Reddit 50/50 Challenge (WARNING: Giant Horse Penis) | Challenge Pete
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Reddit 50/50 Challenge (WARNING: Giant Horse Penis) | Challenge Pete

August 12, 2019

Hi I’m Pete and last week you guys voted for Reddit 50-50 I don’t know why you voted for that, usually you guys love voting for me to do the most painful thing on the vote, but for some reason I think you guys wanted to give me a break this week so we’re doing 50-50, I’m here with Simon
SIMON: Hello PETE: If you don’t what Reddit 50-50 is, basically you get given a link and the link is either something good or something bad, but you don’t know if it’s good or bad. that’s the whole point of it. So for example, this one the top one says ‘adorable snake in top hat’ or ‘male genital modification’ you then click that link and you either see an adorable snake in a top hat or you see some male genital modification so this is gonna be a really fun day for us We’re also gonna be throwing in an extra element to this 50-50, before we click a link we’re both gonna guess which we think it is, if we get it right then great we get it right, but if we get it wrong then we have to do a shot First one, ‘adorable snake in a top hat’, or ‘male genital modification’ SIMON: I’m gonna go with male genital modification.
PETE: I’m gonna go with adorable snake in a top hat, I think this one will be alright SIMON: That is adorable, look at him!
PETE: Whip out your shot glass ‘Human skin gloves made by cereal killer Ed Gein’ or ‘cool sidewalk water art’ SIMON: Your turn to go first
PETE: Cool sidewalk water art SIMON: Human skin glove made by cereal killer Ed Gein SIMON: Who is Ed Gein?
PETE: What is this? It looks like ovaries SIMON: It looks like an elephant, or a tiger, I reckon it’ll be a tiger PETE: That’s pretty cool
SIMON: I could do it Just give me a stick and a puddle SIMON: ‘Cute kitten in a bucket’, or ‘testicular torsion’ PETE: I’ll go for the bad one, testicular torsion
SIMON: I’m going for kitten in a bucket PETE: Aw come on!
SIMON: Look at that PETE: Why are they all good!?
SIMON: Isn’t that cute
PETE: Love a bit of p*ssy SIMON: ‘Big bird kicks down a f***ing door’ or ‘a jar of mole’, I’m gonna go with a jar of moles PETE: I’m gonna go with big bird kicks down a f***ing door
SIMON: It could kick down a door, but not a f***ing door SIMON: It’s a f***ing door! PETE: That’s you then
SIMON: Yeah, fair
PETE: We’re not getting any bad ones ‘Man splits face in half while diving’ I’ve seen that, or ‘clumsy penguin falling down’ SIMON: I’m gonna go with clumsy penguin falling down
PETE: Man splits face in half while diving PETE: Oh no! This is not a good sign, I don’t think a penguin falling over would be on live leak PETE: How is he swimming if he split his face in half?
SIMON: Seems alright
PETE: Oh, it wasn’t him Yeah, I think it was that guy. Oh my, he’s turned the sea red. SIMON: This is quite dark for your channel I feel.
PETE: The thing is, this is gonna have to be blurred out, you can’t put this on YouTube SIMON: ‘Parkour gone wrong’ or ‘a song about a ninja chicken’ PETE: No, wait. ‘Scene from Bee movie’ or ‘scene from Pee movie’ PETE: I’m gonna go scene from pee movie
SIMON: I’m gonna go scene from pee movie SIMON: I was thinking something way worse than that PETE: ‘Balls retracting’ or ‘teletubbie with a gun’ SIMON: Balls retracting
PETE: Balls retracting
SIMON: It’s gonna be that [SLURP] video PETE: I was expecting the same! SIMON: Here’s to balls retracting SIMON: Huge ass cyst PETE: Why have you just gone American? Ok, ‘huge ass cyst’ or PETE: ‘Cute ass dog’
SIMON: I’m gonna go with cute bum dog
PETE: Cyst PETE: Ah, why are there no bad ones?
SIMON: Cute bum dog
PETE: Ah no! PETE: I did not think that was gonna be on YouTube SIMON: It’s Dr Pimple Popper init PETE: How did he sit down? SIMON: Looks like a nipple PETE: How did all that come out of that? Look at it dripping! I wanna know who’s that is, because now this bloke has a video of his arse getting popper with 6 million views ‘Bull attack’ not safe for life or ‘a cute wet fox’ PETE: Cute wet fox, we just had a bad one I’m gonna go with a cut wet fox
SIMON: I’m gonna go bull attack I need to put that into the vote. ‘Challenge Pete Bull Attack’ SIMON: He’s down, why is no one helping him
