Refugee Women’s football club cannot travel to Global Goals World Cup
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Refugee Women’s football club cannot travel to Global Goals World Cup

October 10, 2019

On Tuesday, May 14,
the immigrant and refugee women’s football club Hestia FC would probably score its first goal,
at Global Goals World Cup in Copehagen, where they would participate along with football teams
from across the globe However, the players will not go. The delay in issuing
of their travel documents, won’t let them to leave Greece and Greek volunteers
will take their place I play football for three months. How can I explain this to you? When you go inside you think you find your dreams. All these experiences
for all these girls here. They’re really happy
being here. They told me
you are like this. Every time you attack
is like your life also. Because for me life is fight.
Everyday. We should fight for our dreams. Because we came
from a bad country where we were not safe. For us is like fight. I am a goalkeeper
and a defender. This is so good
and I like my teammates’ enthusiasm when we play football. Despite having
all these difficulties. Me, myself
I am a mother and a wife. It is hard, indeed. We try to find time to cope with (my) responsibilities. I know that my girlfriends
have similar problems. They are very good, I love them,
they really give me energy. We are for each other. We come here
and we play for a couple of hours and we manage
to forget our problems. I watched football in Iran
but we, the women, were not allowed to play football. I am very happy I came here, I had many problems in Iran. I faced many difficulties here, too. But I am happy I am here
and I play football. I am really sad for not being allowed to travel. I am not satisfied from the ID we were given. If I wanted to live like that,
I would stay in Iran, I wouldn’t come here. And despite being recognised
(as a refugee), I don’t have the right to travel and play football. I’m really sad. This is not fair. I feel bad because
I made a decision and said that I would come
and would have my ID card but I don’t have it. Yeah, I feel bad
because I’d like to go there. This is a good experience for me. I want to tell them when someone wants to go to another place,
to show myself, they should pay more attention. Because I’ve told them a lot,
I sent a message to them but they didn’t answer me,
they said I should wait. Just this. But maybe in some cases
they should do something. I informed them that
I want to got there. But they said no,
I should be waiting. I am very sad and I would love to go
(to Copenhagen). To make progress and to show that
refugees are not weak. They are strong and they can achieve things,
if they let them to. I will never
stop playing football. I wanted to play
when I was in Iran, but women were not allowed. For as long as I am alive I will continue my way
until I reach my goals. Football is my life. I love it. I will do my best to succeed. Football makes another person. Strong person. I am Chrisa, 23 years old
and I am from Greece. I am a volunteer
to this team and I will travel (to Copenhagen)
in the place of the girls because they can’t travel. They don’t have the right documents. This is not fair,
for me to take their place, but is the only
solution at the moment. The truth is I didn’t have
any special connection to football. It wasn’t important for me. However, through the trainings these two past months it has become a part of my life. I wake up every day
and I want to go to the training, I want to see the girls, I want to talk to them and to know them better.

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