Regarding Archery Questions and Enquiries
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Regarding Archery Questions and Enquiries

August 13, 2019

[Shhh-thunk] Hello people.
This is NUSensei, and today I have a short video
regarding people asking me questions. Ever since I started covering archery
on this channel, I’ve had a lot of questions. Questions about
equipment, and starting out, and training and competitions, and everything, and I’m
totally fine with answering your questions. Just do bear in mind that I am a very busy person. Apart from doing videos, I also run an archery club,
I do training, I do coaching, and I sometimes do competitions,
and, of course, I do have a full-time job. So I actually have very little time to answer questions, but what time I have, I am actually quite
happy to answer your questions. For those who don’t know, if you want to ask me a
question you can do so in several ways: You can post a comment directly in the video.
I usually get a notification from YouTube or Google+, so I will see that.
Sometimes I do miss it because the comments sometimes don’t pop up,
but 90% of the time I do get it. You can post a question directly on my channel page or through a private message and that’s completely fine. Some people might use Google+ which I have
to use, but I think YouTube and Google have started to disconnect those things, so I don’t
really use Google+. Otherwise, there is a business email address
which you can find on my About page. That’s [email protected] A few people have emailed me directly,
which is fine as well. Finally there’s the Facebook page,
which has proved to be quite popular. I get likes and comments on the Facebook page, as
well as personal questions, which is completely fine. If you want to ask me a question,
there are many ways you can do so. If you are using YouTube to post comments,
please bear in mind that if you have your comment settings or
your Google+ settings set on “private” I can’t actually reply to your comment.
I can still answer your question by sending you a personal YouTube message, but I’d
rather not do that. So if you do want me to reply to an inquiry on a YouTube comment,
please make sure that I can reply to your comment. Otherwise, I will generally just ignore it.
For the fans and viewers who are sending thank you messages, I do read everything.
Thanks a lot for the kind words! It is very motivating for me to make more archery
videos if I get positive feedback, and nothing is wasted. I might not reply to your comment or your thank you, but I do read it. I do appreciated it, and because of that
I’m more tempted to make more content. So again, thank you for spurring me into action.
Regarding people asking me questions, although I try my best to answer your
questions to the best of my knowledge, there are several things which I don’t like, or
want, to answer, and I want to use this video to remind people of that and clarify
the sort of things which I generally avoid. A lot of you who watch my archery videos
are first-timers and beginners, and some of you are more experienced,
but for the most part many people use this channel as a portal for their archery experience. Whether they go into hunting
or sports or hobby or traditional, whatever the case, people from around the world
shoot many different styles, and often they come to this place, and that’s great. That said, do bear in mind that,
as for myself and for the channel, it is primarily a target sport-style archery channel. I do cover a lot of newbie stuff for all people,
but I am personally only a target recurve shooter. That means if
you ask me a question about bow hunting equipment or hunting laws or
traditional shooting or traditional gear, I’m really not a good person to ask.
I am not much better than googling it yourself, so I don’t want to
*not* answer your question, but I don’t want to answer a question that I don’t know. So, there are better places to ask
and better people. If you want to ask me, I do apologize, but
I can’t answer your question. More specifically, I’m exclusively a recurve shooter. I don’t use compounds.
I don’t work with compounds. I’m not very familiar with
compound bows and technique and technology. I know people who are into compounds and of course in my club people shoot compounds.
I, myself, know very little about compounds. I know enough to give a basic rundown of how
compounds work, some basic entry level gear that people recommend, but anything more specific
than that I cannot answer. So for those of you who are asking questions about whether I recommend certain compound models or whether this bow is good: I don’t know! I can’t answer that question.
So, if you are saying “Is this Bear bow good?” Or “Is this PSE or Hoyt good?”
I dont know. I can’t recommend gear for you if you are a compound shooter.
I know this is disappointing because a lot of you
guys are new archers, and you like this channel because of how easy it is to
understand these new archery ideas, and there might be a lack of compound channels which are the
equivalent of what I do, but, unfortunately I don’t shoot compounds,
so I can’t answer compound questions. The other gray area that I don’t like to
really discuss or explore is the really cheap bottom end of archery equipment.
I’m talking about especially cheap compound bows that you can buy off eBay or Amazon,
and even other bows like the Apex bows or Atunga bows and
other really cheap budget brands. Now, I’m not saying these bows are bad…
Some bows *are* bad. On eBay you get a lot of cheap Chinese knock-off brands. There are some locally made bows which are
legitimate, but I don’t work with compounds, but I do tend to prefer reliability and
reputation, and if a certain brand is not stocked in archery stores, I’m not as likely
to recommend it. I might recommend a cheap PSE bow because it is supported in
local archery stores, but I wouldn’t recommend a cheap eBay brand because it is something which
you will get very little support for. Generally speaking, I personally feel responsible if I recommend a bow to you.
If it’s a bow that I’m not convinced is good value, then I don’t want to push it on to you. If you are asking about recurves and you’re asking
“NUSensei! Is the SF Axiom a good bow?” I’ve used one, it is generally a very reliable bow. Yes, I
recommend it, but if you’re going for something like a really cheap Barnett Sportflight,
which is like US$50 for a whole kit, then even though I will say “the bow
shoots,” I can’t really recommend it because I don’t think those kinds of investments are long-term.
These are very cheap, short thrills. If you have a young kid who needs a bow
for a week, then I would recommend a cheap youth fiberglass bow, but if you’re looking into
taking up archery as a hobby, as someone who is a slightly more serious archer than the
average hobbyist, I would general recommend something a little higher up, like a wooden recurve. and likewise with compound bows,
my baseline recommendation is bows like the Diamond Infinite Edge
or the Mission Craze. These are very reliable, flexible, entry level bows that are reasonably affordable.
Any lower than that and I’m going to say “look, it’s a cheap bow. You get what you pay for,
and I can’t recommended it because I have’t used it.” So the two main areas which I would
generally ask you to avoid asking me would be 1) compound bows in general
because I don’t use compounds, and 2) really cheap, budget online equipment
because, from my experience, they’re really low quality. I can’t recommend between this really bad $100 bow and
this other really bad $100 bow. There are limits that I wont go below.
Let’s put it that way. I can answer almost anything else that I do know, but for these
areas I got a lot of questions about cheap compounds. I’m not the best person to ask.
I will be open. I am biased and skewed towards certain brands,
just because, from my experience, certain brands are more reliable, others
are very cheap one-shot purchases, and I’ve never seen someone buy a cheap eBay bow
and actually stay committed to the sport. That’s why I’m making this point.
Again, I’m not saying they’re bad. I’m just saying that people who buy them
don’t use them. So thank you for the feedback and the positive comments, and please do keep asking me questions I will try my best to answer what I can. Recently there’s been a lot of people
asking about these questions, and as the channel is growing more
people will be asking these questions, so hopefully this video will clarify some of things
that I can help you with and some of the things which I personally don’t feel comfortable in
giving advice for. Anyway, this is NUSensei. Thank you for watching,
and I will see you next time.