PETE: Because there’s a bull SIMON: yeah but…
PETE: Yeah mate, I could take on a bull SIMON: Lasso his arse out of there SIMON: Fun Stuff!? Yeah that was fun PETE: ‘Man exposed to lethal dose of radiation’ or ‘modern day mating dance’ Man exposed to lethal dose of radiation.
SIMON: Modern day mating dance Giant horse breeding, horse mating in the beautiful girl farm This is like horse p*rn! People are awesome!? Look at that horse’s junk What is this!? 2 million views! Look at it SIMON: No no no!
PETE: What do you mean no?
SIMON: I don’t want to see it This is Reddit 50-50 horse penis edition Shall we see if he even gets it in the end? Ah, he never gets it! SIMON: It’s like my arm PETE: ‘a man in a fursuit peeing on himslef’ or ‘frisbee dogge’
SIMON: Frisbee dogge SIMON: I’m going frisbee doggo
PETE: Man in a fursuit PETE: Imagine being to your mate “mate I’m dressed like a fox, can you take a photo of me pissing on myself please?” SIMON: That’s mid piss as well isn’t it
PETE: That’s an action shot PETE: ‘Hypnotic video of snakes slithering’ or ‘mob of nearly naked Japanese women tackle a man to the ground and piss on his face’ SIMON: I would love to see that 2nd one, I don’t know SIMON: I’m gonna go with mob of nearly naked Japanese women.
PETE: I love how it says ‘nearly naked’ SIMON: What!? How do we… PETE: Imagine being that bloke SIMON: How are they nearly naked!?
PETE: She’s got shoes on PETE: ‘Really cool dragon kite’ or ‘angry monkey aggressively masturbate’ PETE: I’m gonna go with the monkey one because I kind of want to see it
SIMON: I’m gonna go with the kite, I don;t want to see a monkey masturbating SIMON: That is pretty cool, that’s impressive. Imagine if we saw one of them in our local park PETE: Mate, I just watched a bunch of Japanese women pissing on a man so nothing phases me anymore PETE: ‘Balls deep inside p*rnstar Jynx Maze’ or ‘penis breaks during reverse cowgirl’ SIMON: I reckon it’s gonna be penis breaks
PETE: I think penis breaks, wait did we get the last one? Oh well PETE: Would you say that broke though?
SIMON: Oh yeah PETE: It just folded in half PETE: ‘Schizophrenic man rips out his own eyes’ or ‘man sees his wife for the first time in years using a prosthetic eye’ PETE: Sees wife for the first time.
SIMON: I’m gonna go with rips out his own eye SIMON: Yeah, called it. Ah mate don’t do this PETE: Go up, go up.
SIMON: Dick gore, or dick goal PETE: Dick goal, or dick gore? SIMON: Is Dick Gore a person? Not safe for life, probably not PETE: Imagine if you r mate was called Dick Gore. Dick goal. SIMON: Dick Gore SIMON: So which one is it? Dick goal? PETE: It’s gonna be dick goal surely, I reckon he slaps it with his c*ck SIMON: Is that real?
PETE: That’s the best goal in history SIMON: Why have they all got their dicks out?
PETE: Is this a comedy sketch? What the hell? Why did they all have their dicks out? PETE: That brings us to the end of Reddit 50-50, I hope you enjoyed it, it was SIMON: I hope you enjoyed it
PETE: It was quite fun If you did enjoy it, give it a thumbs up remember to vote on what you want to see me do next time, subscribe for new videos like this every Thursday, thank you for watching, goodbye

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  1. You should look up ed gein (it's pronounced geen) he killed some people and dug up graves and made them into sausage and gave it to family's he babysat for

  2. Ed Gein was a serial killer who ate people and made furniture out of human bones and lamp shades out of human skin. He cooked up human body parts in a cauldron and hung and skinned victims in his house.

    When police arrested Ed and entered the house, one of the neighbors had to help cut down one of the victims that was hung and skinned alive, it was another neighbor the man knew who helped the police. He had nightmares the rest of his life.

    Ed also dug up corpses and it's believed he had sex with dead bodies. He was a real sick fuck.

  3. VOTE CLOSED! You chose 'Dangerous Falling Objects', watch me have cacti and thumbtacks dropped on me by clicking the link!

  4. I saw the video of the guy that split his face in half….. that was the worst thing I could've ever done, it was like something out of a horror movie, I couldn't believe he was still alive…

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