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  1. PC player: “Finally! I spent all my money on a PS4 just to play RDR2! This was totally worth it!”

    Rockstar Games: Releases RDR2 PC Trailer

    PC player: 😳 triggered

  2. I’m surprised nobody mention anything about the beauty of the song in background. What’s the name is what I want to know! Can’t seem to find it

  3. we need that one person camping online like in single player, so we can just make a fire a cook some stuff or just for role playing

  4. Player:I will kill you cheater
    Player:bring the wepone out to kill cheater
    Wepone:changed into cupcakes

  5. I love that game! Im from hungary, i can speak in english. I know all the charachters (im play again at 4.) i love it to came at pc! ^^

  6. "I have a son… he past away
    I have a girl that who loved me i throug that away.
    Ma mama died when i was a kid…
    And my daddy….. oh watch him die… and weren't soon enought"

  7. Hey rockstar why you guys don’t fix your dam service every 10 seconds disconnected five minutes disconnected 20 minutes later disconnected why it keeps happening you guys fixed because so far it’s keep happening and no improvements and don’t say it’s my Internet I have a good Internet good speed whatever but it keeps happening I tried everything to fix the problem and for what just waste of time no improvement why are you don’t have make a service to pick leg UK to UK USA the USA were close your region so you won’t get problems maybe that’s the case maybe

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