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  1. I have noticed that Cartel makes equipment primarily in the lower end of the entry level range (speaking towards Olympic recurve market). Is this brand one that you would recommend for a beginner, or would you recommend another brand (like SF or Samick) for entry level?

  2. Hi, I have a video idea. A video showing exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles used in archery and things you can do to check what weight now you can take and stuff like that.

  3. well I started watching your videos when I was indeed new to archery.
    But altough im far for being experienced I wouldnt consider myself totaly new.
    But I still like watching your videos and I know that a few other people at our club also watch your videos.
    So even in the Netherlands your videos are beeing watched.
    Keep it up!

  4. well here is something I've been wondering.
    What;s the difference between them.
    Say having a stiff stabaliser and what does increasing the endweights on them do.
    (at the moment I got a cheap sf stabaliser set. but im saving for something better)

  5. thanks for another video! i have to say in the past you have answered my questions so thankyou for that. its great to know that you do check and answer the questions from we neewbies. keep up the good work!

  6. I'm looking to spend about $300 on a riser. I was wondering what riser is in your opinion the best riser in that range? Also, what is the difference between a Hoyt Formula Excel and an Excel Pro? All I notice is the pro bolts which I would upgrade to but what else is different? Thanks

  7. This is a excellent video in both terms of advice to beginners and the advice on buying super cheap gear most of the time its not worth it. If you are thinking of taking up this sport especially where compound archery is concerned get a good brand bow trust me you will regret buying cheap.

    My advice is the Hoyt beginner bows Ruckus and or Ignite. For compound that is.
    I have recently picked up compound archery I had great advice from my local club and high ranking members so I have used a number of new/beginner bows so this advice is coming from my limited experience.

    Great video again thanks to NUSensei for your time and efforts.

  8. I'm a traditional, sort of hobbyist archer. I watch your videos sometimes just for the fun of it. It's just fun just to learn some new information, even though I'm not into target archery. Basically, I watch your videos because I like them! 🙂

  9. noticed you wear Monash shirt in other videos. I'm hoping if you know anywhere (SE suburbs) I can go practice during weekdays? between 6-8pm?

  10. +NUsensei I am getting into traditional archery for hunting and am looking for a good riser, I would prefer something that looks more modern and that isn't thick or wood, I would prefer something with the holes in the design like your higher end target riser that you have made videos on. I don't want something crazy long either I am 6 feet tall and I'm not to worried about price since I'm not making any payments in life yet haha. hopefully you can get back to me and I hope you have a great day

  11. Can you tell me if im doing this right( i have a 15 pound compound), when im about to shoot i nock the arrow, get in a direct line of sight of my target, i pull the bow up draw it back than fire, is there any proper way to fire a compound bow if so please tell me( im only 13)

  12. HI NUSensei, I am wondering if you have any idea what part of a bow/riser tend to wear out first. I have been screwing the stabilizer/plunger/sight on and off every time I go to the range/get back home fairly frequently lately. I am wondering if you know of anyone who has needed to buy a new riser or sight because of the loss of thread or other material wear. If so how long does it take to wear it out? Any way to prevent this? Thanks!!

  13. Hi, Does it matter where you mount a sight on the bow? Most sights come with multiple holes on the mount bar so you can mount it as close or as further away from the riser. How does one decide where to mount?

    Thank you.

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