Recliner Chair Modern Leather Chaise Couch Single Accent Recliner Chair Sofa 87
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Recliner Chair Modern Leather Chaise Couch Single Accent Recliner Chair Sofa 87

August 22, 2019

oh well hello welcome to my youtube
channel so you guys are probably here because you’re my subscribers or
followers or you came because of this chair so I assembled this chair very
simple I’m gonna show you guys really what you need to do when you assemble it
but for now guys kick back relax on your chair and get ready for a fun video so guys right now this is the position
of the chair so it’s it’s very nice um I’m 185 pounds so it’s plenty of room
for me the armrests are perfect I’m in five nine so the height and everything
is perfect it’s got good support on your back um materials not bad for you know for the
price I got this on sale for one hundred and fourteen dollars so I’m not sure
what you guys got it for and if I can find a good price on this aisle and from
a safe seller because that’s a big thing these days he’s buying fake things from
fake sellers so I will plug linked in the description if I can find this thing
for you guys um so I got this for our office also gonna be you know it’s my
YouTube room and also kind of entertainment room as well so I wanted a
chair that it’s gonna be comfortable for watching movies now of course I am
married and we have or a whole leather seat downstairs and we have another suit
full with another TV so this is kind of just mancave it in a way you could say
where I watched the movies that you know Marvel movies and DC movies that my
wife’s not interested in so I can kick back so the function of this you just
lean back and it props up the legs and there you go you can watch your TV or
whatever you’re doing or just relax I will note that where your calves go it’s
a little hard it’s not that soft again it’s not too bad so maybe you want to
look into getting a really soft cover to like maybe put it over this that would
definitely salt in it up a little bit but overall it’s very nice it
it lays back very good and you can also lay back even more
it lays back completely so if you want to take a nap
easily can this headrest pretty comfortable and just like that so let’s
show you guys up close please excuse the clutter because there’s the big box that
came in and all this stuff is car parts that I don’t want to have out in our
garage because of the colder weather so anyway very simple design honestly
when you get it how mine came was this whole thing was together the whole
bottom piece was together and just this was a second piece so there’s only two
pieces to this set and of course the chair legs but they just simply twist it
on and for this there’s no screwdriver nothing is needed now this is one’s a
little dirty but that’s how it came from factory sell so right in here if you
guys you might not be able to see but straight in here this is the top piece
and in here on both sides the left and the right you just simply slide it down
in the metal bracket now in the back here see we can find a better lighting
position in the back here it slides in you can also if you really want to get
bolt and bolt it in for exit extra security but I don’t think it’s gonna go
anywhere and this is supposed to yeah scheme a little dirty not too worried
about it though for the price so there’s velcro on the
bottom here this is supposed to line up it doesn’t actually line up that good it
seems like you got a pull down really hard and to get it to stick on which
would be easier with two hands there we go we got it on now so I originally
wanted a block chair and it’s as it’s pretty light so I wanted a black chair but I bought a
black chair they messaged me said that they’re out of stock and asked if I’ll
take a brown one for the price I said why not overall now take this is with
considering the price I give it an 8 out of 10 and that’s with the price if this
was 180 dollar chair I would probably give it a 6 out of 10 just because of
its value we’ll see how long it holds up but I’m very happy with it for the price so guys leave a comment if you’re
interested in this chair let me know if you were able to get a black one I
really wanted a black one but the brown is actually not too bad it’s it’s more
of a I don’t know kind of like a charcoal brown in a way it could be the
lighting in here but it’s not like the brown brown color so guys yeah 8 out of
10 overall score if you’re looking for the most comfortable chair in the world
this is not it if you’re looking for a cheap decent chair this is definitely it
don’t forget check out my video description for different products and
stuff and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel and
also I have a lot of other review videos so if you are interested in other review
videos of different products please go to my channel and under playlists you’ll
see my review playlists and hopefully I have the link for that in my description
so you guys don’t have to go through my channel and all that fun mess ok guys
thank you very much take care

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  1. Well, hello to you! It's a nice chair for the price and some day you might decide to add a super nice soft leather recliner for the man cave. You deserve it and I would like to see you in it. I hope to buy a new chair maybe in the not too distant future to replace the one I'm sitting in at the moment. But this one is still holding up, so we'll see just when the replacement happens. I want leather, but you already know that. ;-D

  2. Thanks for the video I'm getting the same chair wanted to check it out, why I'm really commenting is because you should be careful sleeping in the same room as things like, cans of car lube, cans of paint or oil cus my step grandfather actually died of cancer we assume he got from a lot of paint thinner and paint cans in his room.

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