is amazing and they got it spot on.

  3. I give nostalgia a 5 for the status bar and the original costumes because when I went into options I think it said that there was alternative costumes so I went into there and I applied Claire's original outfit because I wanted to be like the original Resident Evil 2 so if I wanted to record Resident Evil 2 I would put on Leon's original uniform and maybe do the noir mode so it'll be like George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead but with Mr. X, Lickers, William and Swamp Thing's cousin. I haven't tackled the ghost survivors because I'm on Hunk's run and ammo has to used wisely in that mode. And Metal Gear Solid remastered needs to be made because I want to see how Psycho Mantis does the reading thing since there's no memory cards for the PlayStation 4

  4. Thanks for the shoutout fellas and I didn't realize there was a sound DLC. This is the next game I'm starting up for sure. Damn I can't wait. Great job guys

  5. Awesome! I finally beat it last week too. Love that og music download. It actually made me want to go back and play through the old one. I think it's safe to say the old one is easier.

  6. Think I better grab this game now! Been on the fence since I haven't played a Res. game before but this looks fantastic! Great review!

  7. Great video guys! I am ashamed to say I have not picked this one up yet but I definitely plan to. I never played the original, I didn't get into the RE series until RE 4 which is one of my favorite games of all time. But this looks AWESOME!

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