Remove Decals On Arrows–How To
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Remove Decals On Arrows–How To

August 16, 2019

okay I have some bare shafts here and I’m going to build some arrows and they come with these decals labels yeah it makes them look pretty that makes them also a pain in the butt to pull out of a layered foam target so I’m going to show you how to go from this to this with no label very simple one thing I did do was right here they are spline tested and there’s a mark so to keep from losing that mark I put a piece of electrical tape over top of it okay to remove those labels are going to use acetone we’re going to use protective gloves these are a heavy-duty latex type of gloves I get them at Harbor free the other thing I want to use is these green scrubber pads and I have old pair of socks to wipe off the shaft and so what we do is we take put some acetone on that scrub pad use the sock as a backer and we go to town twist motion you can see that is coming right off and I take the sock wipe that shaft off put the sock around on a dry spot and there you have a clean shaft again electrical tape help protect the index tab very simple very easy way to get the decal labels off so your arrows don’t stick as bad in these foam layered targets because you shoot these foam layer targets with a shaft with a decal label and a field point and they suck fast and you need to have any arrow puller or most cases to remove them hope this little tip helps you until next time shoot straight’ have tight group’s so if you want to learn more on DIY hunting projects and crossbow hunting start today by hitting the round icon subscribe button and you will keep up to date thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

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